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  1. After Robbi and Adrienne, any other cast from the original Friday the 13th. Any Steel (Friday the 13th Part 2) Dana Kimmel (Part 3) Catherine Parks (Part 3, Weekend at Bernies)
  2. In theory, but I suspect that would mean the price of a gold pass would increase dramatically, and/or so many more attendees would buy one it could negate the benefit of having one if they were oversold. The fact gold passes haven't sold out for 2 years is down to the introduction of diamond passes which has considerably undervalued golds as a result. Plus, SM would need to double up on staff for every guest, not sure that's viable either...
  3. I strongly disagree with the idea that EVERY guest automatically requires a VQ. There'd be even more of a stampede early morning, and it would mean anyone not getting in by 9.30 might as well not bother turning up at all. Not everyone can get there at stupid o'clock as dawn breaks over the horizon. I for one wouldn't attend if this was ever introduced.
  4. My photo with Pamela is so bright you can barely tell I had a black and white checked shirt on! Obviously I would prefer a re-shoot tomorrow or sunday (as I'm there all 3-days), however, if this is the lighting which she has requested, in which case SM can't change it, then I would like a refund. My photo, like many others I suspect, really isn't worth £45, and had I been warned of this in advance I would not have bought one.
  5. Not a single penny. Am giving cons a miss for the foreseeable future as I just can't be bothered with all the hassle over crowds, queues, and spiralling costs. (There would've been about 12 guests I would have got autos / photos with - so have saved an absolute fortune).
  6. Would've quite liked an auto from Carrie Fisher (not Star Wars related) but don't fancy getting there at stupid-o'clock to be in with a chance. Unless there's someone announced who is a 'must-see' (which is pretty unlikely as I'm primarily a horror fan) I'll be giving this event a miss.
  7. I got one of the stall holders that I know to get me a VQ ticket for Carrie before the doors opened, I got number 110 and ended up seeing her at 3:30pm!! Not only were a lot of tickets exchanging hands before doors opened, but there seemed to be hundreds of gold pass holders, so her queue numbers hardly seemed to move all day. It'll probably be worse at the winter show as she's only doing the one day. This is what I was referring to in my other post above on this topic.
  8. That's very interesting to know. I think everyone who queues up in good faith outside and who doesn't have anyone on the 'inside' to get them advanced VT tickets should bear this in mind and moderate their expectations accordingly...
  9. My Diamond Guest would be Sandra Bullock.
  10. Kane and Tony were dream meets for me. More horror guests greatly appreciated.
  11. Really wasn't expecting this! Excellent announcement, horror guests always welcome...
  12. Can one of the mods please correct the title of this 'thread'? It sounds like a very bad 'B' movie at present.
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