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    Guess what?! On Thursday I will get interviewed in a local magazine about my comic-con interest. They want to publish some of my photos as well of people I have met.
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    Hello my favourite comic-con friends! After abit of pushing, and so, from a good friend I am coming to LCC Spring, booked three photo ops and weekend ticket today. So I will be celebrating my BIG birthday with you, not on the very exact day but not far after it. That is the way I want it. One reason I was given that if you want to do something positive, fun and something you want and love to do .. then why not do it? And this is the best. And next year I feel I need it more than ever. Second.. My interview with the magazine went very well, it is not easy to explain a comic-con in 30 minutes but I think I got as much as possible, and they have several of my photos and scannings of my autos. I especially pushed for SM and their events. So maybe I can convince one or two more who wants to go. I explained that a major part of the comic-con experience is all the other who love doing the same thing, those you meet online and eventually in real at any event. I have no idea yet when it will be published but I will put up a photo of it here when it is out. Have a lovely weekend all of you.
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    Well my weekend was going amazing until I ran into a shoe shop.
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    I have photos with 4 to 13 + Bradley, including War Autos with 4 to 12, including War Think I'm doing pretty well overall.
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    Lovely afternoon spent with some close friends (fellow Whovians) who have recently had a baby girl. I really had to buy this when I saw it. Start as you mean to go on I say. I may be biased but she looks completely adorable wearing it. They are having a naming ceremony in January. I am even more thrilled that they've asked me to be her Fairly Ungodly Mother. As none of us are religious they liked this alternative name for Godmother - they say it suits me! Looking forward to taking her to her first con when she is older.
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    Ye olde seaside saying goes, you can take your trousers up and have a paddle, or take them down and have a piddle.
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    Latest Guest Announcement: Tosin Cole Attending: Both days Autograph Price: £30 Photo Shoot Price: £30 *Doctor Who - Ryan Sinclair *Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Lieutenant Bastian View Filmography
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    I have photos with doctors 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, War, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. I also met David Bradley a couple of years ago. I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve met all living doctors!
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    @Chris1970 Don't forget to say this: "The best part of it is the great community of like-minded people you get to meet. What started off as a hobby has led to me connecting with people from places such as Norway, Germany, Belgium, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Care-a-lot. It's really just a bunch of filthy nerds and a bear - but to me they're family." Something nice like that.
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    Just got my tickets to see Sabaton live in London next February. I'm super excited for this show.
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    Well, we had a Bond last LCC Spring so why not continue with that tradition. Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan. Otherwise: Carey Elwes Laura Dern Helen Hunt Dennis Quaid Lea Thompson
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    Well, turns out the summer isn't over yet. 28 degrees and a nice sun. Took the chance to stretch out my legs in the garden, headphones on and some good music. And to all of you: Have a wonderful weekend!
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    Showing your bear behind?
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    Some ideas / names (Part 4) : Joshua Sasse (Galavant , No Tomorrow) Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson & the Olympians , San Andreas , Baywatch movie) Sandahl Bergman (Conan the Barbarian , Red Sonja) Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring , Watchmen , Aquaman) Kelly LeBrock (The Woman in Red , Weird Science , Hard to Kill) Mark Dacascos (Kickboxer 5 , Crying Freeman , Hawaii-Five-0 , John Wick 3) Samantha Bond (Goldeneye , Tomorrow Never Dies , The World is Not Enough , Downton Abbey) Maria Grazia Cucinotta (The World is Not Enough , Il Postino , The Rite) Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why , Love,Simon) Colin O'Donoghue (The Rite , Once Upon A Time) Burn Gorman (Torchwood , Pacific Rim , Game of Thrones) Lesley-Anne Down (North & South , The First Great Train Robbery , Sphinx , Death Wish 5) Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass 1-2 , Godzilla , Avengers:Age of Ultron) Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day , Strike Back , Altered Carbon , The Good Doctor) Penelope Wilton (Doctor Who , Shaun of the Dead , Downton Abbey) Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale , Quantum of Solace , The Hunger Games:Catching Fire , Westworld) Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace , Clash of the Titans , Hansel & Gretel) Robbie Coltrane (Goldeneye , Harry Potter-movies) Asa Butterfield (Hugo , Ender's game , Sex Education) Sarah Bolger (The Spiderwick Chronicles , Once Upon a Time) Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey , Legion , Kill Switch) Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , The Walking Dead) Hayley Atwell (Captain America:The First Avenger , Agent Carter , Avengers:Endgame) Emilio Estevez (The Breakfast Club , Maximum Overdrive , Stakeout 1-2 , Freejack , Loaded Weapon 1) Sarah Douglas (Conan the Destroyer , Solarbabies , Superman) Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones , Kingsman:The Golden Circle , The Mandalorian) Gemma Chan (Humans , Captain Marvel , Crazy Rich Asians) Michelle Ryan (Doctor Who:Planet of the Dead , Bionic Woman) Sam Neill (Jurassic Park , The Tudors , Event Horizon) Camille Coduri (Doctor Who)
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    For certain people who may or may not like Capaldi https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1096653-peter-capaldi-suicide-squad?fbclid=IwAR0rMlZWEy6ViAyA1GXBSk4g5ou-IQwXaj2BCFVc7RLY_tuS4wH32LNyzQ8
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    At the moment; Charles Dance
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    I've had photos with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11, 12, John Hurt and David Bradley - Only Jodie to go.
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    Ever hopeful the stars will align and he'll be able to attend. Charles Dance
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    Thank you have a good weekend too everyone!
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    This exclusive picture just in:
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    Didn't like the first film. But looks like I have a reason to give the second a try.
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    I'll just do my usual and state that I am 100% not going before making a massive U-turn some time in January.
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