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  1. Awesome first guest!!! So glad managing to get him back. Well happy.
  2. HeartDT

    Great Guests experiences

    Lucky to have have had many great experiences... David Tennant.... busy guest but was warm and friendly and was focused on you when it was your turn to meet. Gives great hugs. Michael J Fox..... such a lovely man. Hug and a friendly brief chat. Zach Levey..... so friendly and lots of fun. Sarah Douglas.... what an amazing woman. Chatty, friendly and super kind. Jeremy Renner..... was worried about meeting him at first but was so sweet and charming. Judge Reinhold..... great fun and even chatted to him when spotted him walking about. Got lots more but those are my main ones.
  3. HeartDT

    Are you missing the Con?

    Ijust got home a few hours ago after a late flight was delayed even later.. but with excitement of looking at all photos/goodids and scanning/posting pics post con blues havent hit me yet
  4. HeartDT

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Highs.... Finally meeting and getting my photo witb David Tennant. Meeting Rose McIver, Rahul and Aly and fist pump with Jason Momoa then touching his abs at photoshoot lol Jack O'Halloran was the sweetest guy. Everyone we met was great. LOWS... Lack of budget to meet some of the others I wanted to But all in all another fantastic event!!!
  5. HeartDT

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Some of my pics.... more soon. Dont like myself in photos but still very happy i have them as memories :)
  6. I have been to other events where they use megaphones and they dont work.. especially in an tightly packed noisy area such as at lfcc. It just becomes a horrible whiney noise and you cant.actually hear anything. We mamaged to keep an eye on the auto batch nos ok even in busiest auto area. As long as those.boars are.up to date its good. Also in photo area especially at.david tennants queue everyone started passing any info on back through the line down to the end as realised everyone couldnt here what crew was aaying as so many people there. Only ao much sm can do and if we.all helped each other too like above would be great :)
  7. HeartDT

    The “Thank You” Thread

    Ohh habe to say the guy in photo area A Sat pm was fantastic.... due to it running late I had a major clash which looked like I was missing one of the photos. My husband spoke to the person at photo a amd he was so helpful in getting me through rose mciver queue that i was able to make both shoots...although was close but without this help wouldnt have happened. Big thanks to him.
  8. HeartDT

    Saturday queue feedback

    We picked up our wristbamds thursday also.and as we had gotten all the big autos we wanted on friday not get to event as early as.forst shoot not until just after 12.... we got to olympia maybe aroumd 10.45 and had to queie outside for ages before reaching entry to hall/bag check.. but after bag check it was seperated to those that needed scanned/bands etc amd.those that jad band already..... we showed our band and went in. No hold up after bag check.
  9. HeartDT

    The “Thank You” Thread

    Yes much appreciation to the crew....these events cant go ahead without you. There all 3 days myself and we had a great time.and no major issues. One of our photo ops was moved to a different area and the crew in area A where it was meant to be made sure everone knew it had.moved area to D due to overrun in A.. so.all went smoothly. All good.
  10. HeartDT

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Awesome.. they are great
  11. HeartDT

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Thanks... i never take a good photo.... frustratingly my husband is very photogenic lol i want to make it my profile photo for.this forum but saya url not allowed from tinypin and doind from image keeps saying too large grrrrr lol
  12. HeartDT

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Won't be able to scan pics properly until tomorrow but this is the picture i have been waiting for... for so long. Finally got to meet David Tennant. This photo means so much to me.
  13. HeartDT

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Trying to get my photo to post but dont know how either on photobox or bucket..anyone help? Lol
  14. He has went to lunch at 12 and he will be at photo shoots 1-2 tardis and 2-3 normal shoot.
  15. HeartDT

    General Chat

    We arrived about time u posted and we only queued about 5/10 mins to get inside h... but still snaking through the hall into main con but least inside dry lol steady flow coming in tho