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  1. Announcement in pay day. Wooooootttt perfect timing in case they announce Ralph Macchiio :)
  2. HeartDT

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM ELLIS

    Take my money!!!!! Sitting watching Lucifer right now!!!!!
  3. HeartDT

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Enjoyed Supergirl at first but to me just became a way for the writers etc ti shove their own agends/opinions down peoples throats.
  4. HeartDT

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Killing Eve ..... season 1 loved it. Hoping to get started on S2 soon. Line of Duty....only just started. S1 enjoyed ir. Luther.... love it. But stopped watching fot now as some of the storylines were creeping me out lol. Will defo go back to it once i get the courage lol Sex Education.... bloody hilariously brilliiant. The Rookie.... Nathan Fillion is fab! The Orville...... so funny but great storylines which alsk tackle interesting subjects. Really enjoying it. GoT.. obvs...... awesomeness.
  5. HeartDT

    Films watched in 2019

    Endgame......twicw so far and want to see it again. Loved it.. amazing movie. I laughed, cried a lot and gasped from start to finish. Kinda bitter sweet tho as although filn was epic sad this is end of this phase. Shazam....... a bit slow to start. Enjoyed it once it found its stride. Wouldnt rave about it but would watch again.
  6. HeartDT

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    I hope its Ralph Macchio... given the other two are there. Would be a fab group photo op if they did it. Loving the new Cobra Kai series too. New take on it but nice but nostalgia too
  7. HeartDT

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    I hope Ralph Macchio :)
  8. HeartDT

    Guest Suggestions

    Yeah but we can be greedy and wish for both
  9. HeartDT

    Guest Suggestions

    Ohh just seen on Showmasters facebook..... big new coming with picture of Winter Is Coming eeeeeekkkk exciting
  10. Omg omg... i am way too excited. Love Karaye Kid and Cobra Kai is amazing!!!! Lets get Ralph Macchio too. Omg buzzing!!!
  11. Met him a couple times. Je is a fantastic guest. So full of energy and fun. He gives big massive hugs.
  12. Awesome first guest!!! So glad managing to get him back. Well happy.
  13. HeartDT

    Great Guests experiences

    Lucky to have have had many great experiences... David Tennant.... busy guest but was warm and friendly and was focused on you when it was your turn to meet. Gives great hugs. Michael J Fox..... such a lovely man. Hug and a friendly brief chat. Zach Levey..... so friendly and lots of fun. Sarah Douglas.... what an amazing woman. Chatty, friendly and super kind. Jeremy Renner..... was worried about meeting him at first but was so sweet and charming. Judge Reinhold..... great fun and even chatted to him when spotted him walking about. Got lots more but those are my main ones.
  14. HeartDT

    Are you missing the Con?

    Ijust got home a few hours ago after a late flight was delayed even later.. but with excitement of looking at all photos/goodids and scanning/posting pics post con blues havent hit me yet
  15. HeartDT

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Highs.... Finally meeting and getting my photo witb David Tennant. Meeting Rose McIver, Rahul and Aly and fist pump with Jason Momoa then touching his abs at photoshoot lol Jack O'Halloran was the sweetest guy. Everyone we met was great. LOWS... Lack of budget to meet some of the others I wanted to But all in all another fantastic event!!!