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  1. HeartDT

    First time attendee

    Ahh cool.. i thought thats what it was but thought best to check. Thanks again.
  2. HeartDT

    First time attendee

    Thanks. . Think 3 day pass for me and take gamble with vq's... what do you mean by access pass?
  3. HeartDT

    First time attendee

    Thanks... are there packages that dont need vq? And if so, is that only for the autos that are included in the package?
  4. HeartDT

    First time attendee

    Hi all Sorry to bring this up again but we had to put booking etc on hold for a bit. We are going to go and will book things tomorrow.... question is : 3 day entry... arriving around 10am in birmingham friday can get to venue straight away almost. Booking photos for sat and sun none friday . Photos anson, alice, connor, anthony and also wanting their autos too.and maybe a couple more aitos Will this be do-able? We have been to lfcc mamy times but not dst so not sure how it will go.
  5. For me one of the best characters ever in tv is Walter from Fringe. John Noble was absolutely superb. Fantastic character and John played him amazingly.
  6. HeartDT

    I hate Funko Pops!

    I cringe when i see someone getting one (the box) autographed.
  7. HeartDT

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Love the rookie with nathan fillion. cobra kai love it. New twist with a good bit of nostalgia. handmaids tale loves S1 got bored S2 chernobyl thought it was done brilliantly!!! Hauntingly brilliant. Derry Girls hilariously brilliant easy watching. the good doctor really enjoyed it. star trek discover and Rewatching star trek enterprise the boys binged it... loved it!!! It aint playing tho. Awesome. Sure theres a couple i have missed.
  8. HeartDT

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Brilliant show!!!!
  9. HeartDT

    Price of Diamond Passes

    It has always been stated for DP.guests that only way to guarantee is with the DP...... SM cant control how fast a guest will sign or how many breaks they may need so if they are slow or need a few breaka then of course they might not get to vq or many of them. Guests are only human at end of day. I took a gamble with 2 guests for vq and i got rhem luckily one last thing sunday but i knew i took a gamble and was my choice. Not sm fault if i didnt get them.
  10. HeartDT

    Price of Diamond Passes

    Its own personal choice whether you feel it is worth it or not. Personally if there is a guest i definately want to be sire of auto and i know they will be busy e.g ian somerhalder and christopher lloyd i get DP. Yes you pay more but personally i feel its worth it for the guests i feel it worth it for... no stress of needing low VQ and also not having to check back all time if your vq is called. Also saves time for photo too. Its personal to each person and as i say only the individual can decide if dp is worth it to them for that particular guest. You can always roll the dice with VQ if you dont want to pay for guarantee with DP
  11. Not sure if anyone is interested but thought i'd do this as not really done it before and thougjt maybe going over the weekend would remind me of little.things i might habe forgotten. Thursday usual esrly start... flight from Glasgow at 7am got to London around 8am/just after. Breakfast in hydepark and then taxi to hotel rather than walking as it was sooooo hot. Got i to room early as they had one ready..... was so grateful fir air con. Went and picked up passes. Didnt have too long to wait although 3 day passes werent ready right away wasnt too long before they were sorted. Back to hotel and went to have a cool drink in bar. Met another woman there whi also going to con. Shared stories back n forth until we realised time and the early start we both had. Parted ways amd went.to our rooms. FRIDAY First day of con!!! Got a not bad.position in queue and ended.up next to lady i made friends with night before. Convo continued untl time to get in.. both wishing each other luck with VQs lol. Had 3 photo ops and got most of the autos i wanted. Late finish tho as two photo.ops late in day. SATURDAY Anither early one. Got some low VQs and mamaged to get william shatner and lee majors autos as well. With my husband getting a fist pump from william shatner. After ling wait got my ian Somerhalder auto. Totally worth it and so glad i upgraded to DP last minute. Successful day. SUNDAY Still need tom ellis auto so no late start as want low VQ. Got 49!!! I have a chance. Between his talk/ photo sessions i figure its going to be late i can get his auto. Slow day as got all autos want and waiting on Tom and our photo sessions. Again two are late ones. We take in the free comic book talk which was really interesting then photo session again. Brendan fraser last photo and go straight to tom ellis auto at 5.45 and get.go ahead to join queue. Think we got there just in time as talking about cutting it off. Leave con juat before 6 so happy have all autos we want and photos. MONDAY Flight not until late afternoon. Spend chilled morning/afternoon in hyde park before heading to airport and home. Never done this before..... so thanks if you have taken time to read this. Not good at this so sorry its not much good lol.
  12. HeartDT

    Showing friends and family

    I show everyone. A lot of my friends/family are into films big time tho so kinda get it. Always helps post.con blues showing them off ahahaha. A lot of my work friends dont get it tho lol
  13. HeartDT

    First time attendee

    Thank you guys. Definately lots to think about. Will see hoe budget is... took a hit at LFCC with all the fab guests and it will also deoend on cost of hotel as travelling from Scotland.
  14. HeartDT

    First time attendee

    Thank you. Ohhhh brilliant to hear. :)
  15. HeartDT

    Guest Experiences From The Weekend

    Over the friday and weekend........ William Zabka.... Lovely guy. Took time at auto and was welcoming and friendly at photo. Jason Isaacs... Really lovely man. Bery chatty and told a few funny stories about filming on set. Again really nice at photo and took time to comment on my Harry Potter tee. William Shatner... He made my husbands weekend with a fist bump. Has a lovely charming smile and was welcoming smd friendly. Tom Ellis... Was very friendly. Busy at auto which we only just managed to grab last thing Sunday after a late photoshoot but still was engaged and friendly. Manu Bennett... Had us in fits of laughter at auto table with stories he was telling. Lovely guy. Lee Majors... He was busy but friendly. We asked if he was having a good time and he gave a little laugh amd saod ask me again at 6pm when i see howtired I am. Zachary Quinto... Friendly but one of quiter ones at auto. Only my husband got photo and he said he was friendly then also. Robert Carlyle... Lovely. Really loved meeting him. Picked up on my Scottish accent straighr away lol. Brendan Fraser.... Nice guy. Got auto early on Sunday and he was very nice. We had a laugh sbout us being from Scotland and not knowing what the big hot thing in sky was lol. Walter Koening... My husband went and got his auto while i was queuing elsewhere. Said he was very nice but seemed very tired. He was being asked to do interview and my husband said yoy could tell he was really tired but he didnt refuse juat asked for a few minutes to gather himself. Ian Somerhalder... Wow!!! I upgraded to DP just a few days before con and so glad I did. He was crazy busy but gave everyone he met so much time. He was fantastic.