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  1. We are the same in regards to Clark Gregg as well.
  2. i hope a few big guests are announced soon, as current line up is really not doing it for me. First time in years I have not been hyped to go to LFCC. I am not dissing the guests as I am sure many are really happy with the guests announced... this is just my own thought. I can't currently justify flights and hotel costs for 3 days as coming from Scotland for the 1 or two guests i would currently get. Normally i am wondering if i can fit in everything and everyone i want to see over the 3 days.
  3. No problem. Ohhh forgot to say, Jeri's photoshoot does have a screen divide between but it looks alright and she was super lovely too. Enjoy tomorrow.
  4. Photo went smoothly and quickly. Not sure about auto sorry as i got that yesterday
  5. Hi got Jeri photo ok. If you go to enterprise prop area you go into the carpeted area where cloakroom is and queue there and then taken outside where photo is taken. Its under scaffold at bb entrance where 3 days passes etc went in
  6. Entrance BB doors still not open. Am I correct that it showed they'd open at 7am?
  7. I was same. I just went to see how she was doing with dp and vq and got straight through as well.
  8. Hiya. I get Jeri photo this pm. Will let you know once I find out lol. Enjoy Sunday. Fingers crossed for you
  9. Got Jeri's today no problem on VQ and quite early in the day, but as is the nature of LFCC all can change and tomorrow will be busier overall. Hope you manage to get everyone you are wanting too. :)
  10. Is it 10am start/con opening time for tomorrow?
  11. Arrived in London this morning.... very warm/humid even tho was overcast but sun really coming out now. Hope this new aircon is good at olympia..... will be the mvp i reakon this weekebd lol
  12. Hmmn ok thanks. It was 3 day tickets, so didn't think about the separate day thing.
  13. Hi Did anyone get a new set of entry tickets earlier? I got a new set emailed and also showing on my app. I know there was an announcemrnt saying new tickets for carried over guests from last year but nothing was mentioned regarding entry, that I seen TIA C :-)
  14. No, still haven't. I sent them an email a few days ago and just had a reply earlier sayibg vouchers are auto generated. I have sent a reply saying i haven't received it yet or emailand the cancellation was announced 27.05. Will wait see what they say.
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