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  1. Just had a reply from the shop..... they allocated me a batch number to my tickets for Brian. :)
  2. I emailed the shop... no reply yet, but i know they are busy. Will let you know what they say.
  3. So many ----- in no particular order, loved/loving all of these Mare of Eastwood Firefly Lane Wandavision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Loki Sweet Tooth Time Penguin Town Queens Gambit Clarkson's Farm The Rookie Billions .... i am sure i am forgetting some.
  4. Just checked/realised photo op tickrts i have for brian dont have a batch #. Is this the same for anyobe else who has purchased?
  5. Omg so frustrated.. trying to book several photo op tickets.. run out of time as not much given...... so doing it a few tickrts at a time. bank blocked card cause several transactions... so had to spend ages waiting/ speKing to them to get it sorted. Anyone else think time limit when buying tickets isnt enough?
  6. Ahhh thanks. Will try again tonight.
  7. Ah, ok... wondered if it was that. Thanks.
  8. Hey all Went to buy a few photo ops tonight and it had been going slow through whole process entered payment and looked as tho all confirming but then froze. Anyone else had problems? Used other sites etc ok/tested our end and all ok.
  9. I cant see Ernie in the store to purchase photo op. Am i missing it?
  10. I went to get Ernie Hudson and dont see him anywhere. Has this still not been sorted?
  11. Thank you. All booked woo hoo.
  12. From what i read, i believe they are rolling over to Nov ... and again if cant attend to contact for voucher, but please someone correct me if i am wrong. They have posted update here too now so have a read and see if you think same as me lol. Keeping fingers crossed for Nov. More time to save up for spending lol
  13. Well... fb just updated to show no LFCC in July. Expected but still disappointing. Heres to Nov!!
  14. Possibly. Will look in to it and see
  15. I just went to get mine and my husbands weekend/potential gold pass but all sold out with coming from scotland and needing hotel for all days we do not want to go for friday/sunday only so sadly will miss out this year.
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