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  1. Yeah.... realiaed that shortly after asking. Makes sense lol. Thanks
  2. I just figured that out lol yeah that makes sense.
  3. Emmm wondering why my post was deleted? I did not say anything negative at all... slightly confused here?
  4. HeartDT

    Guest Cancellation - Martin Kove

    Got my sweep the leg tee specially too
  5. HeartDT

    Showmasters Event App Launched

    Requires lots of permissions from what I see.. .. but then again lots of apps are same. Think i will pass for now.
  6. HeartDT

    Showmasters Event App Launched

    having a look at it right now to see if I want to add it.
  7. HeartDT


    Ahaha i agree with this. :)
  8. HeartDT


    When i say i am tiny i mean tiny. I am only 4'7 lol lots of guests sre great and do a great phose which means photo still portrait/close. Jason Mamoas shoot last year was funny lol and dolph Lungren ahahaha
  9. HeartDT


    I usually get mines portrait automatically but thats because i am tiny and need to get me and guest in. Sometimes the guests come down a bit to my level and they can get a normal close photo which i actually prefer to longer shots.
  10. HeartDT

    General Chat

    I got chills when the tune started!!! Hope they do it justice. Trailer looks soo good.
  11. HeartDT

    first timer-

    I was same first time attending. Niw been going for years. LFCC is the highlight of my year. Everyone is so helpful so as said before if you have a question just ask :) and yes autos are purchased on day. Not pre-booked. (Well unless you get diamond pass for a guest which includes auto.
  12. HeartDT

    Potential Heathrow disruption

    thank you hope it doesnt affect anyone too badly. I dont mind delay on way hime but dont want sny holds ups getting to lFCC lol
  13. HeartDT


    Us too!!!! :)
  14. HeartDT

    Potential Heathrow disruption

    Anyone know about Luton? Easyjet. Thursday 25th i fly in to luton from glasgow. Cant see anything myself.