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  1. Hope so too. Guess need to see nearer time and if second wave hits. The hotel i had booked, which is same one i use every yesr, hasnt even opened back up yet.
  2. Well.... around this time I would have beenchecking I have everythibg pscked for travelling to London st 7am tomorrow and double checking schedule plan. Promising to get to sleep early but failing as usual as we sit up and discuss who we would be meeting.... the plan for the VQ tickets we need etc. I totally appreciate the decision made and it is absolutely the right one but still gutted. We still have the time off from work so plan a wee day trip to st abbs (twinned with new asgard)
  3. Thank you for the update. I know we were all anxious to hear but its obvious you guys were doing lots behind scenes in regards to options and getting as many guests possoble to attend in Nov. Good work!!!!
  4. You have captured my interest. Lol
  5. First day working from home and back to work after about 5/6 weeks. Finally got everything set up. Weird but alright so far... and i can play music which we arent allowed in work lol
  6. In all honesty, i am resigning myself to that its cancelled or ay least postponed..... and if it does go ahead, then its a bonus.
  7. Judy ---- i was apprehensive as i love judy garland and having read so much about her, watching her movies and interviews etc was worried about this film. decided to give it a shot and take it for what it was. It was ok and happy i watched it Bloodshot... omg bbbbboooorrring. Even sam heughen couldnt save it Birds of Prey.... love margot as harley. Enjoyed it. Bad Boys 3 ..... loved it. Was so worried but thought was fab
  8. Watched it too really enjoyed it was glsd i gave it a shot.
  9. Ahaha same here.. loft hasnt been done but we planned on flooring that before lockdown for extra storage so as soon as we can that will be done. agree re spiders so i will bravely allow my husband to go up first and ensure all clear before i venture up there lol
  10. I am running out of things to clean/tidy during this lockdown lol anyone else same? Even broke out jigsaws lol doing them and watching movies.
  11. I was surprised i got mines.... its like the Hunger games trying to get holidays.. especially fridays / sat and mondays. May the odds be ever in your favour!
  12. Managed to get days off work. Normally just go to LFCC in july but have this on radar now too due to current situation.
  13. Beat me to it. Why half? Lol i have cleaned all my kitchen cupboard and re-organised them all as well as fridge. Did all my beds n curtains and windows too. Wardrobes tomorrow... can hardly contain myself lol
  14. Totally understand situation and reason but i am having 2015 flashback nightmares ... where we didnt have full olympia and it was insane. Although know what you mean re small capacity neded etc but still gives me flashbacks lol.
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