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Latest Guest Announcement - GINA TORRES

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Latest Guest Announcement - Gina Torres


Appearing: Friday, Satuday & Sunday

Autograph: £55

Photo Shoot: £55

Diamond Pass

1 x auto
1x photo
1x gift

£150 - Fri and Sat

£165 - Sunday - including talk

Tickets on sale now


Zoë Washburne - Firefly / Serenity
Jessica Pearson - Suits / Pearson
Lauren - Westworld
Bella Crawford - Hannibal
Anna Espinosa - Alias
Ketsu Onyo - Star Wars: Rebels
Cas - Matrix: Reloaded / Matrix: Revolutions
Julia Milliken - 24
Cleopatra - Xena: Warrior Princess
Nebula - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Helen Carter - Cleopatra 2525
Jasmine  - Angel









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1 minute ago, showmasters said:

Topic has been updated with the actual prices - apologies, this part was not completed correctly when created.

the diamonds prices listed in the shop are higher than that at 150/165

Edited by Raylenth
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