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  1. In this day and age not many series make it to 3, let alone 6 or 60. No disrespect to Big Finish, but I'd have liked a box set like Light at the End or Masterful. Rather than several box sets. But that's just me being picky
  2. I'm sure Steve Moffatt said having a 10 year anniversary to celebrate the show coming back so soon after the shows 50th anniversary is just confusing and pointless. I know a lot can change in 10 years. But he's right
  3. Added David Boreanaz to these. Cant believe I'm one step away from completing my Smile Time photo
  4. We're at that stage where you would think shows would be finalising their Doctor Who guests with it only being a few months to the 60th I'm surprised that more isnt being made of it if I'm being honest
  5. Nice finds all the same, are the personisations removable? I will be sending in my cyberman posters, as one guest in particular is in all probability a last chance to get.
  6. Nice finds. Especially Jackie Lane, who was a difficult autograph to get, getting her autograph was the only time I let a multi signed poster out of my sight for a pre-order, although I'm seriously considering doing this again for my Cyberman poster for reasons we cant say on here. And awesome find to get Richard Mayes and Roy Spence
  7. Bizarrely, the Genesis of the Daleks stamp cover, has either Terry Molloy or Terry Molloy and Tom Baker. Whereas every other story has someone associated with the story to sign. It just doesnt make sense, especially when they were issued, Peter Miles was alive, and Guy Siner is still an active signer. I started collecting these when they issued a 50th anniversary series. And issued 11 covers to celebrate each Doctor, so we have Peter Purves, Wendy Padbury, Katy Manning, Tom Baker, Nicola Bryant, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Yee Jee Tso, Camille Coduri, Bernard Cribbins and Francis Barber
  8. I'm not sure how many episodes of the early series they have managed to get signed but I know that a fair few episodes are covered
  9. Just bought a load of signed first day covers to try and complete the set, will move on to getting the original series sets at some point as well
  10. Brian and Linda are also married. Not that it makes any difference to this forum. But it also makes more sense to them appearing together
  11. Although, I didnt spot, Julian Glover has moved to Spring now
  12. Unless, any of tonight's guests made a small cameo that went under the radar. Then we're out of luck for Doctor Who guests. Paul Bettany is pretty massive though
  13. I'll be looking at pre-orders for the November show, because as much as Karen Gillan is a game changer, logistically and budget wise, I cant justify two shows in November. The more I looked at it, the more I couldnt make it work for me. Even with my colleagues support and offering to swap working days
  14. Great guest, and what a stratospheric rise her career has had since she left Doctor Who. I do prefer the price she was at MK all those years ago mind. Although I know that was never going to happen with how big a star she has become
  15. I watched the first 10 minutes of that film on a flight and decided I'd seen enough.
  16. Indeed, and Marvel, respected her enough to let her film that last scene with Matt Smith. Fun fact, but her and Matt were both wearing wigs in that scene, as they had both shaved their heads for other roles
  17. Same. She's the one guest that I was saying, makes me go damn I need to go. I need her on so many things. Even though the way diamond passes run now, I would have a hard choice. Even harder than my choice for later this month. But it would have to be my Doctor Who Starry Starry night poster. I met her when she was at MK stadium all those years ago, back when all I travelled to shows with, was my autograph book. Posters and dvd covers where far in the future. But how I wish she was the same price now as then. But her career has gone stratospheric since leaving the TARDIS
  18. That's the guy. He was quite good in that as well if i recall correctly
  19. When it locates him, it will shout out HE'S ALIVE
  20. She's not done bad from a couple of minute cameo in season 4 has she. I'm sure there was another guest actor in that episode. Also Scottish. Whatever happened to him
  21. I'm having to hold fire until Monday, before I make any decisions, as I need to make sure I can get at least one of the days off, and cover for one of the weekend days. Hopefully Sunday as that would be the cheaper option diamond pass wise, but then that also brings me back onto the Brian Blessed radar
  22. No smaller guests as of Yet, But Karen Gillan
  23. Wowzers. Will have to try and and get day of now
  24. We are getting a big guest tonight, and hopefully a number of smaller guests, hopefully this means we get a few guests we both want
  25. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it gets sorted and you have a better day today
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