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  1. If I do get him on my Survival dvd it will bring it up to 11 signers. And this will shock you, as it shocked me, I need Sylverster McCoy to sign it
  2. Checking my pre-orders. It was Tony Robinson (Sir), Miranda Richardson and Tim McInnerny. That was the weekend of the Doctors, where they managed to get all living Doctors in one room at the same time. I knew I'd be waiting most of the saturday to get Chris Eccleston, Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith so pre-ordered so I didnt have to miss out on getting these 3.
  3. Hes done a few showmasters events. I definatly got a pre order from him from Lfcc a few years back. I booked a few pre orders for the busier guests that I knew I had no chance of realistically getting time wise. They had Tony and Miranda Richardson if I recall
  4. Which makes sense to get them both to the show together. I'll be getting Wayne for his Robin of Sherwood role, as he was Robin's dad. And Tracey will be added to genesis and Curse of Fenric
  5. Maybe not, but Chris Bartlett is a guest I will 100% be adding onto a couple of posters
  6. No but we do we do have a couple more guests announced today, so maybe we just dont know how much power we have.
  7. Point taken, but I dont think I've ever said anything negative about any guest or guest announcement, as I've always been of the philosophy that even if the guest isnt someone I'd get, then that guest might be some ones holy grail guest
  8. I would question anyone who would want a selfie anyway. You do wonder what goes through peoples minds when they book this type of guest, the stalker I mean, as is it worth the negative publicity you will be getting.
  9. I need to get myself organised and order a few photos
  10. Looking at the bio on the website, she is only at the show for 3 hours each day. So not doing a full day so not quite as bad Now that is weird why would you book a guest like that knowing the feedback you are likely to get, and surely there would be very few people wanting their autograph in first place
  11. Exactly, she would only be allowed to be on set for a certain amount of hours due to her age so it also stands to reason she will only be able to sign for a certain amount of time I will put my cards on the table and say, I do have an autograph from Vivien Lyra Blair who played the young Leia in the Kenobi series. But it was from a private signing rather than a convention
  12. no but, one guest does raise the other end of the moral spectrum, where one guest is 9 years old, is that too young to be put through a day signing at a convention? I know we have asked should some guests appear due to their age and fitness, but at the opposite end of the equation.
  13. Your wish has been granted, we have a few Star Wars guests from the recent shows announced today. Now can you ask again this time for some Doctor Who guests please
  14. Exactly. It's hard to put into words. All I can say is I had the honour of meeting him a couple of times and he was every much the gentleman and you can tell how proud he was to be a part of the show. When it was the 50th anniversary celebration at the excel, I could only do the one day, as my work wifes birthday is the 23rd November, of all days, so I worked this day for her. I could only get 3 attendees autographs due to the way they scheduled everything, and William Russell was top of my choices. A lovely fellow rest in peace William
  15. Beautiful. He was a lovely man who had a lot of time for both the show and the fans
  16. I think Pauline Collins just beats him if you dont count Elisabeth Sladen and John Leeson being series regulars it does seem so, The first season of David Tennant's era was rich for bringing back faces from the classic era, whether intentionally or just a mere coincidence of casting
  17. She was also a Red Kang in the Paradise Towers according to Tardis Wiki
  18. And some news that whilst not unexpected is a hell of a gut punch. It seems that William Russell has passed away.
  19. Same, I thought it was a very enjoyable film, shame it didnt do better at the box office
  20. What has the layout been the last few years, top level, main signing area and signers down one side of top section, artist alley and comic guests down the other. And then Star Wars guests in the Star wars zone downstairs. Hopefully we dont get an Adrian Rawlings situation where his popularity across 3 franchises meant he was really busy but squirreled away down the outer perimeter. The Harry Potter and Star Wars roles, should have elevated him to main autograph room alone I reckon we have room for more guests, and I think we are due another big guest or two as well I'm up to 14 guests so far, nicely spaced out between the Saturday and the Sunday at the moment. A couple I'm getting more than one autograph from, I have my train ticket for the Friday, so I'll be using that to go get my tickets and collect my Diamond pass as I have no guests appearing on this day yet unless Jessica Martin is there on the friday, Thank you for the prompt, as I need her on my 2nd GSITG dvd
  21. I stand corrected. I did get him in the diary, lovely chap, unfortunately just didn't seem busy whenever passed him
  22. They also had Arthur Lee a couple of summers ago from Legend of the Sea Devils, long before any boxsets were released. I did have a idea, but only slightly practical and probably a little crazy. The actors sign postcards of them in character and the postcards go alongside/in the box set
  23. The only surprising one, was they didnt do a 15th doctor in the style of the other Doctors for the 60th, considering they did posters for all Doctors including John Hurt, Jo Martin and Tom Baker as the curator it wouldnt have been a stretch to do one for Ncuti as well
  24. I do have Sophie and Sylvester in duo Tardis shoot, but not in costume. So if funds are tight I might drop this one in favour of getting more autographs
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