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  1. JackAubrey

    VERY Important post about Winter

    The post has been edited to remove a line about DST happening I want to get everything booked but not filling me with hope. Really hope it happens
  2. JackAubrey

    Guest Cancellation - Alice Krige

    The only reason I booked
  3. JackAubrey

    Guest announcement at 7pm Friday 5th April

    Missed Soneqa last time so would be great if it's her.
  4. JackAubrey

    Latest Guest Announcement - GINA TORRES

  5. JackAubrey

    Great guest announcement friday @ 6pm

    A ready player one guest already. First time signer. I'm saying Hannah John Kamen
  6. JackAubrey

    Talk Schedule

    Anyone have any more info on the ESA presence? Thanks
  7. JackAubrey

    Latest Guest Announcement - ZACHARY LEVI

    When can we expect updated schedule? I realize it's a nightmare... Just checking
  8. JackAubrey

    Latest Guest Announcement - ZACHARY LEVI

    Holy balls!
  9. JackAubrey

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Just very much hoping for a earlier Val Kilmer shoot on Friday as well.
  10. JackAubrey


    Is the webpage right? Says Saturday and Sunday here but Friday as well on site
  11. JackAubrey

    Weekend Highlights!

    John Carroll Lynch.. what a gent!