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  1. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes please
  2. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Lawrence Gillard jnr
  3. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    3rd Valene Kane
  4. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Walking Dead guests
  5. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Steven Ogg Sylvester McCoy
  6. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    John Rhys Davies Ray Park Robert Englund again?
  7. Law-dono

    What did you get signed?

    Dude i'm an idiot , thank you for pointing that out, now that I can tell what it is it makes it all the cooler.
  8. Law-dono

    What did you get signed?

    She was so cool, loved the Punisher shirt I wore. Have no clue what the little doodle is beneath her signature, did she do that for you as well?
  9. Law-dono

    What did you get signed?

    My autographed posters as promised
  10. She was super shiny, gonna need to watch Stargate Atlantis now.
  11. Law-dono

    What did you get signed?

    Loved the interaction between all the above guests and super happy with the Levi auto. Will post my signed posters when back in Belfast.
  12. Law-dono

    Guest interactions.

    Photoshoot with Lance Henriksen, saw me and asked for a box to stand on . Amber Rose Revah complementing my Punisher t-shirt. Zachary Levi freaking out over the Shazam comic I had him sign then bursting out with laughter after I asked did he ever figure out how to pee in the costume.
  13. Heading to the airport in an hour then pick up passes tonight. The hype train is real.
  14. Damn it! Where am I getting a Shazam poster in 48 hours?
  15. Law-dono

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    But which laws do you abide by Anglo-Saxon or Norse? Because what is a "good viking"? .
  16. Law-dono


    Photo booked, can't believe I get to meet my favourite Doctor! Thanks SM.
  17. I caved yesterday and bought his dp, no regrets.
  18. Law-dono

    What time are you queuing on Friday?

    Probalbly gonna stay in bed later then after breakfast take a leisurely stroll to the Olympia for 08:30, make some friends in the early morning. Time to break the ice!
  19. This will make a fine addition to my....collection. * cough cough*
  20. Truly was on of the best and saddest exits of a companion
  21. Quickest photo shoot I've ever booked. Only wish I had my Fallout cosplay sorted, oh well Vault 111 hoodie it is.
  23. Jon Bernthal would be excellent, the fraking Punisher at LFCC!
  24. Always good to hear that guests are lovely to meet