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  1. LFCC 2018 Schedule

    But which laws do you abide by Anglo-Saxon or Norse? Because what is a "good viking"? .

    Photo booked, can't believe I get to meet my favourite Doctor! Thanks SM.
  3. I caved yesterday and bought his dp, no regrets.
  4. What time are you queuing on Friday?

    Probalbly gonna stay in bed later then after breakfast take a leisurely stroll to the Olympia for 08:30, make some friends in the early morning. Time to break the ice!
  5. This will make a fine addition to my....collection. * cough cough*
  6. Truly was on of the best and saddest exits of a companion
  7. Quickest photo shoot I've ever booked. Only wish I had my Fallout cosplay sorted, oh well Vault 111 hoodie it is.
  9. Jon Bernthal would be excellent, the fraking Punisher at LFCC!
  10. Always good to hear that guests are lovely to meet
  11. Guess I'll be buying a legends poster today
  12. Who are you meeting!?

    Finalised list for this year- Jason Momoa auto Tom Welling auto Peter Capaldi auto/photo Ray Fisher auto Iwan Rheon diamond pass Jewel Statie auto Edward James Olmos auto Jamie Bamber auto James Callis auto Ray Park auto Lance Henriksen auto/photo Amber Rose Revah auto Daniel Naprous auto Mike Quinn auto Simon Williamson auto Compared to last LFCC my list has doubled and I've also bought my first diamond pass
  13. Perfect time to pick one up
  14. Would love Hayley Atwell, enjoying Agent Carter atm and Warwick Davis seems like such an amazing guy. Kinda met Maise in work before but be nice to properly meet her.
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Karl Urban
  16. Best news ive heard all day, might have to see this play now as the description sounds wonderful and the chance to meet Orlando Bloom.
  17. I got my fingers crossed for a little freaky deaky.
  18. Guest Suggestions

    Luke Cage season 2 dropped yesterday, can we try and bring back Mike Colter? or anyone really from Luke Cage.
  19. Guest Cancellation - Katee Sackhoff

    Bummer, was one of my most anticipated guests. Hopefully see her again next year.
  20. Guest Suggestions

    2nd Travis Fimmel
  21. Guest Suggestions

    Finn Jones Mike Colter Krysten Ritter Charlie Cox
  22. Guest Suggestions

    Gonna keep on asking' for Ron Pearlman
  23. Talked to Lee about a month ago regarding a commission and he could not have been anymore accommodating. Was incredibly helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had, and if the image I seen was mt commission then i'm blown away. Really talented artist
  24. General Chat

    Anyone met Jorge Jiminez before? Gonna ask if he'd do a sketch on my action comics 1000. Alot of sketches he's done at other con's is super.