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  1. Jackewing98

    Latest Guest Announcement - MARK STRICKSON

    Woohoo, finally a London event!
  2. Jackewing98

    DC Comic app

    Hi Does anyone have the app and use it to buy their comics? Wondering whether it is worth getting it. Thanks
  3. Sweet Christmas!
  4. Jackewing98

    Voyager Warp Core

    I used to have a light which was similar to Voyager's warp core which unfortunately broke. Does anyone have anything similar or know where I could get one?
  5. Hello Does anyone have an email address for Showmasters as I can't find one. Thanks
  6. Jackewing98

    LFCC 2016 Floorplans

    Is there any sort of chill out zone, I couldn't see anything on the floor plans?
  7. Jackewing98


  8. Jackewing98


    Anyone know what the nearest cinema is to Olympia now the Odeon has shut?
  9. Hello Does anyone know how long the William Shatner One Man Show lasts? I am thinking of getting tickets to this as well as the Quark's Casino and Bar but I am not sure if it is worth it depending on how late the show runs. I would really like to see the Rat Pack as well but probably won't bother if the two shows clash. Thanks
  10. Jackewing98

    Latest Guest Announcement - WIL WHEATON

    Excellent, do you know when autograph tickets go on sale?
  11. Sweet and I'll do a photo as well!