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  1. Event Security Update

    I can only hope anyone who has bought online tickets is emailed these new instructions. As it is going to cause some disruption on the day to say the least. I fear bad media coverage already, not what cons need at all. Even if it is not Showmasters fault they will take the flack sadly. Metro Arena are literally pushing paying punters away and knowing con goers the internet will go crazy on the day.
  2. Event Security Update

    They were taking kids tiny backpacks off parents at Disney on Ice (if you wanted to get in) and binning them, anuthing with two staps they were doing it with. Being very picky who they did it with and really letting others through with almost no checking at all. The Inconsistency is ridiculous. Do everyone or no one if security if a priority. Even Manchester is not going this far as I was there the other day for a gig. A good search is all that is required.
  3. Event Security Update

    Shame really. Guess I am not going now, cannot carry things I need in a plastic bag, so no point attending. I guess terrorists people only have backpacks or suitcases.... Metri Arena are not even checking people properly anyway from events recently on there, so its a farce.
  4. Crap. I wasn't going..... maybe now I am haha
  5. Guest Suggestions

    And Sam..... I need Sam even if you have had him :-D
  6. Guest Suggestions

    George Clooney's Pot Bellied Pig...
  7. Awww sadly got the confirmation some of Alyson Hannigan and Tricia Helfer' photos went missing :-( mine included. But if yours isnt uploaded yet drop them an email, very helpful still :-)
  8. Argghh bugger! That happened last year with Dolph Lundgren for me :-( its crappy. I fear some more have been lost as still not all have been uploaded and its 6 weeks now since the con. Fingers crossed they are somewhere.
  9. Ahhhh there you go then :-) I thought there was no events for a bit.
  10. Tickets

    Hey some people like living on the edge haha
  11. Tickets

    And some people will still moan next July when they have no entry ticket.... But spent hundreds on photoshoots haha
  12. Login Issues

    Yup even Facebook seems different today haha Some total internet overhaul no doubt :-D