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  1. RomeroSavini

    Photo's are up

    Crikey that was some heavy duty uploading haha Bet someones internet uploading is maxed out :-D
  2. RomeroSavini

    Showing friends and family

    Ahhh them good old Newcastle cons, shame they are gone :-( I took a few family members and they loved it. Most people cannot get to London, so it was great having Newcastle on our door steps. Sadly no more it seems.
  3. RomeroSavini

    Showing friends and family

    Starbucks is £4.80 for the coffee I want haha 10 of them and you can meet a lot of guests
  4. RomeroSavini

    Showing friends and family

    Yup most people drink and smoke (or do worse) and in my eyes waste a fortune in their lives going out and acting like idiots. With a few good memoies mixed into them nights out at best, they all merge into one for most. So personally I spend my cash on memories, not brain destroying addictions like the majority of the UK. And boy do I have memories, tales and proof of it all from the last 10 years! If people I know want to know I can tell and show, but most pretend to not be impressed, when we know many are haha I do this stuff alone for me, if anyone else likes it then so be it. Lets all make memories
  5. RomeroSavini

    Alita Marketing Stand Codes

    Jeeeez wish I had chatted to them now! There was no info about what was going on, a few times I went and no one was there staff wise. So its great to gear such stuff was given out free fir you lucky people. The films great as well, so worth owning.
  6. RomeroSavini


    Sadly as I mentioned earlier in this thread, the late talk just seems to not be smooth for us in line, any line, if we even find out where to line. It is a shame it has happened again.
  7. RomeroSavini


    Good, Thank You :-) deleted my comment as didnt want to worry anyone.
  8. RomeroSavini

    Robert Carlyle Appreciation Post

    I asked him in the photo shoot if he would pretend punch me for the photo. I got a stern NO! I said it was worth a try haha Next time Robert....
  9. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAN SOMERHALDER

    Scary place, took me ages to get out haha 28 batches.... no wonder.
  10. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAN SOMERHALDER

    I heard them shouting out Batch 28 when I passed his photoshoot today..... my golly!!!!!!
  11. RomeroSavini

    Day Change Peter Serafinowicz

    Nooooooo only just seen this.... ah well next year I hope.
  12. RomeroSavini

    Peter Serafinowicz

    Awww :-( booked Sunday then.
  13. Phew good job I heard quickly as just bought Batch 1 Friday then. Stunned Batch 1 is still available!!! Wowsers. Gladly Sunday has freed up a guest, more to buy then haha
  14. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - MANU BENNETT

    Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaartacus My good goly god that a quality announcement.