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  1. RomeroSavini

    Great Guests experiences

    Yup ahhhhh Cybill :-D I loved that back in its day.
  2. RomeroSavini

    Great Guests experiences

    Hey it will be mainly cheaper/lesser well known guests for me as hey you get more time to interact, in fact 10 minutes+ with a few smaller guests easy. (Note - They are not small to me mind you haha). No Rush. No pressure with lines behind you and no management wanting it over quicker like many of the bigger guests, who can feel like a cattle line of money. Some who really have no time for deep conversations, some not even a Hello sadly (as nice as many are to me). Alicia Witt stands out from the last few years for me out of the tonnes of guest's I have met . Literally spent an age chatting, having actual conversation about her life and a bit of fun with passing Darleks as well. Again she is a big guest to me (many may know ger as the little girl from Dune and her from The Walking Dead) but many wont know how nice she can be until they get chatting. Well worth a meet :-)
  3. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - WILLIAM SHATNER

    I just Shatner myself......
  4. Micheal Jackson wrote a song about him..... I'll get me coat.... Nice Big guest :-) no one can argue with that.
  5. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID NAUGHTON

    Double shoot with Jenny ;-)
  6. Ahh good you found one :-) Its hard work looking thought so many thousands. My brains melting after a few thousand......
  7. Theres a search bar at the top. Type in the name of the person you are looking for and your photo may be there :-) as there is no 2018 folder uploaded yet. I found David Duchovny for instance and my photo that way :-)
  8. Jason Momoa already has 5000 images uploaded haha!! Popular. Yup! No chance I am going through all them yet haha Mine could be 5001...
  9. Thanks :-) I am not going blind after all haha
  10. Anyone got a link to the folder as nothing shows on mine sadly. My cookies must be stuffed.
  11. Another month and no photos. Pretty messed up in my opinion.
  12. RomeroSavini

    Films watched in 2018

    Everyone put on Netflix... Find "The Night Comes For Us" sit back and watch a masterpiece of action. The bloodiest, insane thing you may see It premiered worldwide Friday night on Netflix. Instant Film of the year stuff. But my god if you dont like blood dont put it on haha As they kill everyone and everything in every way possible. Imagine John Wick times 10!
  13. RomeroSavini

    Selfies, Photos or Posed Photos

    The word "Selfie" makes me throw up a little each time I read or hear it..... urgghhh. Its a photo of yourself ;-) lets clean up the internet and ban the "S" word haha
  14. RomeroSavini

    Digital photo's for 2018

    I am dying inside waiting.... The pain... The suffering....
  15. My tears still roll down my cheek each passing day.