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  1. Ohhhhh Hollister :-) Currently rewatching Red Dwarf from the beginning to end....the joy! but I want him on my - Aliens Laserdisc with nearly all the rest of the cast :-D one day..... one day......
  2. Whhooooaaaaa there! Thats lovely Love the way you managed to get them all using that same colour pen. Consistency, hard to do sometimes.
  3. Yup it was my thought as well about all the franchise on it. We may end up with a lot of films and TV spin offs, so you will need that tasty blank space
  4. That is beautiful....so simple, yet pow! and so much room for so mamy more signatures :-D The films all have such a variety of artwork that its a great time to see so much effort put into the films posters/discs and just everything inbetween about the films.
  5. Scary...... its like a legal drug this announcement lark..... ohhh ahhhhh be still my beating heart (and bank account)...
  6. Ahhhh it feels nice when you paid for a show and bump into people from it, its nice just to just say I liked the show. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside letting them know haha
  7. What I meant was where did you meet him not round the back of a theatre I guess.
  8. Ahhh good old Paul, he needs a UK visit now he is in a hit show again. So I can selfishly finish my Aliens cast laserdisc:-D he is one of the few left! So PAUL REISER Please Jason if you are reading this :-D
  9. I saw him wondering around as a customer (or maybe he was on bussiness, didnt look it) last year, seemed very happy and smiley.
  10. He was on London Friday and Saturday I believe. Doing interviews for Doolittle etc... about the only chance we the public have of grabbing him for photos and signatures is outside the places he visits or stays. That means many hours of waiting for him, and him maybe not even coming out the door you are waiting at. Sadly.
  11. Yeah I do think his line will be insanity. I really am not sure if I can be bothered to stand hours in a line to get something signed, it ruins my day standing around wasting my day like that. Either I get a low line ticket and be one of the first in line, or I am stuffed sadly.
  12. We can dream. Fingers crossed. Met him a while back, but he said he was jet lagged and not looking good haha So wouldnt do photos, still signed gladly. So I need a photo with Nick and Simon still (or any other cast members from their films/TV stuff). Nick is going to be insanely busy being there one day and so cheap in price. I may need to camp out at 3am this year to be first haha
  13. As much as he costs, I would have expected his price to be far, far more. So in a way its a bargain price for him. Tempted, but not sure I can splash the cash yet. Who knows how many guests are to come, hundreds probably haha
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