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  1. RomeroSavini

    New Guest Announcements- Friday 7pm

    Money is nothing. Memories are everything. But you have to pay for some memories If Gillian Anderson is announced tonight then thats my year made haha Bring it on...
  2. RomeroSavini

    New Guest Announcements- Friday 7pm

    I hope its not someone I want to say Hello to.... As I just totalled up how much I have spent so far.... my brains now hurting how I went so insane spending so much. Dear god help me if anyones announced tonight I love.
  3. Phew good job I heard quickly as just bought Batch 1 Friday then. Stunned Batch 1 is still available!!! Wowsers. Gladly Sunday has freed up a guest, more to buy then haha
  4. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - MANU BENNETT

    Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaartacus My good goly god that a quality announcement.
  5. RomeroSavini


    Or we are on wire rigs so we can fly through the air! They had a massive multi (maybe a hundred cameras) camera rig years ago at the con where it froze you in time for the Sci Fi channel. It was amazing! Literally the same tech as the Matrix films, it worked beautifully. People obviously lined up to get on it. I spent hours watching people do it and many guests joined it, utterly fascinating and really fun to see. The lighting was also bright, so you could get perfect photos. No green screen please. They never look ok in my humble opinion, actual sets rock!
  6. RomeroSavini


    We can wish for her latex costume from The Matrix to be worn in photoshoots.......Imagine.....
  7. RomeroSavini

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Mmmmmmmmm my bank awaits the obvious overdraft to come today..... Many people look forward to getting drunk on nights out on a Friday. I prefer sober 7pm announcements....
  8. RomeroSavini


    Nice. Mmmm if I get there 90 minutes early I may be in front row. So hopefully a kind of line is signposted early so we know who is first in line. As a few talks over the last few years have descended into maddness sadly. The evening Game of Thrones one 2 years back I was there hours early easily first there, asked countless staff and no one knew a thing sadly. Still ended up no where near front as there ended up about 6 lines at other points they let in first. So please can someone pass on clear line areas for people to stand at. Please :-)
  9. RomeroSavini


    But without the burning sun, druggies everywhere, drunks, obnoxious smelly hippies and dirty smokers everywhere killing your lungs. LFCC just eats your wallet.....my cash is nearly gone now.....
  10. RomeroSavini

    I hate Funko Pops!

    Dont understand the love for them either, they are just mostly cheap, plasticy, poorly designed looking caricatures. Or maybe I should word it better, they are not my "style" of art at all. I love realistic looking toys more I guess, bobble heads hurt my eyes in general haha I know some are literally addicted to them. People have hundreds, taking over their homes haha No bad thing if you love em I guess :-D but damn they take up a lot of room! We all have addictions. So each to their own, but I couldn't have one in my home, too ugly for me haha
  11. RomeroSavini


    Whoop there it is.... my guest for tonight Brilliant guest, been in so many pretty supurb tv and films, you forget how much he has done!
  12. RomeroSavini


    I blame me..... I just got the beautiful Watchmen Vinyl soundtrack delivered for her to sign.... and she cancelled haha Sorry peeps ;-)
  13. RomeroSavini

    Announcement Friday 28th 7pm

    Mini Driver would be better.....