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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - PAUL KAYE

    Ohhhhh well done. Nice price as well! Watched him since Dennis Pennis back in the day. Pops up in soo many cracking things! Alwats a joy to see him just appear on screen on tv or in the cinema.
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    But does it have a sheath? Scabbard? That would be no problem to bring in to get signed :-)
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - KATEE SACKHOFF

    Ohhhh cannot wait to meet her :-) seems a lifetime since she popped up in Galactica. Mind you It just dawned on me how you she was when doing Battlestar Galactica! Early 20's!
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    Argggghhhhhh My dream guest! the line up is better than London again this year. Sadly going to London again.... (well London is great). May have to rethink it after two years in a row of dream guests at Birmingham..... I will not pray he pops to London..... as there can be only one!
  5. Display cases

    Yup, I wish I had the skills and tech to make amazing custom cases/frames etc.....
  6. Display cases

    Yup all these things we love and own gathering dust unseen kills me. We need them there to admire like art on walls I say. But as you say you may have to go to these guys, as I have never seen such a display online before for sale - so they cannot be all over. Mind you ironically I have seen them countless times in tv shows and films, sadly we cannot ask them where them props were from haha But you have me thinking about what to put in one of these, so hats off to ya :-D
  7. Display cases

    Ohhh they look nice! Never thought of framing/displaying something like that. You may have me thinking now, more cash to splash I dont have haha I will try to peek about as well on the interwebs, as yes they aint cheap, but I guess they seem pretty nice looking.
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    Mmmmm a photo for Game of Thrones it is... he has always bren very playful at past photo shoots and up for fun!! Justice League aint great for me sadly. Hope his solo Aquafresh film is better.
  9. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Main villain was just doggy doo dodgy CGI and never worked for a second sadly :-( who thought it looked worthy of an Epic film...
  10. Event Security Update

    I can only hope anyone who has bought online tickets is emailed these new instructions. As it is going to cause some disruption on the day to say the least. I fear bad media coverage already, not what cons need at all. Even if it is not Showmasters fault they will take the flack sadly. Metro Arena are literally pushing paying punters away and knowing con goers the internet will go crazy on the day.
  11. Event Security Update

    They were taking kids tiny backpacks off parents at Disney on Ice (if you wanted to get in) and binning them, anuthing with two staps they were doing it with. Being very picky who they did it with and really letting others through with almost no checking at all. The Inconsistency is ridiculous. Do everyone or no one if security if a priority. Even Manchester is not going this far as I was there the other day for a gig. A good search is all that is required.
  12. Event Security Update

    Shame really. Guess I am not going now, cannot carry things I need in a plastic bag, so no point attending. I guess terrorists people only have backpacks or suitcases.... Metri Arena are not even checking people properly anyway from events recently on there, so its a farce.
  13. Crap. I wasn't going..... maybe now I am haha
  14. Guest Suggestions

    And Sam..... I need Sam even if you have had him :-D
  15. Guest Suggestions

    George Clooney's Pot Bellied Pig...