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  1. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK FROST

    We can dream. Fingers crossed. Met him a while back, but he said he was jet lagged and not looking good haha So wouldnt do photos, still signed gladly. So I need a photo with Nick and Simon still (or any other cast members from their films/TV stuff). Nick is going to be insanely busy being there one day and so cheap in price. I may need to camp out at 3am this year to be first haha
  2. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICE COOPER

    As much as he costs, I would have expected his price to be far, far more. So in a way its a bargain price for him. Tempted, but not sure I can splash the cash yet. Who knows how many guests are to come, hundreds probably haha
  3. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - MYANNA BURING

    The Descent. Flat out staggering film. Perfect beyond words. Need her on my Blu Ray with the rest I have so far.....
  4. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK FROST

    Only £25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRIKEY!!!
  5. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - HENRY THOMAS

    Now thats a guest! Yikes whod had thought an ET reuinion was afoot! Nice.
  6. RomeroSavini

    Eventbrite working OK for others?

    Just thought I would update, tried every few days with no success and today it worked. No idea why, now works on my desktop and phone. Pesky Gremlins I guess, no explanation better than that. Let the ordering begin......gulp...
  7. RomeroSavini

    Eventbrite working OK for others?

    Thank You, I keep forgetting its Christmas Eve (he types dressed as an Elf, seriously haha). Ohhh no worries, Will just wait till next year when the guys and gals are back in their office if it continues. Tried Chrome, sadly same thing. Will be trying a PC later, if it works on that then I will know its a phone problem or just a ChristmasEve bug. Merry Christmas by the way
  8. RomeroSavini

    Eventbrite working OK for others?

    I will give Chrome a try thanks. Forgot to try another browser. But yes the ERROR is just that, no number. Odd. I have a fortune to spend Christmas Eve on Photoshoots. God help me, or Santa
  9. Howdie Ho Ho Ho everyone :-) didn't quite know where to post this. I was trying to order London tickets, here I hope. Is Eventbrite working for everyone? I have never had a problem ever with the site on my (Android) phone. Just went to put on my big first order of 2020 entry and photoshoots and it doesnt want to work anymore! Just constantly takes me back to the top of the order with a Red ERROR box when I press PAY NOW.... tried mobile and desktop versions on my phone. It doesn't highlight where the error is either which is a pain. I think iPhone users experienced this kind of error for a while, so is Android now effected? As it will be bad if I cannot order tickets anymore on my phone, I will lose out on a lot of tickets sadly. Anyway Ho Ho Ho any help :-D or have you been getting an Error?
  10. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - BEN BROWDER

    Mmmmm Farscape reunion beckons us......
  11. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - ERNIE HUDSON

    I am stunned I havent met many of the cast before now - Sigourney Weaver was the big one back a few years ago, but so many characters in them two perfect films are to meet :-D exciting times. Bring on Ernie
  12. RomeroSavini

    Latest Guest Announcement - ERNIE HUDSON

    Yup thats Exciting!!!!! Who ya gonna callll!!!!!!
  13. RomeroSavini

    New terminator film!

    Certainly better than the constant deluge of superhero averageness we get bombarded with for years now :-( shame. Real shame. But hey we got one last great film. So be it.
  14. RomeroSavini


    Ahhhhh yes Tron, Time Bandits and not forgetting Time After Time..... them three alone make him a god like man. Cannot wait to meet him. What on earth to get signed now haha
  15. RomeroSavini

    General Chat

    Summer's here......