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  1. It's my first Doctor Who guest of the show, so will be getting Mike Stevens in my 500 Year Diary.
  2. I had just re-started my job that year, and managed to scrape together 3 out of the 4 on diamond passes. I compromised on hotel and went to a hostel. Nice place, but lesson to be learnt is in July, find somewhere with air con
  3. Like Chris, I thought her appearance would be a one and done. Happy to be proved wrong on both. Now Spring LFCC is over, i guess the focus will now switch fully to summer. At the moment I have no Dr Who guests on my list. But am eyeing the Ewok reunion with a bit of amusement, as during my bout of covid, one of the things that kept my brain focused, was working out how many people played Ewoks. Random, but true
  4. It was around 10 years ago, and hopefully she's recovered. She was one I recall, was just outside my budget at the time, and was on the fence about getting on my companions poster. Another on the list of regrets. None more so than Carrie Fisher, I had the budget for her or John Hurt, and it was the year of the heatwave at Earls Court, and his queue was shorter. Ah well. I've the same dvd signed by Anneke
  5. It took a while for me to get to that point as well. I'm glad you at that level again
  6. Hopefully, it was just someone expressing a genuine concern. But at 98, I would say he's earnt his retirement and hopefully see's his century. Doesnt help you I know. I could get the weekend off, if I really wanted to, LFCC in July falls on my weekend in, but that one I book every year so holiday request went in as soon as announced. Like you I prioritise that one, I think I'm now waiting for that one guest that makes me want to re-book. And put that holiday request in again. I'd love Jean Marsh and Anneke to get one step closer to finishing my Light at the End audio, I missed the chance to get India Fisher a few years back though not at a showmasters event. Jean I think had a stroke around 10 years ago, hopefully she's recovered sufficiently, she has given a few interviews in recent years, so there may be hope she can attend, if only in a limited capacity
  7. It's a shame that William Russell is no longer able to do one last show, as I sadly read that he struggled on Power of the Doctor. But it is good to see other 60's actresses back on the scene. Maureen O'Brien was a delight last year, and Wendy Padbury has been doing a few recently. It would be nice to see Anneke back on the convention scene, I know she's active on her website.
  8. I knew what you meant, it's just the not too distant past any other show was forbidden to be mentioned. But as you say, fantom has stands at both film fair and LFCC so probably would have been considered safe to mention
  9. I would like to think it would with the anniversary literally a few weeks away from this show. Which for me would be annoying, as the new dates fall on when I'm working.
  10. Fantom seemed to have a fair few behind the scenes guests as well as a few of the minor actors, and they tend to theme their shows around a particular story. Prob goes against the spirit of the forum by mentioning another show
  11. There used to be a great website that had convention appearances for Doctor Who, Star Wars and a few other series actors. But it was taken over and they dropped everything but Star Wars unfortunatly
  12. Mine was 2019 as well, it could be because i had a couple of dvd's and a couple of books. It wasn't a deal breaker, as he was very friendly about it. Paul Cornell on other hand was happy to sign several items for free. I must have missed Ben Aaronavitch somehow. it's not a complaint, as he was very polite about it. He was a great guy to meet, so no regrets
  13. Whilst he does ask for you to place an order for one of his table items, he does allow around 5 items to be signed, or he did last time, without asking for extra money. That's not to say it will be same this time mind.
  14. I think ultimately it was a way to keep the forums tidy, so they didnt get multiple guest requests across several posts. It may get a cursory glance
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