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  1. Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford, Katie Manning and Craig Els
  2. I think as Wrong name, has said further up the forum, the new machine needs a bar code to print the new passes from. If you've had a diamond pass before, it's exactly the same just slightly smaller and printed out on collection.
  3. Let's just pretend this didnt happen, it's been sent to a different email address. Finds giant rock to hide behind and hopes no-one notices
  4. I've had the barcode sent through for one of my diamond passes, but doesnt say which one it is for. Maybe it covers both of them. But before that I got an eventbrite ticket reminder email for my Matt Smith, but not my David Tennant one. It would be less confusing if they'd put which one it was for, or used tickets in the email rather that ticket.
  5. My mistake. Wasnt that because they'd split the website ordering system into separate days in the run up to the show. Hopefully the emails are sent shortly though
  6. I would assume so, we've a few days yet, but failing that. are you able to print them from the Eventbrite website, or access them via the ap?
  7. He was also in the running for the 2nd Doctor.
  8. If anyone deserves full capital letters. it's Brian Every show he's done in the last few years, i've been working and yet to meet him, and unfortunately will be working when the spring show is on. And yet work wise, I've had the pleasure of dealing with him and selling to him. And I will add, he's very much the nice guy he you would expect him to be.
  9. Like father like son. We now have Ty Tennant joining the roster this year. Doctor Who wise, he was in the Five(ish) Doctors. But he did join his dad on the re-make of Around the World in 80 days, albeit for the last episode only
  10. Thank you for doing that, it certainly clarifies everything. And excellent idea on using the virtual ticket first if the chance presents itself.
  11. You are also normally allowed to purchase an additional 2 autographs. In some cases an additional 5. The wording of the terms has been changed after people have purchased
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