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  1. Loving the Red Dwarf guests announced in the last week. Would love more of them to be announced. Especially Craig Ferguson to go with Lee Cornes. and if possible, outside of the main cast Timothy Spall, not just for Red Dwarf Jane Horrocks Ainsley Harriott Don Warrington, again not just for Red Dwarf. Doctor Who, Rising Damp and so much more Jake Wood Claire Grogan
  2. Exactly the same reason I've left them, there was no perfect spot, but it just seems like no thought was put into placement
  3. I got mine in the post today as well. the sticker placement on the front cover of mine left a lot to be desired
  4. I have now managed to watch The Mandalorian, it had it's moments, but got to say I was kind of underwhelmed by it. Perhaps because it had been hyped to much for me
  5. Loving this from Christopher Lloyd. Although regretting not going for Great Scott Marty as the quote. Ah well
  6. 1) Read some of the many books on my to do list 2) Actually watch the Mandalorian rather than keep saying I'll start it next week Erm that is for now I believe
  7. More than a little happy with this result Jonathan Frakes to complete my Next Generation bridge crew. Admittedly on a Picard photo
  8. Stuart Fell & Phil Madoc Bernard Kay
  9. It is, and the pictures don't do it justice
  10. Inside No. 9 signed box set by Reece Sheersmith & Steve Pemberton
  11. It was a nice touch by the show to cast them
  12. Sian Brooke, Wanda Ventham & Timothy Carlton
  13. So another year when I can say I've never seen a Bond film.
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