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  1. Brian Blessed being a popular guest, who usually takes him time with people, so would be a slow signer, it was inevitable he was going to a diamond guest. I would have gone diamond had i been there
  2. Any one from Buffy, Lost, Walking Dead and Doctor Who would be nice
  3. It makes me question what i would normally wear as well. As I'm a black polo shirt person for photo shoots.
  4. Managed to watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife whilst I was away. Went in with high hopes and really didn't want to be disappointed. And I wasnt, it was a cracking film and i really enjoyed it. Yes it threw a lot of little nostalgic nods in there, but they wasn't over indulgent.
  5. Pre orders from the recent film fair. Phil Rose, Peter Straker, Brian Croucher and Derek Lyons. Although, Brian has signed surname first.
  6. 1st in person autographs in nearly 16 months John Rhys Davis All from The Last Kingdom. Harry McEntire, Mark Rowley & Timothy Innes Ans Danny John-Jules and Hatty Hayridgee
  7. All too briefly. But with a very Doctorish speech
  8. So finally seen the new Suicide Squad. Didn't take much but it was better than the first one. Not a great film by any shakes. And I'm going to say it was a bit meh. It was entertaining in parts, but that was about it. Cant fault the actors. And unpopular opinion Harley Quinn is still an annoying character
  9. In line with todays guest announcements. More Red Dwarf guests, especially from the early years
  10. Bit of a bonanza day today. And the timing of getting Buffy and Angel on the same day couldnt have been better David Boreanaz (Angel) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) Raj Singh as His Supreme Highness, the Maharajah of Pankot, Zalim Singh (Temple of Doom)
  11. My always go to suggestion. Ray Winstone, especially now he's appeared in Black Widow. Although more for Robin of Sherwood than any thing else
  12. Hopefully we can get Ray Winstone at a future event, now he's done a Marvel film. and fingers crossed its for the spring LFCC
  13. 1st trip to the cinema in 18 months, and watched A Quiet Place part 2. Really enjoyed it
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