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  1. My always go to suggestion. Ray Winstone, especially now he's appeared in Black Widow. Although more for Robin of Sherwood than any thing else
  2. Hopefully we can get Ray Winstone at a future event, now he's done a Marvel film. and fingers crossed its for the spring LFCC
  3. 1st trip to the cinema in 18 months, and watched A Quiet Place part 2. Really enjoyed it
  4. I was in same boat. Voucher was saying error code. But at least I know if I try again it should be working
  5. Start of a new project. Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
  6. Sagepay, who i believe Showmasters use, have been having a few issues the last few days. so id surmise this is where the issue is
  7. There is that i guess. Ah well, can only see the funny side of it
  8. Or it would be if I read the date. It's now in 2 weeks not today. Doh Ah well I got to drive through the countryside at least
  9. 2nd Vaccine has been bumped, so rather than a week before the show starts. I'm getting it this Friday. Bonus
  10. With all the Red Dwarf actors announced, I'm also tempted to start a new poster.
  11. Same as me. And with Peter Davison and Janet Fielding, booking a duo photoshoot is on the radar. As that was my Tardis team growing up. (With Sarah Sutton/Mark Strickson)
  12. A fair amount of guests announced tonight.
  13. Ian McDiarmid. The Emperor
  14. Nice. Got my Ian McDiamid back as well today
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