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  1. Forever hopeful of Ray Winstone but anyone from Buffy and Lost
  2. LIke you i'm hoping a reduced footprint, might potentially lead be a reduced footfall
  3. Not yet. But i'm sure there are companies who can supply one. Maybe
  4. Totally, i'm more than pleased with this one. Sir Lenny is a legend
  5. Sir Lenny Henry. Recieved today via his agent
  6. Just booked my photo with Aaron Paul, finances depending might go diamond.
  7. Hopefully i can add jodie, Mendip and Bradley too eventually
  8. Finally organised myself to get my pictures together. Cassidy Mcclincy. Great guest to meet. Greeting everyone with a hug and must have taken a dozen selfies on my phone. This is the one I looked most normal. Patrick O'Kane. Had to add him to list of people after last weeks Doctor Who. Tosin Cole. Caitlin Blackwood
  9. I would say this was a flourish by the Master. He does like to dress for the occasion.
  10. Bradley Walsh had been the best thing about this era, and he'll be the only one of this crew I'd miss. Part of me would like season 13 to be Jodie with a new team, or just her and Bradley
  11. But as for tonights episode, i enjoyed it, yes there were parts that underwhelmed, but overall it was a good season finale
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