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  1. From the recent Facebook events Mike Quinn as a baby Ewok Matt Doman as a Cyberman And Paul Kasey as a Cyberman
  2. I thought it was just me who was seeing them as pixelated
  3. My items from the recent Facebook events arrived today. Mike Quinn as creature from Jabba's palace. Sylvester McCoy and Jean March as the 7th Doctor and Morgaine And Deborah Watling as Victoria
  4. My autographs from the recent facebook sessions. Deborah Watling as Victoria in Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor and Jean Marsh as Morgaine And Mike Quinn as one of the creatures from Jabba's Palace
  5. Thank you I'll put them in here when they arrive. But managed to get one of the Sylvester McCoy and Jean Marsh double signed print and a Wendy Padbury autograph. So definitely not complaining.
  6. Managed to get a couple of items, so I'm more than happy tonight. My bank balance isnt mind
  7. Thank you, I've come close on a few auctions, but this is one a really wanted I am glad I won
  8. From one of Shownmasters recent ebay auctions. The cast of Being Human
  9. I'm going to expand on my 1st post on this topic. Ray Winstone or any of the cast from Robin of Sherwood. Anyone from Buffy. But if you could get Sarah Michelle Gellar or even Alyson Hannigan back that would be awesome. Anyone from Lost. Anyone from Doctor Who. And if possible anyone from the Marvel films. Not talking any of the main actors, but actors who have had smaller roles
  10. Happy birthday @Raylenth
  11. So, rather than fight the inevitable. I'm off work for the next week
  12. Forever hopeful of Ray Winstone but anyone from Buffy and Lost
  13. LIke you i'm hoping a reduced footprint, might potentially lead be a reduced footfall
  14. Not yet. But i'm sure there are companies who can supply one. Maybe
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