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    Guest Suggestions

  2. Mfahey79

    Guest Suggestions

    Hmm. How to correct this without making it obvious
  3. Mfahey79

    Guest Suggestions

    Ray Winstone
  4. Mfahey79

    General Chat

    Got my pre-orders today. Thought John Barrowman and Billy Dee Williams would be mega busy. So used the send in option to complete these.
  5. Mfahey79

    Signature quality

    Here's my autograph from her. It is a work of art.
  6. Mfahey79

    Guests you missed this year

    After seeing Barbara Shelley from when I was in another queue, I decided to leave her in peace as she seemed to be struggling, fair play for wanting to be there. As much as it pained me, and now regret not finding space in my budget. I had to cut Robert Carlyle from list of people to get a photo and or autograph from. And my schedule was too packed on the Saturday for Peter Serafinowicz, hopefully he will come back. But other than Robert, I'm more than happy with what I managed over the weeked
  7. Mfahey79

    Diamond Pass Gifts = good

    The Emilie De Ravin gift was a Heart Shaped usb with the quote "No one decides my fate but me"
  8. Mfahey79

    Diamond Pass Gifts = good

    You're not the only one, when I saw the fan I thought the same, I only picked up the gifts on the way out so I wasn't carrying to much around. I thought the fan was a brilliant item and much appreciated. I wish I'd know at start of day too
  9. Mfahey79

    General Chat

    I wasnt expecting a personalisation from him as i knew he'd be mega busy. But he was absolutely charming, could have rushed people through. But he took his time with everyone.
  10. Mfahey79

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    Managed to get: John Barrowman on Season 1,3 & 4 Steelbook Bernard Cribbins on the same season 4 Steelbook Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin on a Firefly Poster, already signed By Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Summer Glau and Adam Tudyk. Jenna Coleman on a Season 9 Steelbook. Robert Glenister, Daniel Mays and Hugh Quarshie added to my Autograph book, And Hugh to the Season 3 Steelbook And managed to save some of my budget, and splurged on getting Christopher Eccleston on a Season 1 Steelbook.
  11. Mfahey79

    General Chat

    I know it's too late now, but he personlised my items
  12. Mfahey79

    LFCC 2019 - An appreciation.

    I have to agree, I didn't meet him. But whilst waiting for Emilie De Ravin to arrive this morning watched how he interacted with everybody. He really took time out for everybody who came to get his autograph.
  13. Mfahey79

    Day Two

    Very wet and tired. But i'm here
  14. Top notch guest. Made time for everyone. Thoroughly nice bloke
  15. Mfahey79


    Didn't he many years ago organise a kick about on the MK pitch, back when collectormania was at the football stadium