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  1. mckee74


    Please don't cancel, please don't cancel... Thank you SM. Very exciting.
  2. mckee74

    Guest Suggestions

    Hot Fuzz villagers please.
  3. mckee74

    Guest Suggestions

    Just the BSG cast members who had to cancel please. And Sam Witwer please.
  4. Wow, this BSG reunion has gone south. Hope to see them back in the Spring.
  5. Lost in Space Season 2 starts filming in Canada on the 4th of September. I hope Mr Stephens is very good at remembering his lines and can still have a weekend in London.
  6. mckee74


    Not surprised.
  7. He was truly excellent in Three Kings.
  8. mckee74

    Guest Suggestions

    Star Wars guests like Al Lampart who were announced, and cancelled last time please.
  9. Congratulations to Katee on being cast as the lead in Netflix's new show, Another Life. Fingers crossed she can still come to London.
  10. mckee74

    Latest Guest Announcement - LINO FACIOLI

    Thank you SM. A brilliant character, looking forward to meeting him.
  11. mckee74

    Latest Guest Announcement - ADRIAN EDMONDSON

    Hitler himself. What a great guest.
  12. mckee74

    General Chat

    Bought my bus tickets from megabus this morning. Return from Manchester for £2.50, can't say no to that.
  13. mckee74

    Guest Suggestions

    Dredd guests please? I don't so much mean Karl Urban. A lot of the supporting cast have been in some great things like Langley Kirkwood in Black Sails, Wood Harris in The Wire and DeObia Oparei in Game of Thrones. Please.