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  1. mckee74

    Guest suggestions - as ever!

    Hot Fuzz villagers!
  2. Yes!!! Thank you SM.
  3. mckee74

    Shane Rimmer R.I.P

    Sad news to hear of his passing. He was always a very pleasant gentleman to speak with at the shows. All the best to his family and loved ones.
  4. mckee74

    Guest suggestions for DST 2019

    Bob Gunton please.
  5. mckee74

    Guest Suggestions

    Hot Fuzz villagers please.
  6. Excellant. Very reasonable indeed.
  7. Great fella. He'll sit the iron throne.
  8. Excellent. I will definitely buy an autograph from the pre-order page please. Cheers.
  9. mckee74


    Please don't cancel, please don't cancel... Thank you SM. Very exciting.
  10. mckee74

    Guest Suggestions

    Hot Fuzz villagers please.
  11. mckee74

    Guest Suggestions

    Just the BSG cast members who had to cancel please. And Sam Witwer please.
  12. Wow, this BSG reunion has gone south. Hope to see them back in the Spring.