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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Dean Stockwell and Grace Park would be nice, but absolute dream please would be Fringe cast members.
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - BELLA RAMSEY

    Yes! She is just brilliant, one of the best characters. Thank you SM.
  3. London Film Fair

    They're just very different. They are more relaxed, very well organised, and nice to attend. I'm rarely there long but that's part of the joy.
  4. London Film Fair

    Yes, they do. They are great events. Very niche to a certain degree but they get excellent guests and the venue is outstanding.
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - MILTON JOHNS

    I think time might be on their side!
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Folks like Al Lampert who've had to cancel recent shows would be nice. And please, Barrie Holland.
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - MILTON JOHNS

    He did end up with a name in Star Wars, Officer Bewil.
  8. Excellent! Will keep the fingers crossed for more like Al Lampert please.
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Keep the BSG guests coming please.
  10. I honestly can't say how excited I am for all these BSG guests. Just brilliant.
  11. Pre order website

    No send in option though sadly.
  12. Another one for the pre-order page please? Thanks!