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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - MILTON JOHNS

    He did end up with a name in Star Wars, Officer Bewil.
  2. Excellent! Will keep the fingers crossed for more like Al Lampert please.
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Keep the BSG guests coming please.
  4. I honestly can't say how excited I am for all these BSG guests. Just brilliant.
  5. Pre order website

    No send in option though sadly.
  6. Another one for the pre-order page please? Thanks!
  7. Look forward to him being added to the pre-order section.
  8. Pre-order service?

    Excellent news. Will that include a send in service please?
  9. Please add him to the pre order page! Take my money!
  10. Honestly, go out of your way to speak to this man. He is wonderful. Should SM schedule a talk, go out of your way then to listen to him. A truly excellent speaker. Excellent guest.
  11. Excellent. Will he be added to the pre-order store please?
  12. That is pretty horrendous.
  13. I'm with that. I only have an interest in autographs. I have absolutely no interest in a photo of me stood looking awkward next to someone.
  14. Absolutely yes, they are. Doesn't mean you have to pay it though. I remember the ol' days at conventions when autographs were free. I also remember (and no disrespect here by any means) the kind of guests you had! As someone has rightly said, Mr Cumberbatch is essentially one of the biggest British stars right now in TV and movies. Is it expensive to get an autograph? Yep. That's why I haven't got one. It's not a question of fairness, it's a question of choices. You can not make everyone happy. I miss the SM events when everyone was £10-15, but then it's nice to see what guests they are getting even if 99% of the time they are at a price level I wouldn't be willing to pay! VQ worked out well for me today. I wanted to see Trica Helfer, Tom Skerritt, Mark Sheppard and Alan Tudyk (still amazed that the truly wonderful Veronica Cartwright and John Rhys Davis weren't VQ guests...). I got low VQ numbers, and lucked out. I had met the 17 people I wanted to see today by 12:30. That said, I was queuing up outside at 7am with my general entry ticket. It was worth it. You can not make everyone happy. These events now are too big (and expensive). The diamond guests, the likes of Mr Cumberbatch, yeah you are going to have to get a Diamond pass. It is the way of the world now.
  15. Top bloke. Was well surprised that he wasn't a VQ to start with. I guess that changed. And an excellent talk. Part amusing, part motivational. A great speaker, could have happily sat there all afternoon listening to him. Thank you SM, a great guest.