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  1. Jason doesn't reply anymore, I now have had a couple of emails from Luke. Been told twice it was being posted, with tracking details to follow. Nothing received, and back to no reply to emails again. Hurrah.
  2. Six more ignored emails later... I get a reply stating it was being posted yesterday and that I'd get the tracking details today. Of course, no further email.
  3. I'd certainly agree with that. In the past though, you kinda expected it and knew that in the end they'd sort it. These days, not so much. Two years and dozens of ignored emails later, this is new (in a two year old way).
  4. Thanks for that. I can't decide whether to take that as a good thing or a bad thing though! Part of me hoped it was just me. As I say, the odd thing is that a couple of years ago I would have called the service flawless. It was then like a click, and boom it went to the wall. My experiences all relate to the send in service - I don't do photos - so it's just weird.
  5. Honestly curious, but am I the only finding that Showmasters customer service has just died? Can't call them, they don't reply to emails. Just bizarre. Sent in items for signings. The ones which have been returned hadn't been signed. It took over a year to get a refund. Another poster, I've been waiting two years for it to be returned. Two years. Constant lies from Jason - on to the very, very rare occasion that he does reply. Hell, they've even sent me a poster which isn't mine and they couldn't care less. It's just bizarre. I'd like to think, and indeed hope, that I'm the only one having problems. Hell I'm annoyed that I have to put this on here but I think I've been plenty patient. Part of me wonders if they'll lock or delete this thread which in a way of course would prove my point.
  6. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    I bet they would if we started talking about other cons...
  7. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    Haven't been on here a while. Sadly, the "other" poster isn't better. Far less signatures, and oddly some signatures done twice! Again showing the real care. Alas, still waiting. Still had nothing further from Showmasters. It's weird as my trust was 100%, they'd help me with several multi signed posters over the years - including (with hindsight now) a rather priceless Star Wars poster - but now, having waited since Summer 2019, I find my trust is rather dead. Just bizarre. The fact that SM hasn't even replied on this thread to acknowledge the issues (let alone defend themselves) is somewhat telling.
  8. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    And no reply. Bad enough that they don't bother about sending me my items, but it's even worse that they clearly don't bother about the other persons item. Trust Showmasters with your items?
  9. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    In case anyone is curious, it continues. Started to get replies again after a few chases. My tube is posted. I pick it up from the delivery office, open it with excitement to see two posters inside. The first is my Game of Thrones poster. Huzzah. The second, another Game of Thrones poster which doesn't belong to me. You couldn't make this up. I've messaged again asking where my poster is, and hoping to find out who is seemingly missing a poster.
  10. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    Ahhh, Showmasters. So oddly, after my posting (and I'm sure it was just a coincidence) I got a reply stating my posters were on the way. Fast forward a week. Nothing received, and they're back to ignoring my emails again. Normal service is resumed.
  11. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    Right, as I say, my emails. Either way, even just considering this thread, we're three months since the OP made this topic. Three months of Showmasters being labelled as basically thieves, and no acknowledgement. That tells you how much they care these days. I did wonder if it was just me having "issues", and seems I have my answer.
  12. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    Thanks pal, but no it is the same Jason who used to reply to my emails. As I say, this has been going on for over a year. Thank you though. Edit. Interesting point though, as say for arguments sake it was two people then that makes it even worse. They ignore you on social media. The telephone number gives a horrible pre-recorded message which hasn't changed in a very, very long time. It's just bizarre.
  13. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    Ergh, you email Showmasters and you get Jason. You email Showmasters Sales, and you get Jason. Or at least you would if he (or anyone else) replied.
  14. mckee74

    Pre Orders

    I used to be a huge apologist for Showmasters, but not anymore. I'm having the same problem. I've been waiting on the return of three posters since last Summer. Initially I'd get replies, saying it'll be done tomorrow, it'll be done next week then nothing. I was also waiting on a refund.I did eventually get that but it took the best part of a year. Out of the three posters, one has now been sent back. I emailed them again asking about the other two, and no reply. It's bizarre. I'm so bemused by the horrendous service and rudeness that I find it hard to be angry. What happened to you Showmasters?
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