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  1. Missed Soneqa last time so would be great if it's her.
  2. A ready player one guest already. First time signer. I'm saying Hannah John Kamen
  3. Anyone have any more info on the ESA presence? Thanks
  4. When can we expect updated schedule? I realize it's a nightmare... Just checking
  5. Just very much hoping for a earlier Val Kilmer shoot on Friday as well.
  6. Is the webpage right? Says Saturday and Sunday here but Friday as well on site
  7. Tom was such a nice guy. Brilliant guest. The photo shoot with the delorean was very dark and quality just not as good as usual. Absolutely everything else was the best it's ever been. JA
  8. Mark Hamill or very outside chance Daisy Ridley. No one else could warrant the 'important' title... JA
  9. How about a last minute Stranger Things Guest! Or just any addition would be good JA
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