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  1. LesserJowl

    Guest Suggestions

    I was lucky enough to get Robert Patrick, my #1 at summer last year. Now my new #1 is Timothy Olyphant. Come on SM, make my day <3
  2. LesserJowl


    Coooooooooool! Great horror guest!!
  3. LesserJowl

    Guest Suggestions

    Timothy Olyphant would be great!
  4. LesserJowl

    Guest Suggestions

    Fred Ward!
  5. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - CLARK GREGG

    My favourite bit of the whole thing
  6. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - CLARK GREGG

    Risking just going for photo op instead of DP because I've already bought DPs for Robert Englund and Christopher Lambert, and if I buy one for Clark Gregg as well I'll have no one to run to for VQs in the morning
  7. LesserJowl


    YES! Tom is going on the Black Sails poster!! Thanks SM!
  8. LesserJowl


    This is going to be the one, I can feel it. Photo booked and IF a diamond pass happens I'll happily upgrade
  9. LesserJowl

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd love to see: Eva Green Udo Kier Dina Meyer Tony Todd Clancy Brown
  10. LesserJowl

    CJ Graham Appreciation

    Ahhhhhh! Excellent!
  11. LesserJowl

    CJ Graham Appreciation

    It is me! But, and forgive me for asking, who be you?
  12. LesserJowl

    Splitting the Photo

    Also, I've just seen the other post about exactly this from a couple of days ago, and should point out that on ALL shoots concerned including Adam's I specifically asked the person scanning tickets if I would need a token, which I have needed in the past for guests with whom I've bought more than one photo on my own, and was told unquestionably "no".
  13. I really want to say a massive thank you to David, who being the last autograph that I wanted to get on Friday, went above and beyond. I'd come from the late-running William Shatner captain's chair shoot very late in the day, and David had already packed up but was by his desk chatting. I started talking to him and it quickly came up that I'd not gotten around to getting him to sign my AWIL steelbook, to which, without hesitation, he said he would sign then and there. It really made my weekend, what a kind and lovely man he is! Thank you, David!
  14. Something that I do have to bring up is the policy regarding two people in one photo at this summer's event. I was always under the impression, and still very much am, that if person A and person B both buy a photo op, then they have the choice to either: Have two separate photos individually (obviously) Or have two photos with both people in This has always been the case in the past, however this year, numerous occasions arose where this was questioned or even not allowed. After me and my friend got two great photos together with Kane Hodder no problem, we went straight over to Adam Baldwin's shoot and, after our first photo was taken, were told that if we wanted two photos together we would need additional photo ops (i.e. we would need to each buy TWO photos) Essentially, to cut an I-am-bad-at-explaining post short, the blue shirts on Adam's booth (D - Saturday) were under the impression that us EACH having a photo pass meant that if we got ONE photo, that was both of our passes validated, which of course it isn't. It led to the both of us arguing it out with the blue shirt in front of Adam while a poor queue of people behind us were all waiting for their photos. In the end Adam, being sensible, just took another picture with us telling us to sort it out afterwards. An hour or so later we were told the same thing by another attendant at Photo H for Kirk Acevedo, so we began to think perhaps the Showmasters policy had changed. However at Photo C for Jason Momoa, the young lady there was fine with us having the two photos with both of us in, and seemingly almost expected it. It's important that we the attendees know what is going on, but more so the blue shirts in the photo areas know a universal rule to avoid embarrassing situations like our Adam Baldwin one. By the end of the day, photos that we had planned for a long while in advance to have together, ended being individual ones, just to avoid potentially embarrassing ourselves fighting with an attendant mid-photo. Just something to bring up with regard to training etc for next time :)