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  1. Double shoot with Phoebe would be an absolute dream!
  2. Ooo and Clive Barker! You NEVER see him at Cons these days <3
  3. Tony Todd Clancy Brown Dina Meyer Skeet Ulrich Ryan Phillippe And any cast from Buffy, Supernatural or Lost.
  4. After semi-destroying my treasured Friday poster in a tragic accident in November, only to hear of Ron's cancellation, Ron had a lot to live up to IMO. Luckily he lived up to and then some, I spoke to him for 10mins+ and he chased me for a selfie (literally). A beautiful man, I will treasure meeting him!
  5. Super sad as my treasured Friday 13th poster sustained some unexpected damage on its way to meet Mr Millkie, and didn't need to. I've decided in lieu of this to slightly singe and perhaps tea-stain the edges to disguise the damage, and I think it will actually give it a more rugged Voorhees-esque appearance. Mother of invention and all that jazz...
  6. I've been loving every second to be honest, it really has been too long!
  7. Sad really, I'm only popping in for an hour tomorrow but the place won't be the same without those biceps
  8. £15 for a prolific actor like Mark Rolston was obscenely cheap anyway, I wondered at the time if it was a mistake!
  9. A heads up, both of these guests have cancelled, confirmed at the info desk
  10. In case you haven't seen, there are Saturday tickets in the shop for the re-arranged event =)
  11. This, this, a thousand times this!! <3
  12. Is Ernie Hudson still a go then? He doesn't seem to be on the ticket store (..yet?)
  13. Tony Todd Barbara Crampton Any of the main cast of Supernatural Skeet Ulrich Sean Pertwee Geraldine Somerville Peter Stormare Jeffrey Combs Reggie Bannister Michael Ironside I'll be over the moon with any of those!
  14. Didn't think I had time to meet him last time so I only got a photo, really glad he is there again so I can rectify that! And also - WOW excellent price!!
  15. Wow! And an amazing price! This is a real shocker, well done SM!
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