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  1. Oh COOL!! Amazing horror guest!! Thank you SM!!
  2. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - MING-NA WEN

    Excellent news! Another one for the AoS poster!!! Thank you!
  3. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICE COOPER

    Oh. My. God. So unexpected. This is the sort of thing of I always dreamt of but never ever thought would happen. Diamond Pass will be booked shortly! <3
  4. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    Bit the bullet and bought a Diamond Pass for Mr Loaf. Regretted only getting a photo and not getting to chat to him last time, so glad I get the chance to fix that mistake!
  5. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - DEE WALLACE

    OH YES. An excellent guest! A horror legend!!
  6. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - SCOTT IAN

    Wow that's so cool! I'll definitely grab a photo!
  7. LesserJowl

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    OH MY GOD. I NEVER thought I'd get this chance! Nice one!
  8. LesserJowl

    Guest Suggestions

    I was lucky enough to get Robert Patrick, my #1 at summer last year. Now my new #1 is Timothy Olyphant. Come on SM, make my day <3
  9. LesserJowl


    Coooooooooool! Great horror guest!!
  10. LesserJowl

    Guest Suggestions

    Timothy Olyphant would be great!
  11. LesserJowl

    Guest Suggestions

    Fred Ward!