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  1. LesserJowl

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    Thanks! I just moved house and find myself with wall space screaming to be filled
  2. LesserJowl

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    Friday: A Cure for Wellness quad and Event Horizon poster for Jason Isaacs The Faculty Poster and my 8x10 for Robert Patrick His 4 Friday 13th movie posters and his Autobiography for Kane Hodder Friday 13th Part VI Poster for CJ Graham American Werewolf steelbook for David Naughton Saturday: Large publicity photo for Christina Ricci Rules of Attraction quad for Ian Somerhalder Byzantium steelbook for Daniel Mays
  3. LesserJowl

    Answers to FAQ

    Thanks very much! Yeah I will definitely try to leave as quietly as possible. Not sure I want to have CJ Graham and Kane Hodder mad at me!
  4. LesserJowl

    Answers to FAQ

    With the Free Talks, are you locked in, or can you leave during them? Is this something that is done? I really want to watch the CJ Graham/Kane Hodder talk on Friday afternoon but it clashes completely with my William Shatner in the Captain's Chair photoshoot, so I was wondering if it would be ok to watch the first twenty minutes of the talk and then race over to the shoot..? Thanks very much!
  5. LesserJowl

    Floor plan

    Very happy that Photo A and B are still right next to each other. I have a LOT of flitting between those in a hurry to do and I was really hoping they didn't move them to opposite ends!
  6. LesserJowl

    Answers to FAQ

    Woo! It worked, thanks all =)
  7. LesserJowl

    Answers to FAQ

    Ok let's give it a try
  8. LesserJowl

    Answers to FAQ

    Wonnnderful thank you! I will give this a try when I get to computer! Much gratitude!
  9. LesserJowl

    Answers to FAQ

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but how do I upload a photo onto this forum, as in into a thread. I have a Flickr account but I'm not very tech knowledge-y and don't want to be that person who comments with a bunch of code instead of a photo... Thanks!
  10. LesserJowl

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Wesley Snipes had moves in that Michael Jackson video...
  11. Nice! Loving the Cannibal Holocaust love!
  12. LesserJowl

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    ”lead in a huge franchise that is very hot right now" My money's on Dwayne Johnson, with Hobbs and Shaw coming out.
  13. LesserJowl

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    I'm so hopeful that it's not someone I adore. I'm genuinely worried about the amount of photo ops I already have! And that's without autographs and shopping and stopping for a beer or two!
  14. LesserJowl


    Nice! Will be booking a photo with him!!