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  1. "And to think... I hesitated." Doctor Channard was the character that got me into horror, this is wonderful <3
  2. AMAZING guest! Anyone know why the two autograph prices?
  3. Can confirm that Julian has cancelled. The photo area attendant was shocked when asked about his shoot, apparently everyone was informed, the timetable was updated, but no one told the public o.0
  4. Bloody hope so, if he's not there I don't have to get out of bed 'til 1pm! XD
  5. He really is rather awesome as a character - even if the hype is just part of the seasonal zeitgeist
  6. It's difficult isn't it. I know it's not the same but I watched Eric Roberts the last two days walk past his "No Photos" signs to take photos with 100+ fans. Unfortunately though I don't think this, pre-show at least, is a SM issue, or even a GUEST issue, but down to their booking agents who decide this for them. I would LOVE to be able to know in advance whether a guest will give personalised autos or "desktop" photos but it really does seem to be an as-it-happens guest decision that SM (and despite what the desks say - agents) have no control over..
  7. A heads up for tomorrow, on Friday Robert did 52 VQs (plus DPS)
  8. I mean it sucks, but I do now get to sleep in until 11:00 on Saturday, which means more cider on Friday... Can't all be bad!
  9. Looks like only DPs left for Sunday now, shoot and prop shoot now unavailable
  10. Ah maaan, another bad cancellation for me
  11. Super excited for Dee Wallace after she previously cancelled, she's a true horror icon and I'm coming armed with many a poster! Ethan Phillips is there too which means TWO signatures for the Critters poster Hoping to get a dual Peter Purves/Maureen O'Brien 8x10 as well as the Hartnell era was my fave! Mainly just excited to be in there though, just love being there!
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