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  1. Finally got around to seeing Bohemian Rhapsody well worth a watch a man taken from us far too soon a true musical superstar.
  2. Only the once but it did go on for a few minutes they aren't allowed to do it for real now so had a fake cows bum made
  3. Watched the new All creatures great & small last night made for pleasant viewing though I can remember watching the original giving my age away now lol
  4. Thanks for the update I was just wondering how you was getting on with it
  5. Did anyone else see Fort Salem last night not sure what to make of it yet I'll probably try it again next week
  6. think he's planning on opening up a stall at LFCC 2020
  7. Says the Bear who named all the awards his had won
  8. I'll take this to the next level people who share your birthday that you've also met. Kelly Hu Donald Sumpter Daniel Portman
  9. I also re watched this recently it was much better than I remembered it being well worth another watch
  10. Robin Hood Prince of thieves I'd forgotten how bad the acting was in this
  11. watched Crisis on infinite earths what a load of garbage that was
  12. I've just had an e-mail from the hotel I'd booked they are closing till 1st of August
  13. I'm surprised you can remember who you are as it's been going on for nearly a month now
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