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  1. mark worton

    General Chat

    Can't believe we've had a guest cancel on the 1st day lol
  2. mark worton

    Films watched in 2018

    just watched Jumanji welcome to the jungle not a patch on the original why can't they just leave them alone
  3. mark worton

    Best buffy episode!?

    Trust you to find a gif of that clip
  4. mark worton

    Best buffy episode!?

    just voted for Hush great episode without the dialogue
  5. mark worton

    General Chat

    Watching the European championships Berlino now that's what a friendly bear should be like
  6. mark worton


    I got my refund yesterday for the cancelled Sunday photo shoot
  7. mark worton

    LFCC programs...

    I only got mine after 4pm on Sunday they still had a couple of boxes of them at the sales desk
  8. mark worton

    What did you get signed?

    Someone behind me got Tony Robinson to sign plastic turnips
  9. mark worton

    LFCC programs...

    i got one late on Sunday afternoon they had boxes of them at the sales desk
  10. mark worton

    General Chat

    All packed up & ready to catch my train this morning to old London town
  11. mark worton

    Latest Guest Announcement - ZACHARY LEVI

    Hope you've all got your subways ready
  12. mark worton

    Latest Guest Announcement - ZACHARY LEVI

    Great news I can add him to the autographs I already have on my Chuck dvd
  13. mark worton

    General Chat

    I expect someone will be missing from here later as the Imitation Game is on film 4
  14. mark worton

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    She's been about in the UK & Europe travelling for the last month I didn't see this cancellation happening so sad
  15. mark worton

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Doesn't look like it's worth risking the Friday to meet Nathalie Emmanuel the second photo shoot is too early only due to arrive in London at 1pm if everything runs as it should a lot of money to spend on a chance