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  1. General Chat

    Probably new to the BBC
  2. General Chat

    In the TV mag it says it's for the new BBC drama Picnic at hanging rock
  3. General Chat

    I see Natalie Dormer is a guest on Graham Norton next Friday
  4. General Chat

    Thanks I'll do it tomorrow now
  5. General Chat

    I had that a problem a few years ago with a ticket that had been priced up wrong couldn't then get the photo
  6. General Chat

    it's never been like that before surely it only costs the same to process a ticket I don't want to buy them for them then to say they are invalid
  7. General Chat

    What's happened to the fees on the buy tickets page they are all different prices depending on the price of the ticket is this right I was going to buy some photo shoots but I'll wait now to see what happens
  8. General Chat

    I'm only missing Gina Torres from my Firefly autograph collection doesn't look like like she's going to be here again this year what a great show it was
  9. General Chat

    I see Bendycat Cookiebatch is on Graham Norton show again next week
  10. General Chat

    Did anyone else see Jeremy Clarksons column in the Sun on Saturday was moaning about the celebs charging for selfies at this years LFCC what he was talking about was the photo shoots why let the truth spoil a false story
  11. Who is gonna be the next Doctor?

    You can't rule David Tennant out he did it in 2011 depends how busy he is
  12. General Chat

    I guess a quiet Sunday is out of the window now after tonight's announcement
  13. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    What about Chris Pine I'm sure lots would need him as a Star Trek captain has he signed anywhere before
  14. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    if different lifetimes is a clue then it has to be a Dr Who so it will be Christopher Eccleston
  15. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    could legendary refer to a film with legend in the the title