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  1. Do you think chocolate or yoghurt would be more aerodynamic?
  2. Oh look, I haven’t suggested Sofia Boutella on this thread yet. Come on, SM, she’s the lead in Snyder’s Star Wars rip-off; you know it makes sense. Also, actual Star Wars actresses Sophie Thatcher & Hermione Corfield please.
  3. As long as you don’t feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. At least you’re there; I ended up not going at all.
  4. Body shape shouldn’t really be a consideration when cosplaying. And most people would be on a hiding to nothing if they tried comparing themselves to Margot Robbie. The issues about wearing it at winter or in public transport are both resolved by wearing a coat over it. So I say go for it.
  5. So how many of us make day trips to Kensington Olympia and who books into a hotel?
  6. I’ll continue to hope for some Jurassic Park guests. Sam Neill and Ariana Richards have attended recently, but literally anyone else from the 1993 cast would be much appreciated. Oh, and Sofia Boutella please.
  7. The former. If I decide to visit a theatre (for example) that weekend while in London, I won’t be bringing a poster tube with me.
  8. He’s on my maybe list, depending on whether I’m able to bring a poster tube with me that weekend.
  9. Anna Paquin Rebecca Romijn Melissa Navia Sophie Thatcher Sofia Boutella
  10. Take a bow, FT. Best post I’ve seen on here in yonks.
  11. Cast members from: Jurassic Park Firefly Strange New Worlds Wednesday Yellowjackets any of the Disney+ Star Wars series and Sofia Boutella
  12. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt right up until I saw Clark Gregg in the flesh on Sunday morning. Fingers crossed for you.
  13. I can’t disagree with any of this. It sums it up very well, I think.
  14. A rather odd question but did anyone lose a green & blue amphibious foot? Presumably from a keychain.
  15. As MV and FT have said, I’m meeting fewer guests now than I did pre-Covid. Only 3 this time (all this morning before 11) and none in the spring, when I spend £40 on a Lego minifig just to justify the entry fee. All three today were lovely; it was great to finally meet Clark Gregg, I couldn’t believe that Mike Colter was open queue, and Lochlyn Munro has an anecdote for every eventuality.
  16. I’m only doing tomorrow. Hoping to meet Clark Gregg, Mike Colter and Lochlyn Munro. I see they all attended today, so that’s encouraging.
  17. Emms is apparently attending on Saturday (as per his Facebook) and not on Sunday as it says above.
  18. At the Spring con, my guest list was down to 4 maybes and I ended up passing on all of them. I bought a rare Lego minifig instead. July is looking much more promising.
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