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  1. Reduced capacity = reduced profits or, more likely, operating at a loss. Highly unlikely.
  2. The current government target is to have offered a vaccine to every adult by the autumn. That makes it seem unlikely that an event like this, where social distancing is unfeasible, will be permitted as early as July.
  3. I’d say that their best option was to offer a refund but ask people to consider accepting a voucher instead. I’m sure most of us are flexible enough to do so, if able. Hell, if I’m willing to help out easyJet with their cash flow crisis, I’d definitely do so for a company like Showmasters.
  4. I’m sure most people would be happy to accept vouchers, but there will be plenty of others who will be reluctant to attend a crowded indoor event like this for quite some time to come and I think they should be offered refunds. I presume refunds will still be offered for the diamond passes and photoshoots for those guests who aren’t reconfirmed for next July?
  5. Can I assume that there will be some flexibility over photoshoots if one can no longer attend on the specific day that it was purchased for?
  6. Pretty sickening to have last minute cancellations on both days of a con.
  7. I’m guessing that if Stephanie was able to attend LFCC that she would have been announced for it already?
  8. Now that you’ve got the Leonidas sisters, any chance that you might produce the Rath siblings in the next week? Jesse - Supergirl, Defiance Meaghan - Hawaii Five-0, Being Human
  9. I’ve been waiting a long time to meet her, and £15 is such a bargain. Thanks SM.
  10. I was trying to remember how long it had been since I met her but 2011 sounds about right. Very tempted by the green screen photoshoot.
  11. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that she gets announced for Friday as well nearer the time.
  12. Three weeks to go. It’s not too late to announce Sofia Boutella.
  13. Disappointing, but one less reason to book a second day. Hoping to get it all done on the Friday this year.
  14. Great guest. One of the last names needed for my Arrow DVD. Any chance that Echo Kellum might be joining him?
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