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  1. yellowmarlin

    Guest Suggestions

    I can’t remember you ever having tennis players among the sports guests. Ever considered inviting a few along?
  2. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - GINA TORRES

    Yes! Finally, I get to add Zoe to the DVD.
  3. yellowmarlin

    Guest Suggestions

    Since Christopher Eccleston very definitely isn’t Sofia Boutella, my suggestion is... Sofia Boutella!
  4. yellowmarlin

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    Today is Sofia Boutella’s birthday. Are the stars aligning?
  5. yellowmarlin

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    Martha was always my favourite companion; I’d love the chance to finally meet Freema.
  6. yellowmarlin

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

  7. yellowmarlin

    General chat

    Much like Sally with her Reward Night, I’m WINNING!
  8. yellowmarlin

    General chat

    There was. I remember checking it a while back to see if there was a Supergirl duo with Helen and Laura.
  9. yellowmarlin

    General chat

    Has the guest days/prices thread disappeared? I thought it had just been unpinned, but I can’t find it.
  10. yellowmarlin

    Update for the new duo shoots

    This has made my day (and my day included creme brûlée in Paris so the bar was set pretty high!)
  11. yellowmarlin

    London Spring - Talk & Photo Schedule

    Wait. What? There’s an iZombie duo but no LoT duo? Oh, come on, guys!
  12. yellowmarlin

    London Spring - Talk & Photo Schedule

    Pretty disappointing, personally. No LoT duo and my two photoshoots are at 4pm and 5pm, making it an unnecessarily long day.
  13. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - TALA ASHE

    Just want to throw my support behind a Tala/Jes duo if it will help make up someone’s mind on the matter. Would happily upgrade my Tala solo to a duo, if given the option, or even purchase an additional duo if upgrading is unavailable.
  14. yellowmarlin


    Fantastic guest. Very tempted to get a diamond pass.
  15. Well, I had imagined a Wonder Woman group photo at LFCC in July and that never materialised, although possibly it was in the works until Lucy Davis cancelled. Either way, there’s no harm in asking.