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  1. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    I had no complaints.
  2. yellowmarlin

    Big Guest Announcement- Tonight 9pm

    Either will do nicely, thank you very much.
  3. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    The dinosaurs were models though; I’m not sure if they’ll be there this weekend. We had to stand side on as the green screen effect did weird things with my pale jeans.
  4. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    It will likely look a lot like this.
  5. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    Definitely bringing Jurassic Park, but I might be bringing The Dish as well.
  6. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    Ha! I was literally just doing the exact same thing. (Also checking to make sure that he hadn’t cancelled already lol)
  7. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    Photoshoot booked and he’ll be my top (only) priority for a VQ ticket on the Sunday. Thank you for getting him back!
  8. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - LUCY DAVIS

    Third time’s a charm.
  9. yellowmarlin

    Guest Postponed - Lucy Davis

    Nice linguistic semantics. Postponed sounds better than cancelled lol. I saw this coming when she was announced for Spring; and she was my only photoshoot for next weekend. Sigh.
  10. yellowmarlin

    Wonder Woman group photo?

    I’m hoping they’re just waiting to confirm Gal Gadot before announcing it.
  11. With 4 guests, a group photoshoot on the Sunday seems like a no brainer, but we’re getting close to the event and still nothing. Who do I have to speak nicely to?
  12. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATEE SACKHOFF

    The character grew on me over time. I’ll probably add her to my Flash poster, partly just as an excuse to finally meet Katee.
  13. yellowmarlin

    Group Photo Battlestar Galactica

    My fingers are crossed for a Wonder Woman group photoshoot.
  14. yellowmarlin

    Latest Guest Announcement - EMILY CAREY

    Great guest at a bargain price. Multiple autographs for me.
  15. yellowmarlin

    Guest Suggestions

    A couple of cosplayer suggestions: Candy Valentina, who has been before, and a Spanish cosplayer called Juby Headshot who has yet to attend a UK con.