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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - KATEE SACKHOFF

    The character grew on me over time. I’ll probably add her to my Flash poster, partly just as an excuse to finally meet Katee.
  2. Group Photo Battlestar Galactica

    My fingers are crossed for a Wonder Woman group photoshoot.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - EMILY CAREY

    Great guest at a bargain price. Multiple autographs for me.
  4. Guest Suggestions

    A couple of cosplayer suggestions: Candy Valentina, who has been before, and a Spanish cosplayer called Juby Headshot who has yet to attend a UK con.
  5. Guest Suggestions

    With the Kingsman connection to Mark Strong, how about Sofia Boutella? I understand that her agent is offering her to con organisers.
  6. Guest Suggestions

    I’m quite disappointed not to have any guests from Jurassic Park to mark it’s 25th anniversary. Anyone would do. Anyone!
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Seconded. Also for multiple reasons.
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Laura Dern please, for multiple reasons.
  9. A change for next year - VQ tickets

    I agree with this entirely. Both Tricia Helfer today and Dean Cain at Collectormania changed to VQ and while this only cost me half an hour today, it meant I had to hang around for a couple of hours waiting for Dean Cain's autograph in Birmingham. Highly unsatisfactory. Make every guest VQ from the start and open the queues if appropriate. Certainly, I would have expected both Dean Cain and Tricia Helfer to be VQ and the fact that they weren't until later was an error of judgment on someone's part.
  10. does anyone know where Dan fogler is?

    No, I'm not at the con until Sunday but as QS said, the people at that table are the ones to ask. I'm still hoping he can make an appearance on Sunday.
  11. does anyone know where Dan fogler is?

    Do you mean Dan Fogler? Table 16-18 in the comic zone.
  12. The Comic Zone 2017 schedules are here!

    Update: Dan Fogler is currently not going to be in attendance on Sunday due to filming for Fantastic Beasts 2.
  13. That's easily doable, Lokinestro. If you're at Finn's photoshoot when it starts, you'll be one of the first in and have plenty of time to stroll over to Pilou's shoot, browsing a few stalls on the way. Same on the way back. Enjoy!
  14. The Comic Zone 2017 schedules are here!

    Thanks, QS. Certainly, the artist I've been speaking to about a commission was expecting to be there all day.