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  1. I’ve never been wholly convinced that they ever did.
  2. Great guest. Keep the Wednesday cast coming please. Jenna, Emma, Christina & Riki next?
  3. Jeff Goldblum Laura Dern Joseph Mazzello BD Wong Wayne Knight Samuel L Jackson Sofia Boutella Christina Ricci Jenna Ortega Emma Myers Riki Lindhome
  4. I’ll start us off with… Jeff Goldblum Laura Dern Joseph Mazzello BD Wong Wayne Knight Samuel L Jackson Sofia Boutella
  5. Any of the cast of Wednesday, but particularly Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers and Riki Lindhome please.
  6. I saw someone in the dealers area counting 5p pieces. Definitely wasn’t you then? ;-)
  7. I think everyone feels like that at some stage. I’m 44 now and have made my peace with the state of my personal and professional life lol. If asked, I would probably have guessed that you were in your early 30s by now. Your name is one of the names that I seem to have seen on here since I joined; probably because of the spelling. All that said, I thought you looked to be early 20s in your photos, so I wasn’t too far off.
  8. Glad to see that you got there eventually, Faerie Tanith, and still had a good time. My con was equally quiet; just two autographs from a single guest. In fact, I was already back at Clapham Junction by the time you and your dad arrived. You also appear to be much younger than I would have guessed, given how many years I’ve seen your posts on this forum.
  9. Varada was lovely. A great guest for me and she was well worth making the trip for, even though she ended up being the only guest that I met today.
  10. If your e-mail confirmation proves that, then you should insist that they honour that. Assuming you want more than one autograph.
  11. That’s quite an allegation. If you can prove that, then you presumably also have confirmation of the T&Cs at the time of purchase, and they’re the ones that SM have to adhere to.
  12. Would still love to meet Sofia Boutella, and Faye Marsay would go very nicely with Varada Sethu on Sunday.
  13. Good suggestion. Her photoshoot is on sale for Sunday.
  14. Great guest for me, but is Varada attending on Saturday or Sunday? It says Sunday here and on Facebook, but Saturday on the Guest Days & Prices thread.
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