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  1. Quick thought, do we even know if SM staff still monitor these boards enough these days to even see guest suggestions threads? Is it still worth actually suggesting guests we'd like to meet? (Whether it is or isn't, I'm still gonna do it for my own enjoyment, but still)
  2. Just watched Get Out. Felt a bit short? It was great and I really liked it, but once the 'big reveal' happened I felt like the ending was very rushed. Otherwise loved it.
  3. Harry Potter guests attended LFCC last year and they were incredibly popular. To my knowledge they didn't face any hostility from fans (I certainly hope not). Most of the cast of the HP franchise have spoken their own opinions on the matter anyway and made it clear that they don't share JKR's views, though it isn't their job to be spokespeople anyway. Bottom line I'm sure there wouldn't be backlash for suggesting guests who have been associated with JKR's work.
  4. I remember those times fondly. I miss the guessing games whenever guest announcements went out.
  5. Right? I know forums in general seem to be dying out but it really sucks that this place is so silent now.
  6. What in gods name is a topic called SEX from 2004 doing active here
  7. Viggo Mortensen would definitely be amazing. So would Liv Tyler. Or Sean Astin, so I can complete my core four hobbit set!
  8. Not sure if he's the sort to do cons, but with credits from Harry Potter, the DCU, The Sandman, and such a wide variety of other genres, I think he'd be a wonderful guest!
  9. Any guests from Saw House of Wax The Devil's Carnival Repo! The Genetic Opera
  10. Singing Floral or citrus (scents)
  11. Peter Capaldi was in Dangerous Liaisons with John Malkovich, who was in Queen's Logic with Kevin Bacon. Bacon number is 2. Next up: David Thewlis
  12. Just watched Divorcing Jack. As far as dark comedies go, this one was excellent. Very credible Northern Irish accents from David Thewlis and Jason Isaacs. Predictable ending but very good nonetheless.
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