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  1. Wrath of Man Could have been 30 minutes shorter
  2. ...the union army officer? Is it even possible to link him to Kevin Bacon? I'd love to revive this thread but yeah I'm not seeing a possible link here. Sooo I'm gonna restart it with Clint Eastwood. Clint was in The Bridges of Madison County with Meryl Streep, who was in The River Wild with Kevin Bacon. Next name: Costas Mandylor
  3. 10 Things I Hate About You. Only a couple of decades late. Didn't expect to think much of it but I quickly realised it was a modern take on The Taming Of The Shrew and actually ended up loving it.
  4. Since this announcement is coming on my birthday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for someone on my wishlist
  5. Oh wow I didn't even notice the covid thread was gone! That's so bad!
  6. Deleting both threads about Joseph Quinn now SM? Not a good look.
  7. Not a fan of their casting choice for that, I must admit.
  8. Yep. My dad was there primarily for an Andy Serkis autograph, personalised for my stepmother. He wanted "To (name), my precious". About half an hour into queuing he overheard somebody else saying that Andy wasn't personalising, so he immediately got out of the queue and went to buy a £20 signed Andy Serkis print from a merch stall downstairs instead. He said he'd have been really annoyed if he'd braved that awful queue all day only to be told at the table that he wasn't personalising.
  9. You could always go over his signature in black to cover it.
  10. Absolutely! He was the smiliest guess I met yesterday, all day he was laughing and smiling despite the heat and how busy he was.
  11. I also stopped watching after Wes died because the show kind of went downhill after that. I didn't ask him that exact question but I did say how upset I was at him being written out and he said "well I mean, the show is called 'How To Get Away With Murder', sometimes you end up getting murdered".
  12. Some of them are, sometimes. But I didn't find any of the ones I got to be bad quality at all.
  13. I got autographs from Alfred Enoch, Santiago Cabrera and Hannah Murray this year. Not many compared to other years but I'm happy with them!
  14. Ah that's annoying, I almost asked Eric for a photo but saw his sign and thought better of it. Shame.
  15. Was he another guest who was only doing photos today? I didn't see him at any autograph tables.
  16. I've been coming to cons for years and I've NEVER seen crowds and actual shrieking fans for anyone quite like the ones I saw for Joseph. I might need to actually watch Stranger Things so I can see what all the hype is about.
  17. I wasn't going to meet him anyway, but I kept an eye out for him today and didn't clock him anywhere. Where was he?
  18. I didn't see him anywhere today.
  19. Top praise for Devon Murray and Alfred Enoch, for being the sweetest smiliest guys the ENTIRE day despite how busy they both were.
  20. Jeffrey Combs would pair well with the Star Trek theme
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