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Latest Guest Announcement - Sean Maher

Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: £20


Photo Shoot Price: £20




Much Ado About Nothing
Don John

Make It or Break It (TV Series)

The Playboy Club (TV Series)
Sean Beasley

Warehouse 13 (TV Series)

Human Target (TV Series)
Aaron Cooper

The Mentalist (TV Series)
Wilson / Jasper
Bleeding Heart (2010) ... Wilson / Jasper

Drop Dead Diva (TV Series)
Marcus Newsome

Wedding Wars (TV Movie)
Ted Moore

Living 'til the End
Jack Whilton

Ghost Whisperer (TV Series)
Conor Donovan


The Dive from Clausen's Pier (TV Movie)

Halley's Comet (TV Movie)
Bret Fennow

CSI: Miami (Video Game)
Carson, episode "Spring Break"

Firefly (TV Series)
Dr. Simon Tam

CSI: Miami (TV Series)
Carson Mackie


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I have everything crossed that he WILL make it this time, nothing will come up, and it will be 5th time lucky for me finally meeting him.

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