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  1. My favourite wrestler is Shelton Benjamin, he was really sweet. He's shy though which surprised me. Buff Bagwell was a surprise. I'd read lots of bad things about him but he was awesome! Would love to meet both guys again. SoCal is also sweet and ODB is hilarious. I have met a couple of not-so-nice wrestlers. I won't say names but I know one was just having a bad day. The other was just rude.
  2. He was in Avengers and Lost for me. I'd love to meet him.
  3. Actually this would be really cool. Some of the Australian soap stars live in England now.
  4. We've been asking for him for years!! One day it'll happen.
  5. As its the 15th anniversary of Lost, how about some Lost guests? I'm asking on behalf of many fans on here.
  6. My standouts are Danny Trejo, Jason Mewes and Costas. Danny is so open and friendly, also a great hugger. Jason is very funny and spent the whole time making everyone laugh. Costas is brilliant! Very sweet and funny, great hugger and really honest.
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