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  1. I would faint if Florence were to make an appearamce but I guess anything else is more likely than that
  2. I have long been missing him on my HP poster!
  3. Charlie Cox Nathan Fillion James McAvoy Alison Sudol Matthew Lewis
  4. It's actually why I mention it. So it's known there is interest, whatever the reason for not announcing her was
  5. Elizabeth Henstridge, so we have both FitzSimmons
  6. Jonny Lee Miller Johnny Flynn Matthew Lewis
  7. Did she ever personalize the last two times she was there?
  8. There are some works on it between Paddington and Heathrow on November 20, according to the tfl website.
  9. The Elizabeth line is actually also not running on Sunday. I have the same problem and I will change my flight to Monday.
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