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  1. sammyromie

    Latest Guest Announcement - ADAM BALDWIN

    This makes me so happy, I met him 7 years ago but never got a photo. Also I have seen Chuck since
  2. sammyromie

    Guest Cancellation - Katee Sackhoff

    Awww I keep missing her.
  3. sammyromie

    Guest Suggestions

    Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton from Outlander!
  4. sammyromie

    Guest Suggestions

    Would it be possible to get some Agents of SHIELD guests? Filming should finish on July 29, but some actors might finish early! I would like to request Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen, and Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain de Caestecker, as they're Brits :)
  5. sammyromie


    Nice! I am at the moment binging Star Trek Discovery and I really like his character. And what a great price!
  6. I love the film Penelope and this is a good price for her but I will need to think. Great work!
  7. sammyromie

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOE FLANIGAN

    Excellent price for a great guest! I need him on my poster :)
  8. sammyromie

    the lost world series 1999-2002- cast reunion.

    Oh my god yes. That was one of the first shows I ever loved.
  9. sammyromie

    Halp. I’m an idiot.

    This is the most hilarious thing I've read today
  10. sammyromie

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Do you think I can attend the Zachary Levi talk and then still make it for Noel Clarke shoot on Saturday? I have batch 4.
  11. sammyromie

    Latest Guest Announcement - ZACHARY LEVI

    Damn it, I want to meet him so bad for Tangled and Thor but I just don't have the money
  12. On the new schedule the BSG one changed to a James one, so he will be doing it :)
  13. So the BSG talk is now a James Callis talk? I don't mind, just checking :)
  14. sammyromie

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    I do have a ticket for the paid talk so hopefully it won't be an issue. I don't mind going at the end.
  15. sammyromie

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Ah, my iZombie talk is still covering the whole o Arthur Darvill PM shoot. Gonna have to hope they ll let me take it in the morning with batch 7.