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  1. It's on page 4 of this thread. I was using chrome on my laptop last night. My phone has no problem loading that page.
  2. I had the same problem with chrome last night, this was around midnight. I had to close the browser a few times for it to clear the cache and reopen the browser then reload the page.
  3. Lol. sort of. I cut through the line saying "sorry, coming through!", and I'm pretty sure you replied with "that's ok". Anyway also a late Hi.
  4. I would be all over that!! Showmasters have to get Nathan Fillion for next year!
  5. Well, I usually don't do long reads but I felt I had to on this occasion. It was a joy to read! It was also good to actually speak to you in person after seeing you at previous con's and reading your posts on this forum. I had the pleasure of speaking to Smithy at the very end of Sunday and he talked me through the whole Balloon Tim's adventures of the con (which I had seen the whole weekend looking puzzled), It's a shame that I missed out on that fun lol. I also briefly met Raylenth, kinda, it was in the queue for Alexis auto on the Saturday, after getting his auto I had to rush and cut through the queue to get over to Alan's talk.
  6. no problem. it's the way I write, it can sometimes be misread/understood at times.
  7. With reading what other people have spent at this con, I don't think I come even close. lets see 3 x Diamond Pass 12 x Autographs Weekend pass ok, it's a little more than I thought. It's a little over £900. Money well spent.
  8. I didn't mean for it to across as a negative thing, I respect and understand that some guests don't like to be touched. I was merely stating what I observed. I'm very grateful for meeting him and for showmasters for getting him.
  9. He was like it at the signing table as well, when I was queuing for his auto on Saturday the woman in front of me was trying to shake his hand but he was very reluctant to, he gave in and shook her hand, when she left the table he reached out for the disinfectant hand gel and used a lot. I decided not offer my hand when it was my turn. When it came to my photo shoot with him I was a little worried about it because of what happened at the table and the whole Famke situation from that last year and didn't want that with Wil. I am really pleased with how my photo turned out.
  10. This was my 6th LFCC in a row and it is the same feeling every time. my body aches, I'm sad that the convention is over and dread of going back to work but luckily I'm not back until Thursday. Yay! The excitement comes back when tickets go on sale and the first lot of guests gets announced for next year.
  11. Each year keeps getting better and better. here are a few, the rest are on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/smd1984/albums
  12. I'm BAAACKKK!!!!! It's been a while since I've posted on here but has anyone mentioned Nathan Fillion!
  13. Who's the guest suggestions? All I see is a blank screen. Lol
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