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  1. I'm guessing also 'less waste' because there are always a handful that don't get collected at all, and they usually printed extras if they weren't sold out so if people bought them last minute there were still passes for them. Print-on-demand means not printing any of those
  2. Tickets that were bought from the shop when it was still all three days together are being replaced with ones from the new separate days shops. I'd guess this includes entry.
  3. I'm on day 2 of working from home. On a normal basis I love staying home and going nowhere and not seeing anyone, but knowing it's not by choice is probably going to send me batty eventually...
  4. I believe it should be 'events' not 'event' in the email address.
  5. Looking like working out just nicely for me - finish my helper shift at 1 on the Saturday and need to leave by ~5 to head to the airport to go on holiday. And luckily everything I want is early afternoon Saturday so fits in just right!
  6. I am literally going to be going on holiday on the Saturday of this event. This announcement has ensured that I am going to be sorting out an evening flight so I can come to the show for as much of the day as I can to get a photoshoot... (I have actually met him a few times at US promo signings, so have his autograph on 3 things, but I 100% need that photo...)
  7. I have photos with 4 to 13 + Bradley, including War Autos with 4 to 12, including War Think I'm doing pretty well overall.
  8. It's been all over July in the years since I started - a few years it's been right near the start, some in the middle. It's only the last handful that have been at the end.
  9. If I had just a penny for every time a guest has revealed on the way back to their desk from a photo/talk/lunch etc (or on the way to a photo/talk) that actually they need to use the facilities/grab a snack/go out for a smoke/etc before they get there, I wouldn't be rich but I could probably buy lunch. We do our best to estimate what time guests will be back at their desks but they're human beings with minds of their own (and apparently implanting trackers into them all is unethical or something...)
  10. Allowing for the fact that Jason has diamond passes to see first... You'll probably get called for both at a similar time but with batch 1 you won't have any trouble getting through in time no matter which you go to first.
  11. I'm currently slowly melting on a train to London (after finishing work early - hurrah for flexitime and working late all this week) with a backpack full of printouts to help me run info desk tomorrow...
  12. In general cameras are fine. Do be aware that there are some areas such as photoshoot booths where cameras may not be used, and some guests may not wish for photos to be taken of them.
  13. I would go to whichever one you have a lower batch number for first, and if both are a high batch number then speak to the crew (showing your clashing ticket) and they'll put you through in time to get across to the other.
  14. If you go to the Crusssh cafe outlets then it has been confirmed that they will refill water bottles
  15. As far as I'm aware the gifts can be collected any time but I don't actually have direct experience here
  16. I've never had a photo with Jason but the last time I had one with John the default minimum is that he hugs everyone
  17. I keep meaning to update my list (linked in my signature) but I've put it off so long now that it's quite a task (currently a little over a year out of date...)
  18. I suspect even Chris at the time thought it would be his one and only convention... then he had a great time with everyone and decided cons were fun after all!
  19. The finn Jones dp gift at Birmingham in June was a themed notebook/journal.
  20. Jason Isaacs has a free talk on Saturday at 1.40.
  21. The organisers who work in the office and deal with email shop enquiries are usually at the event but are generally not that obvious to find because they're running around checking that everything is running smoothly! (The sales desk and info desk at the event are primarily run by the volunteer crew)
  22. There's been at least one guest have an unplanned move from one day to the next (or even at lunchtime) at a significant proportion of the big shows I've crewed over the years - they make estimates as to how much queue space is going to be needed for each guest but if they discover that the estimate is wrong then if it's possible then they move guests around to better fit the actual space needed. Sticking to a rigid plan of guest placements could lead to unnecessary bottlenecks in the signing area.
  23. Either you have been in one of the many queues I have tried to squeeze up over the years or we think remarkably alike... (My queue-squeezing patter is generally "Keep moving up nice and close, make some new friends, you all have at least one thing in common")
  24. Until they post an updated schedule, no one knows Alex times...
  25. Given that on Sunday evening the show will be partially dismantled by then, it's not going to have changed...
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