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  1. Gail Kim is pretty much my dream guest for this show…and I know she’s wanting to come to the show
  2. I’d love to see SM keeping incorporating wrestling guests into their shows the main man I’d love to see for LFCC 2022 is CM Punk…he is a huge comic book aficionado as well so I reckon he’d love SM’s shows
  3. Would love to have Paul McGillion and some other Stargate Atlantis peeps
  4. I always enjoy the wrestling guests I know for a fact that Gail Kim would love to come do Glasgow and probably more Impact talent...maybe some more of the golden generation of wrestlers too
  5. More guests to do with the Whedonverse please Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Agents Of Shield,
  6. I know I’m a bit late to the party commenting on here about this gentleman but this announcement is MAHOOSIVE
  7. Finally...a Roswell guest, would soooooo love it if a Roswell reunion of any kind could happen
  8. So grateful I’m not doing a The West Wing auto collection cos I would need this man, fabulous human being
  9. Awesome, this lady is so sweet and nice, if you haven’t met her yet then please go to her desk, you won’t be disappointed
  10. Now THIS is huge for myself... being a huge Firefly fan and, in general, fan of the Whedonverse getting Gina is awesome
  11. Wow this is truly an awesome guest announcement...now if only Rachel Weisz would be available for an awesome duo photo shoot
  12. cast members from the Whedonverse shows
  13. amazing guest announcement, my wallet is now starting to worry lol
  14. I think the random guy you’re referring to was myself, I was actually crewing the event but was plain clothed so I could go about the venue to do jobs that needed doing without getting stopped, thanks for the kind words all the same, grey Star Wars tshirt, denim shorts
  15. this is just amazing, someone who has shared the screen with some of the greats and has became a legend in his own right
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