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  1. Autographs can only be purchased on the day. You have to get vq tickets and wait for your number I'm afraid.
  2. Would be brilliant if it does.
  3. Just noticed that the shop is still open and was wondering if orders placed after the show will be honoured or just refunded? As I know people that have ordered.
  4. Would be good if this was reintroduced to lfcc.
  5. Yes I did and the change came through yesterday evening. Thanks QS
  6. Have been waiting for him to be added ever since he was announced WEEKS ago. Am not impressed
  7. ladySnow


    Still waiting........
  8. ladySnow


    Glad it's not just me.
  9. ladySnow


    Has anyone who preordered from Cardiff in October received theirs yet?
  10. Right who cares how many other Harleys there are I'm doing it
  11. Yeah I know but having never done it before I'll I don't want to stand out too much.
  12. Thought I might be brave and actually try to cos play this year. I was thinking harley quinn but not sure.
  13. This is correct. I think that at most sessions the golds had a separate queue to avoid confusion.
  14. Amy jo johnson and Karen ashley please
  15. I have personalised autos on a game of thrones poster have loads and I think it looks really cool. But it's personal preference really
  16. I am coming from reigate. So an hour or so on the train for me.
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