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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Would love if SM could try and get Neal McDonough, gutted he cancelled last year
  2. Humongous Guest Announcement Thursday

    Hoping for one of the avengers maybe Mark Ruffalo?
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - KATE DICKIE

    Thanks Queen, looks like i’m going Sunday too then :-)
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - KATE DICKIE

    Is she definitly only there Sunday as shes in the store for Saturday too? Thanks
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - CHARLES DANCE

    Great guest! Will have to get a photo
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Would love to meet Anson Mount, loved him in Hell on Wheels and would be great to go with Iwan Rheon both from Inhumans
  7. Amazing guest and can't believe i guessed right i'm so happy! The line up is looking fanastic!
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Would love some Outlander cast
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Thank to SM i've met alot of Stargate guests which is my favourite show but would still love to meet: Amanda Tapping, Rachel Luttrell, Teryl Rothery, Gary Jones, Jewel Staite, Robert Picardo, Tony Amendola, Claudia Black, Peter Williams, Cliff Simon, Carmen Argenziano, JR Bourne to name a few :-)
  10. On Sunday i've got a photo with Pilou which is right in the middle of the Natalie Dormer talk which i have a diamond pass for, its the only two things i have all day :-(
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Can we please have Anna Silk or any other Lost Girl cast?
  12. How did you all find today?

    Had an absolutly fantastic day, still grinning from the thought that I met Michael Shanks and Ben Browder! All the guests I met were so lovely and I had some great photos. Staff were fab as usual, really friendly and organsied queues very well. I managed to get all my 11 photo ops and 10 autos done today so I can actually have a rest now tomorrow. I love the fact that Collectomania has come to the NEC as its only a 20 minute drive for me and so happy its coming back next year. The layout was lovely and spread out so lots of room to walk about it, only niggle was that photo A was not by the other two photo areas, had one clash between them so thought I would have to run to A but as staff were organised it wasn't an issue. Thank you to everyone for making today happen, see you next year! (And also at LFCC)
  13. Do we need to print out our tickets?

    Thank you :-)
  14. Do we need to print out our tickets?

    Hi I was just wondering if you use your phone to show the qr code can you use apple wallet? I find it easier to use but have just noticed the qr code looks different to what it looks to on the eticket email? Has anyone had a problem, worried in case it doesn't work? Thanks