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  1. Jay2866

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Was anyone else disappointed with their photos from E this morning? I had Rory McCann first thing and it came out too light, i noticed after i walked out but the stewards were really busy and I had another photo to get too. I’ve had 15 photos so far this weekend and all the others were fine apart from this one, just abit gutted as it was one photo I was really looking forward too. My favourite photo was Iwan he was lovely
  2. This is the guest that has made the convention for me, so happy i bought a diamond pass without even having to think about it, thank you SM!
  3. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    That sounds like a great idea!
  4. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    Due to the fantastic Aidan Turner announcement I would love more dwarves from the Hobbit such as Dean O’Gorman, Richard Armitage, Stephen Hunter, James Nesbitt, Peter Hambleton, John Callen & Mark Hadlow. I’ve met 5 so far would love to meet the rest
  5. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes to Heyerdahl too! Also definite yes to Evangaline Lilly but I would need 3 autos from her so would cost me lol My friend would love to meet Lucy Lawless, I would love to see her reaction if she met her
  6. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love to meet Rachel Luttrell, she’s the last member of Stargate Atlantis I need to meet
  7. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love Anson Mount would make a great double photo with Iwan Rheon
  8. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    Stargate is my absolute favourite show and have met a few guests now thanks to SM, would love to meet Claudia, Amanda but also Rachel Luttrel, Connor Trineer and Robert Picardo or maybe just the whole cast lol
  9. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love Michael Shanks or Erica Durance, would make a great group shot of Saving Hope to go with Daniel Gillies
  10. Jay2866


    Gutted, 3rd time he has cancelled for me, hopefully I will meet him one day
  11. Jay2866

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love to meet Kevin Durand, he’s been in so much and recently in Vikings which would be great to have guests from that show. Also Stargate guests please :-)
  12. Jay2866

    Latest Guest Announcement - AUSTIN AMELIO

    Fantastic guest!