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  1. krispadbury

    Guest Suggestions

    cast members from the Whedonverse shows
  2. krispadbury

    Guest suggestions for next year

    as always, people from the Whedonverse shows
  3. krispadbury

    Latest Guest Announcement- Kate Mulgrew

    amazing guest announcement, my wallet is now starting to worry lol
  4. krispadbury

    The “Thank You” Thread

    I think the random guy you’re referring to was myself, I was actually crewing the event but was plain clothed so I could go about the venue to do jobs that needed doing without getting stopped, thanks for the kind words all the same, grey Star Wars tshirt, denim shorts
  5. krispadbury

    Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    this is just amazing, someone who has shared the screen with some of the greats and has became a legend in his own right
  6. krispadbury

    Latest Guest Announcement - KRISTANNA LOKEN

    absolute gem of a lady, so nice to meet and chat with
  7. krispadbury

    Latest Guest Announcement - KENNY JOHNSON

    I am now a tad gutted I am on holiday now, Lem was my fave character in The Shield
  8. krispadbury

    Guest Suggestions

    Paul McGillion has already told me via Twitter that he would love to do this show, would be an awesome homecoming for him
  9. krispadbury

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAN WHYTE

    Another really cool guest, at the first show Showmasters did in Braehead Arena if I recall
  10. Really nice man, very appreciative of his fans
  11. krispadbury

    Latest Guest Announcement - LITA

    fabulous guest, such a sweetheart, if you haven't met her and you are a fan of wrestling then go meet her, you wont be disappointed
  12. krispadbury

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love a Goa'uld System Lord reunion Suanne Braun Robert Murray Duncan Cliff Simon Peter Williams Jacqueline Samuda I know all of them are up for doing shows together and as far as I know, none of them have done the Glasgow show
  13. krispadbury

    Guest Suggestions

    an Aliens family reunion would be great as Carrie Henn and her brother have both expressed an interest in attending the Glasgow show and it would be awesome to get their on screen parents as well