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  1. this man is such a pleasure to meet, if you haven't had the chance before go and meet him when this event rolls around
  2. Guest Suggestions

    still hoping for guests from Joss Whedon shows
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - SARA DYLAN

    oooh nice GoT guest there
  4. Guest Suggestions

    personally, anyone from the Whedonverse would be awesome
  5. So Showmasters will be returning to Newcastle next year so I thought, why not get the ball rolling Personally for me, any guest from the Whedonverse will be amazing
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - Terry Farrell

    I love Terry, she's an incredibly awesome sweetheart of a person, if you haven't met her at a previous show...GO and you won't regret it
  7. Latest Guest Announcement- Nicole De Boer

    yay woohoo, Nicole is such a lovely person, cant wait to meet her again
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Carrie Henn (has already said she would love to attend if it can happen dates wise) Gail Kim Lisa Marie Varon Bob Holly Tamara Lynn Sytch Davey Boy Smith Jr/Harry Smith & TJ Wilson (Hart Dynasty reunion)
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - VLADIMIR FURDIK

    really nice man, got to chat with him in Newcastle, anyone who is thinking about meeting him...GO...you wont be disappointed
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Scottish guests will always go down well, likes of Paul McGillion, Iain Glen, Robbie Coltrane, John Hannah, Rose Leslie, David McCallum, Henry Ian Cusick, Kevin McKidd, James Cosmo
  11. Guest Suggestions

    wouldn't mind seeing a nice mix of Star Trek, Stargate, Buffy/Angel/Firefly guests this year
  12. awesome, I loved him in The West Wing, only two episodes but still awesome on screen, then his recurring role on AoS I thought was a coup for the show to get him on board
  13. Guest Suggestions

    I'd love to see a good variety of guests, people from the Whedonverse, all Stargate shows, some Star Trek guests, guests from TWD, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, wrestling guests are always popular, a few horror guests that haven't been before would be great, some Scottish stars of the small and big screen would also be great I think, GoT guests are always good too
  14. MC at the talks

    Thank you kindly, I'm just glad people understood me with my Scottish accent