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  1. I assumed Ryan was diamond autos only, as the main page doesn’t have an auto price listed, but has a photo and Diamond Pass price advertised. I wouldn’t like to assume he will be signing for non diamond passes based on the info given, although I could be wrong.
  2. Been wanting to meet Adam for some time now, thanks SM! Now for Fillion!
  3. Nice one, I enjoyed Inhumans and also as a Star Wars fan this is a great guest. Seeing as Iwan is also at CM, maybe a Inhumans lineup incoming?
  4. Hopefully he will be attainable without a Diamond Pass for an auto. Nice announcement.
  5. Just bought my Diamond Pass, but doesn’t ask for a batch number for the photo op, assuming it’ll just be called by diamonds?
  6. For anyone wondering, I checked the info on Eventbrite and the photo shoot upgrade is a frame, I imagine like the ones sold at SM events that hold your photo op, a couple of images and a plaque. On a personal note, what an announcement!! Looks like Giggsy will be my second ever Diamond Pass!!
  7. Been wanting to meet Mike for a while now, great announcement, SM. Now for Tim Rose to start a mini ROTJ reunion.
  8. Met Aaron in Cardiff, he's such a nice guy! Great addition, SM!
  9. Nice. Met Attila recently, definitely a good one for the Star Wars fans!
  10. D4vem88

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    And now seen that the Next Gen Bridge is available in the shop for anyone after it.
  11. D4vem88

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    The classic bridge is available in the shop at £15, I did the NG bridge last year and believe it was £15 then too. Not sure why it's not in the shop though, when the classic bridge, Tribble bridge and discovery chair are.
  12. Did anyone see what the Discovery Chair op looks like from Germany? Wondering if it’ll be a bridge size set, where you can have multiple people on it?
  13. It says Monday in the post, however, the schedule itself has been updated.