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  1. I do wonder if I will be able to exchange my Clark Gregg photo that’s rolled over from Spring 2020, and now it appears I may only be able to attend the Sunday for the newly announced date. My original ticket was for the Saturday of Spring
  2. Not at all. Would you be completely comfortable in a packed Olympia?
  3. I do feel that radio silence from SM isn’t ideal, but at the same time I realise they can only go off of government guidance. just about 2 months out from the event, and with an influx of U.K. based/British guests, says to me they fully expect to have to cancel all overseas guests? As it is, we don’t know how entry will work, photos and autos, the amount off attendees in the venue, nothing. I have a Clark Gregg photo rolled over from Spring 2020, which I am sure a good number of people do. I haven’t booked entry or any other photo ops, because we just don’t know what the situation is. If you said to me, yes this is going ahead, you have to wear a mask indoors at all times other than a ‘quick off and on for a photo op’, then fair enough we know where we stand. I just feel July is too close to the latest step on the reopening roadmap, with the majority of attendees won’t have been fully vaccinated, I can’t see many attendees or guests being 100% comfortable with the whole experience
  4. Literally every other event from various companies has been postponed until next year. With ol’ BoJo himself stating he’s expecting a second wave incoming, travellers from other countries having to isolate for 2 weeks, there’s surely no way the biggest ComicCon of the year is happening this year. if SM decide that it goes ahead, I can’t see the venue ok’ing it, risking their staff and reputation. Fingers crossed next year is better!
  5. I would assume that I am correct in thinking that the LFCC Spring Clark Gregg photo tickets that were transferred to the summer event are automatically transferred again to November?
  6. I’m guessing if I bought a Saturday op for Spring, my ticket will just revert to a Saturday July op?
  7. Over on Twitter, Samantha seems to think she’s attending Saturday. Can anyone confirm
  8. That’s ok, thank you for the feedback. I remember they used to be bookable on the website and then posted out. Maybe if they were going to be offered again they could go through the pre-order page? Just as a suggestion :)
  9. Just wondered if gift vouchers were going to be sold for this years events? they were great for birthday and other celebratory presents.
  10. This probably needs updating. I thought £15 was good for Casper. He’s showing as £25 on the main website and in the shop.
  11. Can’t speak highly enough of Hayden, top guest! Took his time with the autos, personalised, asked you what colour pen and where and if you wanted character name etc, like he wanted you to go away with exactly what you wanted. Again, really nice in the photos, greeting you head on and shaking hands, he just appreciated everyone that came to meet him.
  12. Phones and recording equipment are not allowed in the photo areas. You may have better luck at the autograph table, but no guarantee.
  13. I have a Hayden diamond pass and he’s literally my last thing before I have to leave to get my Eurostar. As long as he doesn’t move to later in the day!
  14. Jeez, I saw Hayden had an alteration and panicked! just an extended shoot, phew!
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