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  1. I agree. I'm just waiting for the announcement to make it official.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the transplant, hope they find a compatible donor quickly and it all goes well for you. xxx
  3. Personally I think if things in November are still as they are now, LFCC November will also be cancelled/postponed. Everyone's just hoping that by then the pandemic will have petered out or there'll be a vaccine.
  4. OK, question: is there a cutoff date for when you can request the voucher, if you can't attend in November? I won't know for sure until closer to the date, so should I ask for a voucher now or wait until, say, October, and ask for the voucher then if it turns out I can't attend? Will I still be able to ask for the voucher in October?
  5. Sad, but expected. I think I would like to attend the November event, and plane tickets will probably be cheaper, but there's the issue of a potential second wave of COVID-19 in autumn. So I will keep my fingers crossed and wait and see, hopefully the November event will take place and I will be able to attend. So I won't request a voucher just yet.
  6. So I was reading this article about cosplayers being affected by con cancellations, and it says the following: "The past two months have felt like an endless parade of cancellations, along with demands from the public to cancel even sooner seemingly ignored until the last minute. But there is a reason. As explained by law firm Akerman, most big contracts (like the ones between cons and convention centers) will include what’s called a Force Majeure clause. This “excuses one or both parties’ performance obligations when circumstances arise which are beyond the parties’ control,” and can include natural disasters, acts of government authority, and pandemics. But invoking it is a lengthy process, and success depends on the language in the contract and how it’s applied. In addition, some states like New York, California, and Florida have special guidelines of their own that can stretch things out further." So this probably explains why there hasn't been a cancellation announcement yet.
  7. Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe Tobias Menzies Masi Oka
  8. Wow so far I have 3 potential talks on Sunday, and none on other days!
  9. Great guest! Though he's a bit on the expensive side. However this year is looking to not have many guests for me, so I think I can afford one expensive guest. Currently it's between Robbie Coltrane and Alice Cooper.
  10. Cast of The Expanse Sonequa Martin-Green Doug Jones Pedro Pascal Angela Basset Neil Patrick Harris Anyone from Buffy/Angel/Firefly EDIT: Anyone from DS9 and BSG
  11. I didn't meet Jason Isaacs, but I went to his talk and he was great! If I had not been able to get Ian McDiarmid's autograph on Saturday, I would have gone for Jason on Sunday. He is definitely at the top of my list for future events!
  12. Friday is the quietest day, but some guests may not be attending on Friday. So it depends who you want to see. Sunday is the 2nd quietest, and it can be quite easy with autographs as most people have got their autos on the 2 previous days so it is easier to see guests. I think it is definitely worth coming for a 2nd day, or possibly all 3. You'll have to look at which guests attend on which day and decide. When I started attending, I only attended Saturday and Sunday. Then I decided to do all 3 days as that would make it more relaxed, with more time to do things, and it was the right decision.
  13. Great read! It was nice meeting you and getting introduced to all the other people! Till next year!
  14. Another minor blip: in the guest list of the app, the search function doesn't seem to work. I type and the list doesn't get filtered. Other than that all is fine!
  15. I've kind of lost track with the version numbers. Is the version on the first page of this thread the updated version?
  16. It's not getting close to grandma age, it's basic manners. If your friend isn't coming and you can't give the ticket to anyone else, they should reimburse you anyway. It's not your fault they can't make it.
  17. That I can understand. If it was me leaving and she had addressed me I would have said, "I'm really sorry, I have a photo shoot/talk/whatever that I need to get to or I will miss it." Also it is important when leaving early to do it as quietly as possible.
  18. I can understand getting annoyed if someone leaves your talk early, but she should have considered the possibility that the guy had a clash with something else and chose to miss part of her talk in order to get to the other thing, as opposed to missing one of the 2 completely.
  19. OK. I'll go by in the morning and ask, or at 2pm right after finishing my previous talk (I have many talks this year!) Thanks!
  20. Kieron Gillen is a comic guest, not part of the YALC. The comic signing schedule published on Twitter has 2 signing sessions for him, 11-12 and 3-4. (Can't ask the twitter account because I don't have twitter.)
  21. Ahh, the constant heat problem! I'm sure showmasters are doing everything they can, but with the old building and the thousands of people there's a limit to how much the AC can do. I'm glad the weather seems to be cooling down. I was thinking if heat waves during LFCC become a trend, I will have to come cosplaying as Red Sonja next time. Let the heat beat that chainmail bikini!
  22. Question: I have the Christina Ricci talk at 3.30 on Saturday. I want to make the 3-4 Kieron Gillen signing session (can't make the morning one because of the Billy Dee Williams talk). How early will we be able to queue for Kieron? I want to go early to make sure I make it out in time for the talk, but I don't want to arrive too early and clog the area.
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