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  1. maegurwen

    Three Words

    exclaimed the little
  2. maegurwen

    This or That

    Oo that is a tough one but I would have to say scrambled eggs. Cake or Biscuit
  3. I think I do the same as you. I go by show and then the order that I got them for that show. Unless its game of thrones, then it goes to houses and people associated to those houses but still in the order that I get them.
  4. If you want a glow in the dark that wont stop glowing, get an adipose
  5. I had that problem and then found that I could get them to glow a little with a torch, although a uv torch is apparently better at getting them to glow better but haven't bought one of those yet.
  6. I love the fact it has I am iron man in brackets. Looks awesome
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