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  1. maegurwen

    General Chat

    was about to make a 2001 space odyssey pun but my brain is tired. You just reminded me that I need to wrap my secret Santa gift up tonight.
  2. maegurwen

    Who are you meeting?

    Yet to buy tickets but my list so far is: Ned Dennehy Dan Starkey Camille Coduri Charles Dance Robert Emms
  3. maegurwen

    Up in 5s

  4. maegurwen

    Last Post Wins?

  5. maegurwen

    Last Post Wins?

    Aha! I win!
  6. maegurwen

    General Chat

    It does. I've been on holiday so far and even that seems to be passing quick.
  7. maegurwen

    General Chat

    Bake off :Ghostbusters special?
  8. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I think the only time I would want crispy toilet roll is if I plan to eat it....
  9. maegurwen

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Pretty much binge watched good omens, which I thought was brilliant. I have not read the book but will do as soon as it arrives. ( A friend suggested I read the book.)
  10. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I'm kind of close. Only missing 13 and 10.
  11. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I still got a few days left. They gave me Monday off so I'm not back till Tuesday. Spending it binge watching films and tv shows I haven't got round to.
  12. maegurwen

    I hate Funko Pops!

    Will have to agree with you on that. I do love them but there were quite a few stalls full of them.
  13. maegurwen

    This or That

    Sherlock Star trek voyager or Star Trek: Deep space nine
  14. maegurwen

    The 1000’s Game

  15. maegurwen

    Another Number Game