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  1. And now I can hear the tenth doctor well the very, very good part of it at least.
  2. These seem familiar.... I was going to say you do but I heard it in my head as Crowley. Is that good or bad?
  3. The deal- wouldn't usually watch political based films but It has Micheal sheen in it as well as David Morrissey.
  4. Good luck and best wishes to both of you.
  5. will do. You've been waiting to use that haven't you...
  6. I ended up looking what it was on imdb only to find out that Paul Mcgann is also in it. I'm quite intrigued now....
  7. Instantly as I watched this my brain went "Is that Bradley Walsh?!" I also had to look it up as it seem hilarious.
  8. What in the heck. I think people are more concerned with food at the mo. I would think that they would have a problem selling them.
  9. I'm going to end up with a doctor who play list of doctors singing at this rate.
  10. A very cool sounding one by the sounds of it
  11. Sounds like a awesome day. I haven't got the post con blues this time but I think that might be because I spend time between cleaning, putting posters up and watching box sets. Tutankhamen exhibition sounds cool
  12. I feel similar. I do have one or two as overall favorites but when it comes to ranking them I cant really do it. I love each of the versions of the doctor. My overall favorites are : David Tennant and Tom Baker.
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