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  1. maegurwen

    General Chat

    This pretty much sums today's weather up...
  2. maegurwen

    The Number Game

  3. maegurwen

    Who are you meeting!?

    I think I have some sort of final list ..... Friday: Gina Torres (dp bought) Matthew lillard Lee majors Peter serafinowicz Leslie Easterbrook Ethan phillips Alfie Allen - (PTBP) Gemma and Alfie-.(PTBP) Satuday: Charles Dance Ian somerhaulder(DPTBP) Robert Patrick (PTBP) Sunday: Christina Ricci (Dp bought) Emile de ravin (Dp bought) Brendan Fraser (DPTBP) Charlie sheen (DPTBP)
  4. maegurwen

    Who are you meeting!?

    Ah. I just take a small notebook that I usually list photo shoot times, guest, what photo area and also draw out the floor plan in there so I can orientate myself to where I need to go. I never rely on my brain as i tend to forget stuff..
  5. maegurwen


    Too close, I still have tickets to buy eep
  6. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I'll still go see it regardless since it looks interesting to me, especially with jim Carey in it.
  7. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I didn't think he looked too bad...just too humanoid.
  8. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I nearly choked on water reading this.... To be honest that wouldn't be too bad. Could probably break through doors quite quick.
  9. maegurwen

    Who are you meeting!?

    Nah, I manage pretty well with a notebook....
  10. maegurwen


    Awesome. Retro is always a good choice. At the moment I have quite a few Jackie Chan movies so I might make Sunday ( since its only a 3 hour shift...) my Jackie Chan movie marathon day.
  11. maegurwen


    Sounds good. Enjoy . The weather over here is going to be the typical UK default (rain). I suppose it does give me an excuse to watch some DVDs I haven't caught up with.....
  12. maegurwen


    Nice! I'm working till about mid July and then I am off for 3 weeks, which was a little unplanned as I only booked two weeks off originally but I had hours left to use up and the only place I could find was to stick it in front of my other two weeks.
  13. maegurwen


    Have you got alot of stuff to do before Lfcc? I generally find things move quick when I'm busy and then I'm thinking 'where did the time go?!'.
  14. maegurwen

    Who are you meeting!?

    dp is what I went for as well. I've fond memories of watching Casper and Addams family. Sleepy hollows is also a favorite of mine. Temped to get my sleepy hollow dvd signed......
  15. maegurwen

    Who are you meeting!?

    My latest purchases ticket wise are Christina Ricci and Peter Serafinowicz. Latest addition to my list is Charlie Sheen and Robert Patrick.