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  1. Ask Peter Capaldi Fan, I didn't even know what day it was (Doctor who day not day of the week)
  2. whoops. I meant happy Doctor who day.
  3. Actually Howie is on his way as well as Kevin. I received Brian and Aj. Nick I left because the rest were lower in price, will get eventually.
  4. Nah, they are all legit but I like the fact bsb were exempt
  5. I see. The pop funko paradox.
  6. I think I mostly watched anime, doctor who and Jessica jones. Jessica jones is a interesting series but haven't watched the whole series yet so I cant really give a full opinion on it.
  7. so since I last posted in here I have bought widowmaker, junkat, different version of genji and a speedy version of tracer and zenyata. Cant remember if there was anyone else for that game that I ordered and not listed. Then there's the four Yuri on ice pops and the four backstreet boys pops (two still to arrive). Also preordered 4 fruits basket pops..... is there such thing as overdoing it?
  8. Recently it has been Yuri on Ice, Fairy tail and the Fruits basket reboot. I kind of range between action and comedy most of the time.
  9. where did you get it? I've got things to occupy myself with at the moment (doctor who audio books, Anime, tv series etc.) but just on the off chance that I don't want to do any of that or I miraculously get through everything first, it might be something interesting to do.
  10. Darn it. Was supposed to be doing a doctor who watch through, still on tenth doctor. I got distracted by anime......
  11. Think my taste in anime may have changed or I found more favorites so my list is now: Trigun Pani Poni Dash Excel Saga Kiddy Grade R.O.D the TV. Fruits Baskets (Old series and New) Tenchii Muyo Bleach Fairy tail Black Butler Chobits Martian Successor Nadesico Kiki's delivery service Spirited Away Himouto Umaru Chan One punch man Ouran high School host club. Yuri!!! On Ice.
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