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  1. Hmm, I did add to my collection : sanka coffie (Cool running) Aalyiah and mufasa (twinkly ghost looking) I have stuff on preorder still but I think my pop ordering is more under control now lol.
  2. Fruits basket:(s3) plot was there to an extent. Was an episode or two that were either very squashed or totally different from the manga. Still enjoyed it and to some extent may have made more sense. Plus it took away the one thing I really hated in the manga. I was also hoping for a little less yuki this season to but he was in every episode where as Kyo and tohru were in 12 out of 13. I've mostly been watching anime but will be back to tv shows in general.
  3. Is it bad that I instantly thought of you when I spotted this pop while looking for other pops?
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/7zLx1AckmX7VLN2k8 Added these to my collection along with some my hero academia pops. Somehow I think I'm probably in the 80s or 90s with pops by now...... Oops
  5. I will do. Just need to fit it around Doctor who and several anime series.
  6. That reminds me I need to watch the rest. I stopped in the middle of episode 2 and I can't rember why I did that..
  7. Sounds like your making progress. All I successfully did was put up a dvd tower that holds less than my other one. On the plus side some of the smaller shelfs I ended up put some of my unboxed pops on. (Like my portal and wow pops. )
  8. That reminds me that I have the dvd somewhere. I need to start watching that at some point.
  9. Can they still be traded in at the bank? If not, you can always frame it.
  10. I do have a Facebook page but I rarely use it, plus I don't generally put collections on there unless there autos.
  11. In other news I found £2 on the floor of my bedroom
  12. Yeah, I've added to this since then. At the moment most are on preorder. Have hidden away my overwatch pops to make room for my hero academia pops. I think I even added to my overwatch pops. Also any suggestions for where to post photos because one of these days I will have to take a photo....
  13. Another update: Managing to motivate myself more, still having days where I'm procrastinating though. Starting to get through dvds as well, trying to get films out the way as well as anime. So far I have gotten through a few films, three seasons of my hero academia and am continuing through fairytail. Room fluxuates between looking like a mess and looking a little decent. The last one I have not started but still want to do. As for ordering less stuff, I think I do order less but most of what I order is pop funko's now.
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