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  1. Think my taste in anime may have changed or I found more favorites so my list is now: Trigun Pani Poni Dash Excel Saga Kiddy Grade R.O.D the TV. Fruits Baskets (Old series and New) Tenchii Muyo Bleach Fairy tail Black Butler Chobits Martian Successor Nadesico Kiki's delivery service Spirited Away Himouto Umaru Chan One punch man Ouran high School host club. Yuri!!! On Ice.
  2. Still haven't if I'm being honest.... I'm guessing the newer version of the anime is following more along the lines of what's in the manga. I'm only two episodes into the newer one.
  3. Looks interesting. I'm always on the look out for more Anime to watch so will put it on my list.
  4. Do you mean the Convention or Capaldi Gifs?
  5. Have recently spent time watching Anime and watching through the whoniverse. So far I'm three episodes into series 4 of doctor who, 5 episodes into the second series of torchwood and waiting to start the second series of Sarah Jane Adventures.
  6. maegurwen

    Last Post Wins?

    Think you are incorrect and I have in fact won.
  7. On the upside I received a sonic this morning. That would have been what I would have been browsing for lol.
  8. Already missing the browsing of the stalls.
  9. David Tennant and anyone else from good omens.
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