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  1. maegurwen

    Who are you meeting!?

    So far: Charles Dance Ted Rami Also John Simm, but the above two are the ones I ordered tickets for so far.
  2. maegurwen

    Christopher Eccleston Appreciation

    Same (Except for swooning, I don't really do swooning) Great interaction none the less.
  3. maegurwen

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    There was at least one low for me, which has never happened before to me. I had been in the eccleston Queue waiting for signing, realized that I had Capaldi talk, so legged it to the main stage room. Bumped into the Capaldi talk queue. To which an American lady turned round and yelled for me to get to the back of the Queue which was already tailing into the autograph hall. To which I replied along the lines of no need to be like that, that was a bit rude as I walked through the queue and followed the queue along (Buy this point it had snaked almost to the signing tables near where the top loaders and exclusive prints were) Not long after that the queue got sorted. Apart from that everything else I enjoyed.
  4. maegurwen

    Are you missing the Con?

    I don't think it's hit me yet. Mainly because i was tired today.
  5. maegurwen

    Peter Capaldi appreciation

    You pretty much said what I was possibly trying to write. In some cases I would go as far as to pinch a word of the 9th Doctor and say that he was Fantastic. Talk was brilliant.
  6. maegurwen

    General Chat

    Cool. I got everyone that I was originally going for. Only one I didn't manage to get was David Tennant. But he did pop over to see capaldi quick, so I saw him to an extent lol
  7. maegurwen

    General Chat

    when I ran over to matts table there did seem to be some people hanging about.
  8. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I think someone said capaldis staying to get the dps done. Just a case of numbers coming up
  9. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I'm over at capaldi's. Not in queue per say but In a bundle of diamond passes left. Still need matt smith
  10. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I'm stuck in Same queue
  11. maegurwen

    General Chat

    I still have 4 autographs left, all of them doctors one I have vq ticket for
  12. maegurwen

    General Chat

    im in the queue but quite a few rows back....
  13. maegurwen

    General Chat

    stuck on Olympia train lol, but hopefully i will join queue soon