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  1. Nope. Didn't have any five pences. I kept to pound coins and notes.
  2. Was a bit of a chill day for me too. I also spotted Peter Capaldi Fan and we chatted. Was nice to see you again Peter Capaldi Fan. I was pretty much done by about half two and I went home with some money left (which doesn't usually happen.)
  3. I had a short haul as well. I finally got the last doctor I needed for my book (David Tennant) and another for my good omens (Lordes Faberes)
  4. I have a few questions. 1.Why is there a code when I have a evenbrite ticket for the diamond pass? 2.What do these printed passes look like? (didn't end up going in july like I usually do)
  5. I don't get the point of them doing that as your going to end up with a lot of people on VQ being DP holders that want to get their extra autos. I'd rather get both done in one go than clog up a space for someone else.
  6. Are you kidding me?! I've got two books I wanted to get signed and would have preferred if I could get both done together rather than messing about queuing for a second time......
  7. Aaah! Think I better order that other photoshoot this week. Thanks for the reminder
  8. A little worried that with all the photo shoots that he might not have alot of time to sign. Maybe its just me worrying over nothing and it will work out on the day.
  9. Interesting. Makes me a little anxious though.
  10. Little confused. This list says Ethan Phillips is both days but his announcement thread says Saturday only.
  11. There should be more. It be fine. 70 days to go.
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