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  1. Still going to request Roswell guest - particularly Shiri Appleby. Killjoy cast - Luke MacFarlane One Tree Hill - CMM, Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz AMY ACKER
  2. With the scream announcements - I'm thinking Courtney Cox
  3. Awesome! I've been wanting to meet her for years - Darla is one of my favourite characters not to mention all the other shows and films she has been in :)
  4. I'm excited - this guest is huge for me. Again, everything is subjective - I enjoy the build up even if it's not someone I recognise it doesn't matter. It gets people involved.
  5. I'm excited about this - not just because of Scream, Scooby Doo and Without A Paddle but Thirteen Ghosts, Dead Man's Curve, She's All That
  6. Love it! I did love Dawson's Creek and I'm enjoying The Flash
  7. Finally - I've been wanting to meet him for years - so good in Alias and Felicity. Definitely going now :) Maybe we can get JJ Abrams now as well, lol.
  8. Did you read the first post? There's a link to a page where you can discuss it freely :)
  9. I'm quite happy with the variety of guests - I've got guests from Stargate, Harry Potter, Dark Angel, Buffy and Red Dwarf :)
  10. The website is linked to the forum for Chervon 8.2 :)
  11. I couldn't actually find him in London so glad he is going to Bournemouth :)
  12. Definitely seconding this one. Who do you met ? Yes...! Was a cool show and watched every episode. But i just would go for Jennifer Garner I met William Sadler - got four autos from him - such an excitement announcement that I went just for him. I watched Dark Angel again recently and it has aged so well - really as good as I remembered - maybe even better - we've got Jennifer Blanc for Bournemouth so I'm hoping they'll be more. Alias: me too! though I'm quite happy to meet any of that cast and it gives me an excuse to put Amy Acker twice :)
  13. Matthew Rhys - I would spend a fortune on getting autographs from him
  14. Not good to come for just 1 person encase they have to cancel. She is a big draw for me and I'd be disappointed if she cancelled but I love weekend cons like these and have enjoyed myself more for the parties and a weekend away than the guest before :)
  15. My first request is always the same: Roswell cast - any and all of them - finally got one this year and I want more. Joss Whedon universe cast - any and all - especially SMG and Amy Acker :) Dark Angel cast - Jessica Alba, Michael Weatherly, Jensen Ackles - any of them. Stargate - preferably guest thait are in multiple fandom to keep everyone happy - Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Michael Shanks, Jewel Staite etc. Alias cast - particularly Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Victor Garber, Michael Varten, Ron Rifkin and Amy Acker. David Duchovny!!!!
  16. Paul McGillion Kavan Smith Rainbow Sun Franks Mitch Pileggi Jason Momoa Robert Carlyle Claudia Black Cliff Simon Ben Browder JR Bourne Morena Baccarin Beau Bridges Robert Picardo Anna Louise Plowman
  17. I got a diamond pass for Michael Gambon purely for Harry Potter - so Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson could top that for me - alongside the adult actors as well - Alan Rickman. I guess it's all perceptive - I would pay a lot of money to meet Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock or Kirsten Dunst.
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