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  1. I’m guessing if I bought a Saturday op for Spring, my ticket will just revert to a Saturday July op?
  2. Over on Twitter, Samantha seems to think she’s attending Saturday. Can anyone confirm
  3. That’s ok, thank you for the feedback. I remember they used to be bookable on the website and then posted out. Maybe if they were going to be offered again they could go through the pre-order page? Just as a suggestion :)
  4. Just wondered if gift vouchers were going to be sold for this years events? they were great for birthday and other celebratory presents.
  5. This probably needs updating. I thought £15 was good for Casper. He’s showing as £25 on the main website and in the shop.
  6. Can’t speak highly enough of Hayden, top guest! Took his time with the autos, personalised, asked you what colour pen and where and if you wanted character name etc, like he wanted you to go away with exactly what you wanted. Again, really nice in the photos, greeting you head on and shaking hands, he just appreciated everyone that came to meet him.
  7. Phones and recording equipment are not allowed in the photo areas. You may have better luck at the autograph table, but no guarantee.
  8. I have a Hayden diamond pass and he’s literally my last thing before I have to leave to get my Eurostar. As long as he doesn’t move to later in the day!
  9. Jeez, I saw Hayden had an alteration and panicked! just an extended shoot, phew!
  10. Best thing to do would be find a photo of the pose you want, and either print it out or have it on your phone ready for your turn with the guest. Then show them and ask ‘is it ok if we do this?’ I did this with Billie Piper for the Doctor Who dvd cover of her and Tennant back to back and she automatically knew what I wanted and was like ‘yes! Let’s do it!’ still, photos are rushed, but if you’re prepared, you’ve got a good chance of it happening.
  11. I got a photo with him in 2017, which, as said before, he was sat on a high stool, so you stood next to him and he would be just about shoulder height (obviously dependant on your own height)
  12. The Star Wars zone last year had the Praetorian Guards and other smaller role guests, which as pointed out, did change over the course of the weekend. I remember Mike Quinn was down there one morning, but by the afternoon he had been moved upstairs. But I would safely say that Hayden will be in a booth upstairs with the other ‘main’ guests. Much like Tennan, Momoa and Duchovny last year, the booths were more towards the outer edges of the main area. But obviously we won’t know for sure until the day what the layout will be.
  13. Very easy to navigate. Simple to add guests to create your own personal schedule. I assume this will provide updates if a photo op is rearranged on the day, as does happen when the paper schedules get crossed out and amended?
  14. Great announcement! Alan is a lovely bloke. Will try and pick up another auto.
  15. Well that’s unhelpful. Booked a Tom Felton photo for the Friday based on him having an AM and PM shoot. Now that’s been changed to just one shoot last thing on Friday which is too late for our travel. Gutting.
  16. 25? Oh wow, ok that’s great. Assumed it would be 50
  17. Does anyone know how many Diamond Passes are in a batch? Would we be thinking the same of what standard photo batches are which is/was 50?
  18. I know I wasn’t doing Saturday originally until Hayden was announced!
  19. I am hoping that Hayden will be signing from 9 before his photo op, to maximise his time being one day only. I have a diamond pass for him, but need to leave by 1:30 to catch a Eurostar
  20. Hi, I have a photo op I am looking to upgrade to a diamond pass, what was the contact email I need to get in touch with?
  21. Shame I’m only there on the Friday! BTW, SM, the main website says he’s Sunday only, the listing here shows Saturday :)
  22. Will certainly make a change. There’s always a cluster of events in the summer, I suppose this one has now moved to the other side of LFCC, I wonder if LFCC Winter this year will be a one-off.
  23. Any idea what time Ryan Gage’s photo will be on Sunday, seeing as he’s cancelled today but now attending Sunday?
  24. Can’t help with the cantina, but yes, Laurie is the ‘head knock trooper’.
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