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  1. Awesome Would like to do the double photoshoot, but just wondering why it is £10 more than buying them separately?
  2. I think it is just better off being more aware of your backpack on your back, unfortunately it does happen fairly often but back packs are 100x more convenient that messenger bags..
  3. I do get the 'guests appear subject to work' situation and I'd really like to meet him too. The 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me' quotation comes to mind. If I was in charge of booking guests I'd be wary of booking someone who I suspect will let me down again. This is no reflection on Showmaster's or Media 10. They book a guest on good faith and expect that guest to show up not cancel at the last minuite. This is why I made the suggestion that the DST organisers seriously consider whether or not it is worth their time and effort approaching such a fickle guest. This being said, to my knowledge he has not cancelled yet and it is only speculation by me and others that fear that this is going to happen once more. I appreciate your replies to my posts and hope that they are taken as constructive and not viewed as trying to cause trouble. That is not my intent. Although disappointing if showmasters didn't approach these guests then there would be a 0% chance of them ever attending, I would definitely rather them try and get these guests and just keep my fingers crossed!
  4. I think it looked like less stalls this year because they were really spread out this year. There was so much more room to move easily between stalls it kept the congestion right down and made a much nicer browsing experience!
  5. Whilst we all have our expectations we have to respect what the guest is comfortable with as well, therefore there really shouldn't, in my opinion, be any expectation of physical contact. If the guest is fine with touching and giving hugs then way hey go for it, but we should all. at the least, be prepared for that they might not want to. I don't disagree about the chairs, if the guest is sitting, then it's nice to be at the same level. I agree with the above.... although it is a shame she sat and didn't want to touch anyone I completely understand that. I was just a little disappointed at the lack of warmth I received in my photo shoot, a smile or a Hi, how are you! Would of made all the difference for me.
  6. I only had a photo with him and I thought he was lovely and so so friendly! Chatted to me about my necklace and that he had the same one as me, and he was playing with people props for the photos and seemed really interested and engaged with everyone that went through.
  7. Here is my photos from yesterday
  8. I only got a photo with her but I was left quite disappointed. No touching, I'm fine with that (tbh I'm not good at touching other people so I totally get that) sitting on a stool I'm ok with that too (I also have read she has broken a rib so I do respect she still did the photos) But what left me a little flat was the fact I went in gave her a big smile said hello, and I just got a sniff hello then straight at the camera and back out. No warmth or even a smile. It left me feeling more like a burden, usually I come out with a warm feeling but this time I felt more like a deer in the headlights it was over so quickly and was quite awkward. That's my feelings about the photo expirence
  9. Yeah, I checked all the ones I could see but no sign of cyberman or enterprise
  10. I also was looking for the enterprise bridge shoot, it was on the map!
  11. I completely agree.... I don't mind the no touching thing too much but a smile or even a heart felt hello would of been nice. Felt more like I was a bother to her being there...
  12. Just 1 a month at the moment I would love to do more but I really enjoy going out at buying them myself too so I save my money for that!
  13. I also really like how it fulfills my OCD side of keeping everything organised and in lists so I can see what I have and what I want!!
  14. I'm not sure if its quite the same but I really like POP! in a Box. I like the surprise but I also enjoy that fact you don't take a risk of not getting something you like! I've written some reviews here on my blog
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