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  1. Steven Yeun collectors book?

    I handed several straight back for use for someone who needed one as like many I have a protective case of my own. I'm sure the exact logistics of how these were given out will be looked at for the future.
  2. Ticket refunds

    The schedule post was linked on the main site under 'event info' tab the whole time it was available (There was also a news post on there linking it)
  3. Alyson Hannigan Appriciation Thread.

    100% agree. She even knocked Seth Green off my profile 'pic with' spot.
  4. Pokemon Go

    We took down one pretty easily with 8 today. 5 of whom were over 30. Lugia needs at least 11 or 12 but Articuno and now Moltres go down easier. (Smallest group I did Arti in was 7) There aren't a whole lot of players in my little town but several are level 35+ so we manage with what we have.
  5. First time as Crew

    Yeah I said the same. In 2010. (And I did 2 days of photo distribution my first show... what was I thinking)
  6. Sales Desk Queue Nightmare

    If Saturday was anything like Friday (I was working sales desk Friday am) then another thing that slows things down hugely is the surprisingly large number of people who get to the front of the queue and still don't actually know what they want to buy...
  7. I may have gushed a tiny bit in my few moments at the auto table, she was so lovely.
  8. Autographs are paid for at the guest tables (unless paying by card then you need to buy vouchers at the sales desk to hand over at guest table). Check out the FAQ thread for details of the virtual queue system, as Mads will definitely be on this system.
  9. Update from the show: Gemma Whelan and Chris Judge each have an additional morning shoot on Saturday in area F, Gemma at 10 and Chris I think was 10.15
  10. Wouldn't work for everyone anyway - I'm on the crew so don't need an entry ticket but bought a couple photoshoots
  11. Unless we know for sure that everyone with a ticket has gone through, the crew do not generally release a guest at the photo area until the scheduled end time. (Turn up 1 min after that however and they'll almost certainly be gone)
  12. you can go any time after your batch has been called (until the shoot has ended, obviously)
  13. First time visit

    If the auto line isn't crazy long/busy, there is a chance there to ask a question or two. The photos you literally have time to say hi as you step in then the picture is taken and it's the next person's turn.
  14. First time visit

    I'd recommend checking out the FAQ thread. Most of your questions are answered in there.