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  1. etmuse

    Statement From Jason

    I'm already well beyond my budget if I include my possibles, so kind of hoping for amazing guests that I'm not personally interested in...
  2. Might get a photo if the budget stretches that far...
  3. Unless the rules have changed since the last time I crewed cosplay shoots (it's been a little while) then it's £5 per photo that you get printed - they generally take a handful of shots and you can then choose which ones to print.
  4. I expect the Barrowman Line to be crossed... many times. (those who went to the Hub events way way back will know what I'm talking about)
  5. Online photo sales continue until shortly before the photo session in question (the sales desk at the show is on the same system; both places stop selling at the same time)
  6. etmuse

    Sam Neill Green Screen refunds ?

    Peter Mayhew wasn't an automatic refund, as you can transfer the ticket to the spring show if you wish. You need to email if you want a refund.
  7. New Doctor Who Group (and knock on changes) added
  8. And if you do have 3 high batches, speak to the crew BEFORE the last 5 mins when you suddenly realise your problem
  9. Updated with Mike Quinn/Harley Durst day changes
  10. To be safe you might want to leave the talk a little early (mostly so you don't get held up just getting out of the talk)
  11. The thing that really gets me is the fact that (on Twitter at least) they're not even untagging Zach himself from their rude comments. *shakes head*
  12. if you click on the one here a couple times it should open up like it does from the website (both my PC and phone browsers do this anyway)