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  1. Brilliant. Haven' had chance to meet her yet but definitely am this time.
  2. Will showmasters be doing the gift vouchers again this year?
  3. Melody Perkins, Justin Nimmo and other power rangersinspace and mmpr guests.
  4. Personally I had a great experience with all 3 soa guys. Tommy was absolutely amazing even tho he kept telling me off because if my t-shirt, boone was just as chatty and both just grabbed your phone for pics. We had a great chat with David, when we asked about his tattoos ( Most are real).
  5. Tommy Flanagan, Theo Rossi and as many soa as posible .
  6. Yep defiantly big. In my hp book she filled a whole page. Love it.
  7. Tommy Flanagan telling me off for wearing a Kim Coates t-shirt twice .
  8. This would be exceedingly helpful to us if it happens even just gold and diamond. Anything else is a bonus.
  9. Heard lots of great things about this man. Love to finally meet him.
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