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  1. Fruits Basket:Prelude(2022) (No spoilers) 4.5/5 Some of it didn't go how I thought it would. It missed tying the whole thing to the series properly. The character I thought would do narration for the prelude section was narrating what felt like a recap of sorts, in which they could of tied the middle segment to it instead the title screen separates it. I do feel that the voice actors for the narration (sub and dub) kind of got the short end of the stick by not getting to narrate the main segment (in the manga their character does the narrating) and one character that I thought wouldn't be in this popped up in the recap bit..... I still enjoyed it but I kind of feel that they could have just played it off as him going through his memories and remembering a time that this other character told him about her life. It would have tied the film to the series and connected the front segment properly to the rest of the film. Also a little narrating from the prelude bit to the small future clip of the character the film started with would have tied it all nicely together and make it just seem like he was remembering her. As for the prelude section, that part was practically spot on to the manga and very well done as was the after scene.
  2. Haven't actually ordered anything but entrance ticket for Sunday but I'm planning on meeting Alex Kingston, ghrame mctavish and Doug naylor.
  3. Nor did I. I got to start ordering photo shoot tickets, my brains been over preoccupied with things that I ordered only entrance ticket
  4. Me too. Currently contemplating on other choices.
  5. Check to see if Dr evil is down there too....
  6. maegurwen

    Last Post Wins?

    That was just asking for a reply. Lol.
  7. I finally got round to watching Doctor Strange. Characters are interesting, the film got my attention quite quickly and the fight scenes look amazing. The overall plot is interesting and occasion there would be something that made me chuckle. In total I would give it 5/5.
  8. maegurwen

    This or That

    First born??? Dancing or Singing?
  9. maegurwen

    Last Post Wins?

    Be the last one to hold out I guess. Although we may have to just agree that we all win. I don't keep up with the games as much as I used to....
  10. I got round to watching passenger. To be honest I went in with low expectations and came out plesently surprised. The ending gave me mixed feelings though. I give it a 4/5
  11. 7255 3540 7093 is my trainer code if anyone wants to add me.
  12. Mine is under the username Arthmia. Also found out where my freind code is lol.
  13. These are getting a bit strange....
  14. The singing detective-wasn't to sure what was going on and adult scene near the front caught me off guard. Maybe I need to find and watch the BBC series to make sense of it?
  15. Cool. I wasn't to sure if there was other people playing it or not still. Is it OK if I add you? It's been so long I can't remember where the trainer code is for my trainer..
  16. OK, so I have got to a point where I will have to maybe clear some space out to store pops. I'm being told not to order anymore but I have roughly 20 on preorder. Do I throw stuff, rearrange stuff?
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