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  1. Character Game

    Thought I would start off a new Alphabet type game but with characters from Tv series, Films, Games or Anime Instead. I'll start off with: Altair Ibn Al'ahad
  2. Who did everyone meet?

    I met: Alan Tyduk Christopher Lloyd (missed out on auto last time.) John Cleese. Zoe wannamaker David Morrissey Mark Williams Deep Roy Missi Pyle
  3. What do you do with you're photos?

    I have most of mine in folders apart from my Christopher Lloyd photo from this weekend which is in a frame.
  4. Funko Pop Collection

    I have about 9 because of space ( i haven't got anywhere proper to display them.) So I basically buy if and when... So far I have Brienne of Tarth, Petyr Baelish, Jon snow (Series 2?), Jamie Lannister with a gold hand and Jacob Frye. Then this weekend I bought Illidan, Arthas and Ezio Auditore.
  5. Hows the Friday going?

    Today was quite good. Got what I needed to done...and ended up shopping too much....whoops. Only downside was someone dropping a empty bottle from the stairs, just missed me after bouncing off part of the table. Other than that it was fine
  6. Natedammit's super fun vegetable game

  7. Three Words

    that fly in
  8. Last Post Wins?

    Hhahahahhahahaahahhaha..... I iz the winnnnerr!!
  9. Community Reputation/ Forum Rank

    I seemed to have avoided that so far Although I've possibly just doomed myself now, lol.
  10. RIP - Chester Bennington

    . My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  11. Three Words

    a large amount
  12. Three Words

    How was the
  13. Change One Letter Game

  14. Who are you seeing?

    My list so far is: Missi Pyle Deep Roy Alan tyduk (Diamond Pass) Zoe Wannamaker John Cleese (Diamond Pass) Mark Williams David Morresey Maybe: Christopher Lloyd
  15. This or That

    Asphalt Crocodiles or Alligators
  16. Bacon Numbers

    Martin Freeman was in the Hobbit with Ian Mckellen Ian mckellen was in X-men: The Last Stand With Ellen Page, Ellen Page was in Super With Kevin Bacon Bacon number of 3. Next Name: Brad Pitt
  17. Three Words

    dance around the
  18. First person to post number

  19. Roll your head over the keyboard

  20. Natedammit's super fun vegetable game

  21. This or That

    Winter Dragons or Unicorns
  22. I'm bored game

    Hi everybody!
  23. Yet another number game

  24. 100s and 100s

  25. Movie Title Game