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  1. The singing detective-wasn't to sure what was going on and adult scene near the front caught me off guard. Maybe I need to find and watch the BBC series to make sense of it?
  2. Cool. I wasn't to sure if there was other people playing it or not still. Is it OK if I add you? It's been so long I can't remember where the trainer code is for my trainer..
  3. OK, so I have got to a point where I will have to maybe clear some space out to store pops. I'm being told not to order anymore but I have roughly 20 on preorder. Do I throw stuff, rearrange stuff?
  4. maegurwen

    This or That

    Nicola sturgeon. Car or bus
  5. I do, first thing in the morning. Rain
  6. Think I did get quite a few of these semi done. The other two I didn't do at all. I do have a few for 2022.
  7. Homes and Watson. Did find it amusing for a while the my brain decided it was getting bored about halfway in. Not been well recently so that might be why I stopped watching.
  8. How very strange..... In other news, I recently received my "the mummy" pop funkos. I also found out that two mha pops are on their way.(I have a backlog of preorders.)
  9. Half way there, I bought the movie instead
  10. I bought special hanzo and genji pops. Have been tempted to buy the what if doctor Strange. My stepdad was a little bewildered when he spotted my collection lol. He wondered what the heck they were (also found out most of my pops should be coming in Jan next year. I hope so because I have literally nearly waited a year for my bakugo and todoroki pop funko's.....)
  11. New progress. I'm not really allowed to procrastinate today. Need to clear certain surfaces as we are talking on both of our neighbours cats due to certain curcumastances. I think I also need to dust. So I guess I'm probably on step 67 of room cleaning.
  12. maegurwen

    Last Post Wins?

    True, unless people stop playing then it defiantly is whoever was last to post before everyone else disappeared. Although I apparently held that for nearly eleven months......is now a good time for me to say I win??
  13. Try turning it over. Sorry it has been a while. How's everyone doinf on what they want to get done. (Since it's nearly the end of the year.) Going over what I put, I have had times where I procrastinated less. Also had times where my room has been tidier. To be honest where I am now with it, it's in decent shape. Still a bit on the messy side. I failed on the project side of things so far and ordering less.
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