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  1. That reminds me that I have the dvd somewhere. I need to start watching that at some point.
  2. Can they still be traded in at the bank? If not, you can always frame it.
  3. I do have a Facebook page but I rarely use it, plus I don't generally put collections on there unless there autos.
  4. In other news I found £2 on the floor of my bedroom
  5. Yeah, I've added to this since then. At the moment most are on preorder. Have hidden away my overwatch pops to make room for my hero academia pops. I think I even added to my overwatch pops. Also any suggestions for where to post photos because one of these days I will have to take a photo....
  6. Another update: Managing to motivate myself more, still having days where I'm procrastinating though. Starting to get through dvds as well, trying to get films out the way as well as anime. So far I have gotten through a few films, three seasons of my hero academia and am continuing through fairytail. Room fluxuates between looking like a mess and looking a little decent. The last one I have not started but still want to do. As for ordering less stuff, I think I do order less but most of what I order is pop funko's now.
  7. To be honest I've been trying to catch up on Anime and get through films so mostly watched My Hero Academia. I'm already three seasons in and love how each character has grown during that time.
  8. To be honest I know the feeling. Can clean my room, but a few days later it will be messy again...
  9. Update: Have managed to get motivated a bit and my room looks a bit more cleaner. Not completely clean but allot better than it was.
  10. That's probably for the best, hope that you never get sucked into the funko whirlpool. An update just for you natedammit. I finally got nick, so the collection is complete.
  11. maegurwen

    This or That

    Carrots (I hate peas lol) Sprouts or Broccoli
  12. The only time I do the middle one is when I'm running for the bus...
  13. Touché. But you know as well as I know that once your in that pop funko vortex, your never getting out.
  14. One of us! One of us! I started with a game of thrones pop and I now have so many pops that I need the funko app to tell me. (Mainly because I can't be bothered to actually count) (also just counted on app. 112 pops not including my seven preorders.....)
  15. Been giving it some thought. So I think this would be the list: *Procrastinate less. *Get through the dvds that I havent because of procrastination. *Tidy room so it actually looks tidy. *Order less stuff *Start a project I've been wanting to for a while, but have no clue how I go about it.
  16. My room Is also untidy, i'll get it a decent way clean then it just ends up untidy again.
  17. . Interesting. Saw one but haven't seen two yet.
  18. Finally got round to watching knives out. What I initially thought and what I got was two different things. Quite a good movie though. The Kentucky accent from Blanc (Daniel Craig) was interesting although I found one of the comment's about him sounding like foghorn leghorn was funny. all in all I would give it a 3.5.
  19. Also surprised that my Hermes didn't loose my overwatch pops. (Roll on next year where I have six pops on preorder and a week booked off in January!)
  20. I like that I'm the tech expert in this. Also what a twist!
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