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    I'm truly very sorry about this:
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    Holly wanted me to post her pictures so everyone could see them so here they are. Mathew Lillard. It was only my partner getting the pic and we went past with her chair after her pic. Mathew spotted Holly and high fived her. Just as we were away he called her back and asked to see her Pikachu (or however you spell the thing). He then scootched down, grabbed her in and got the photographer to take her pic. What a guy.
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    Tom Welling auto, he was really lovely and kind about the drawing, meant a lot <3 sorry for bad photo quality! I'll share a pic of the DC t-shirt when it's got some more autographs on it
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    Last one: Sunday First was Martin Sheen and oh my goodness I can only echo what others have said and that's he was so wonderful in engaging with everyone, asking for everybody's name and shaking their hand. I thanked him after our photo was taken and his response was "thank *you* Kim" which just to me showed that he was genuinely listening to what people were saying to him and taking it in, just, yeah, what an experience getting to meet such a legend who was kind and warm and seemed to enjoy meeting us all <3 Robert Patrick was just so at ease with meeting everyone, very friendly, he was recognising folks he'd met earlier in the weekend and just seemed to go the extra mile to make it a great experience for everyone :) And last photo, Brendan Fraser He was... The whole weekend he seemed repeatedly taken aback and tremendously touched that we were all wanting to meet him I honestly get very emotional thinking about his autos, talk, and photo ops because he truly is such a beautiful person inside and out. He shook my hand before the photo and I have a habit of calling men Sir so his response to my "hello sir" was a smile and "call me Brendan, please" :). When I thanked him after the pic he gave me another very touched smile and said You're Welcome with such warmth I genuinely left getting teary-eyed All amazing experiences, thank you Showmasters I am forever grateful to you <3
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    This is a thank you post, but if anyone does have any other comments remember to phrase them in a constructive manner and don't be mean, remember to be polite and that crew are volunteers, they work under very trying circumstances and many have no customer/retail experience so aren't used to dealing with people in this manner I did 3 days at LFCC again this year and not once did I see any negatives about the crew, everyone I interacted with were polite and friendly, and remained that way even when having to deal with a lot of people who don't understand how events like this work and ask question after question that I would consider silly. Shout out the crew who rushed over to sort out Tennant's tardis shoot today and got everything working properly (no fault of the crew who were there) and back on track. You allowed my to get an awesome photo with David that will quickly become one of my favourites. Thank you to the crew running the sales desk in general and the Manager (My apologies, my brain is fried and I can't remember your name) for coping with grace when a mass of people descended upon them after Tennant's announcement, from what I saw whilst I was there trying to sort out our ticket oopsie you all kept calm despite you all having the same problems we were accessing the tickets, and thank you to the Sales Desk manager in particular for helping @evilfairieand myself sort our Duchovney ticket issue and refunding them with speed and without issue, you helped us go from an enjoyable but stressful day worrying we had massively overspent to being able to forget about it and marvel in the awe of meeting Tennant and Smith in particular. To all the crew who worked LFCC this weekend, from the ones I know, to the ones I see there all the time and everyone else, thank you. These events can't happen without you and you all worked your socks off this weekend. It really is a hard job to do, things go wrong because nothing in life is perfect and a machine as big as LFCC is always going to have issues here and there but you all work to sort it out, to help people with issues, and you put up with some s***ty attitudes whilst you do it. Thank you to the mods, especially those who have been on here when they shouldn't, as they should have been resting and recovering Thank you again to you all for giving us an awesome weekend.
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    Adding some personal thoughts. My boyfriend is currently at the Rock am Ring festival in Germany. I don't know how much of this has made the news in the UK. But yesterday the event was temporarily interrupted and the area was evacuated. A "concrete terroristic threat." I will spare you details because not much is really confirmed so far. It involves suspicious people using fake badges, that's pretty much the line everyone agrees on. Huge police presence, the area was searched extensively. But this morning they decided to continue. In any case, the evacuation was smooth and peaceful. Attendees were chanting "f**k terrorism" or singing "you'll never walk alone" or a German song which about translates to "there's one thing that no one can take away ftom me: it's the pleasure of life." This morning there were tons of sign repeating the chants in various variations or saying things like "they won't win." Don't get me wrong. I understand anyone being worried. I would also totally understand any event being moved. But I also understand the singing attendees. I was at an event after 9/11. One of the guests said on stage that he had considered cancelling due to that. But then he realized that "if we let them put fear in our hearts they have won." It's probably considered sad by some, but I still hear him saying this when I wonder "hey, should I really do this or that." Cause he's right too. It doesn't mean you have to run blind in the biggest and scariest scenario. But it doesn't mean you have to hide in your house and never come out again.
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    Saturday Jenna Coleman Jessie Cave Lana Parrilla Zachary Quinto
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    Some of my meetings on the Sunday. Not easy to scan with a phone.
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    I’ve still to get round to writing up my guest/con experiences but I’ve just had the best experience from this con tonight. We took round an album we made of all the photos of my granddaughter, including the ones we had taken herself of her for the whole trip and meeting cosplayers around the hall etc. It has her Jenna Coleman DP and lanyard in it and all the other bits and bobs. She cried and gave us huge hugs saying thank you for the best weekend ever. No guest experience from this weekend tops that I’m afraid
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    A few of mine, not sure of everyone's names so feel free to let me know
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    Won't be able to scan pics properly until tomorrow but this is the picture i have been waiting for... for so long. Finally got to meet David Tennant. This photo means so much to me.
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    I'm officially going to the con! Booked hotel and bought entry ticket
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    "Ok we thought this was not ever going to happen and we just closed it...on Wednesday we have a big guest announcement and it is legendary! This will be something that people will talk about for years and look back and say this was the show where it happened. So join us at 7pm this coming Wednesday when we will announce someone that will make so many of you fans happy. This is shaping up to be our best Comic Con EVER Here are some clues: They are a lead; They have never been to a comic con or signing event where they have signed or done photo ops anywhere in the world..ever. This person is someone we never thought we would get to one of our events let alone any event anywhere. This is a very important guest in our hobby." See you all Wednesday
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    Not sure if anyone is interested but thought i'd do this as not really done it before and thougjt maybe going over the weekend would remind me of little.things i might habe forgotten. Thursday usual esrly start... flight from Glasgow at 7am got to London around 8am/just after. Breakfast in hydepark and then taxi to hotel rather than walking as it was sooooo hot. Got i to room early as they had one ready..... was so grateful fir air con. Went and picked up passes. Didnt have too long to wait although 3 day passes werent ready right away wasnt too long before they were sorted. Back to hotel and went to have a cool drink in bar. Met another woman there whi also going to con. Shared stories back n forth until we realised time and the early start we both had. Parted ways amd went.to our rooms. FRIDAY First day of con!!! Got a not bad.position in queue and ended.up next to lady i made friends with night before. Convo continued untl time to get in.. both wishing each other luck with VQs lol. Had 3 photo ops and got most of the autos i wanted. Late finish tho as two photo.ops late in day. SATURDAY Anither early one. Got some low VQs and mamaged to get william shatner and lee majors autos as well. With my husband getting a fist pump from william shatner. After ling wait got my ian Somerhalder auto. Totally worth it and so glad i upgraded to DP last minute. Successful day. SUNDAY Still need tom ellis auto so no late start as want low VQ. Got 49!!! I have a chance. Between his talk/ photo sessions i figure its going to be late i can get his auto. Slow day as got all autos want and waiting on Tom and our photo sessions. Again two are late ones. We take in the free comic book talk which was really interesting then photo session again. Brendan fraser last photo and go straight to tom ellis auto at 5.45 and get.go ahead to join queue. Think we got there just in time as talking about cutting it off. Leave con juat before 6 so happy have all autos we want and photos. MONDAY Flight not until late afternoon. Spend chilled morning/afternoon in hyde park before heading to airport and home. Never done this before..... so thanks if you have taken time to read this. Not good at this so sorry its not much good lol.
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    Just a couple of photos from Spring Comic Con. Apologies for the quality. John Simm - I hadn't planned on going until John was announced. Really glad I got to meet him Bernard Cribbins - You're never too old for a womble! Really enjoyed the whole experience
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    I will be forever grateful to SM and ME for making this happen!
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    This is my first time doing one of these write-ups, so sorry if it isn't exciting to read. Long post incoming. This was my 3rd year attending LFCC, and this year has to be my favourite so far. I am used to saying up for hours on end, and am more than well versed in long distance travel. I couldn't sleep at all on saturday, but managed to get an hour of sleep very early on sunday. This was all I needed to stay awake for the rest of sunday, and at 4am I left for London. I arrived at roughly 7:35, so there was already a large queue in the general entry area. The time passed quickly as I got into a conversation with the people directly in front of us. I never caught their names though. We (me, my parents and my friend) got into the building at about 9:05, and then it was the rush to get VQ tickets that I was dreading. I managed to get everyone who I wanted to see on VQ except for the 4 modern doctors, but I got the photoshoots with 3 of them, which I will go into more detail on later. Whilst waiting for my VQ numbers to be called, my friend and I went downstairs to look at the stalls. I bought 3 Funko Pops (Spider-Man from Spider-Man:Homecoming, the Joker from the Dark Knight and Hellboy). This was all that I bought as the rest of my money went on autographs. At about half 9 I went back upstairs to get my autos. The first person I met was Nick Castle. He was lovely, and I told him about how much I love Halloween, and how he was a major part of my love for the film, as his performance as Myers was absolutely brilliant. He was more than happy to personalize my auto, and I got a selfie with him. After Nick, I met Pearl Mackie. Unfortunately she had a no photos sign, but she was personalizing. We spoke about Doctor Who, and she seemed really happy when I told her how much I liked her performance. She also called me "Darling" twice . She signed by Doctor Who series 10 steelbook. I then went to Peter Davison. He was so nice, and loved the fact that he is one of my favourite Doctor's. My friend and I then both went to meet Andrew Cartmel, my friend saw him for his comic work, and I obviously saw him for his Doctor Who stuff. Turns out he was charging £5 for signatures, but in the grand scheme of these events, that isn't much, so I wasn't worried. Again, a nice experience, and he was very chatty. He signed a postcard and a Doctor Who dvd. My next guest to meet was Bonnie Langford. For some reason, her and Colin Baker were along the back wall with some of the really big name stars, so finding her queue was a bit of a struggle. Once I found it, her's and Colin's queues had merged, and the queue split into two about halfway down depending on if you were seeing Bonnie or Colin. She was also very polite and talkative. My last guest who I met for an autograph was Paul Taylor. This was genuinely one of my favourite guest interactions I've ever had. His queue was empty when I met him, so I spoke to him for a good 10 minutes. I then went with my parents to see the John Schneider solo talk. They are huge fans of the Dukes of Hazzard, and I am a casual fan, so we all went to that talk, and it was great. So funny and insightful. My parents did get autographs from the three Dukes in case anyone was wondering. After all of this, it was now a case of waiting for the photoshoots to start. I spent loads of time walking around the first floor looking at stalls, and my friend bought some more things. Then David Tennant's standard shoot began. I think his Tardis shoot over ran, as his standard shoot started way after the scheduled start. But it was worth the wait, as he was so kind and friendly. As I walked up to him he said "Nice shirt, man. And how are you?", and as I left he told me to enjoy the rest of the day, and I gave him a similar response. As soon as I finished at that shoot, I went straight to Matt Smith's shoot. Again, he was very nice, and complimented me by saying "Looking cool, mate". He asked if I had a pose in mind. I said that I hadn't, so he suggested I do a thumbs up pose while he does his thing. Personally I don't like how I look in this photo (you may notice I had kept my thumb out of the picture ), but the memory of meeting Matt makes it worthwhile. And finally, this was the biggest one for me. Christopher Eccleston. He was the first ever Doctor who I saw on tv, and has firmly remained one of my favourites. I also admire his other work such as in 28 Days Later. He was the man who introduced me to my all time favourite tv series, and I was so excited to finally meet him. I had brought myself around to thinking that I would never get the chance to meet him, but SM made my dream come true. And he did not disappoint. He was happy and smiley. A couple of places in front of me was a family, including two children. Eccleston's face lit up at the sight of them, and he knelt down to speak to them and have the photo taken. I thought that was really sweet of him to do. When it was my turn, he saw me and said "I love your shirt." Yes, they all complimented my appearance for some reason. He asked me my name after the photo was taken and told me to enjoy the rest of my day. He was the highlight of the day, and I'm so grateful to him for coming and making everyone's experience a great one. After that, it was time to head home. That was one of the best days of my life, and one that I will certainly never forget. All the guests who I met were wonderful, and all the crew members who helped me throughout the day were also very nice, and a credit to SM. My only regrets were missing my Capaldi and Duchovny shoots due to me writing down the wrong times for them, and not being able to get autographs from any of the modern Doctors. However, every cloud has a silver lining (I believe that is how the phrase goes?). I saw Capaldi and Duchovny walking around throughout the day, and I got the photos with the the Doctors which more than made up for not managing their autographs. Overall, this was an amazing day and I can't wait for LFCC next year. Thank you so much SM for providing me with the opportunity to have such a wonderful event and meet some of my heroes.
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    My Saturday pics: I'll post my last pic (with Jeremy bulloch <3 ) tomorrow if people don't mind yet another one from me!!
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    Really happy to have met Fox Mulder today! Such a nice guy :)
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    Fancy but 100% unofficial: LFCC 2018 Personal Schedule Maker! Literally tick the things you plan to do and it will filter down the schedule list - red background is the stuff missing right now (according to eventbrite listings), green text means free talk http://celebpics.fics-n-pics.me.uk/lfccscheduler2018.html
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    Stranger Things Winona Ryder - Joyce David Harbour - Chief Hopper Millie Bobby Brown - Eleven Finn Wolfhard - Mike Gaten Mattarazzo - Dustin Caleb McLaughlin - Lucas Noah Schnapp - Will Natalia Dyer - Nancy Charlie Heaton - Johnathan Joe Keery - Steve Sadie Sink - Max Sean Astin - Bob
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    Had a crazy few days... My favourite fictional dad...I mean come on Arthur Weasley and Brian Williams... Always great to see Sylvester and listen to his talk on friday... The Guv'nor all day long... What a lovely guy David Bradley was at this photoshoot, I didn't like the quality of how it looked in colour but I've played around with it and think that the black and white make it look way better...I cried looking at it...Doctor Number One is truly back... I AM GROOT Wow, what a guest Matt Lucas was...I got really flustered around him because I just think he so amazingly talented. I've been a fan since Shooting Stars and I think he was not only great as Nardole but he's also been a brilliant ambassador for the show... All in all a great but tiring weekend.
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    Frank Welker and Peter Cullen Added Frank Welker (bottom) Added Elijah Wood (right)
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    Final photo of the weekend is Robert Englund. This was great fun. Robert chose the pose for each person. Good to know I am someone he would rather hug than murder.
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    Two of my very favs this weekend.
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    This will probably be me queuing for a VQ.
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    Here's my haul from this event. Ted Raimi If he comes back, a photoshoot is a must. He was absolutely wonderful. Bernard Cribbins If I look slouched over, that's because I was. Bernard was sat on a high stool, but I was still way above him so I ended up crouching down so we would be level in the image. Robert Englund The pose was his idea, he told me to make a scared or shocked expression and that's the result. Tom Baker This one was my photoshoot with him from the film fair last year, and he signed it at this event. I'm not sure what happened to the quality on this one.
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    Got my digital photo, my life is now complete
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    I've noticed one or two of these topics pop up, and both have been fascinating reads. So since it's my birthday today, I thought I'd take another shot at this. And I also apologise in advance for the long post coming right up! So LFCC has gone and passed, an event which lived up to, and surpassed my expectations in every way! As a massive Whovian, meeting the likes of Matt Smith and David Tennant have literally been childhood dreams, and it still feels like the events that passed were all a dream. With several photos and autographs on my agenda, I can safely say this LFCC was the most I've ever spent at any convention... and it was damn well worth it. So, here's the play-by-play of my day: After waking early at 3am, and getting the earliest train at 6:45, I arrived around 8:10, picked up my diamond passes and queued until 9:15 when they let us in. I had bought 3 diamond passes, and got some relatively decent numbers for Pearl and Peter, but I had one of the first diamond passes for Matt which made it a lot easier to get my photo and autograph later on. With that in mind, my photo schedule looked a little something like this: Guest Photoshoot Times From To Area Batch Peter Capaldi 10:05 11:00 B Diamond 15:00 15:55 Pearl Mackie 11:20 11:50 B Diamond 16:15 16:45 Matt Smith 09:30 10:25 D Diamond 15:00 15:35 Arthur Darvill 09:30 10:00 B 2 13:35 14:00 Paul McGann 11:40 12:05 C 1 Ingrid Oliver 13:35 14:00 C 1 Doctor Who Group Shoot 14:30 14:55 D 1 David Tennant 14:00 15:00 G 2 Now, I personally like meeting a guest at the autograph table before having a photo - it's mainly because sometimes, a guest recognises me in the photo op which is a gratifying feeling. And as you can see from the schedule, it seemed less likely events would play out in this order. So with that, I moved straight to Matt’s photoshoot where I would meet Matt around 9:50. I have to say, Matt is a genuinely nice guy (no bias, I promise). When it got round to my turn to meet him, he was taken aback by the cosplay I was wearing (I was potentially the only person who met him in his green jacket). We both grinned at the camera, he praised the cosplay and gave a solid pat on the chest, something I didn't see coming! That's not the last of him in this post, but I couldn't feel more acknowledged by the childhood hero I grew up with in secondary school! With that decision, I missed Arthur's morning shoot, which wasn't a major problem, I could come back later to meet him. And with a bit of time before Peter Capaldi's shoot, I went off to bug Ingrid at 10:06 and Pearl at 10:15 for some autographs. Ingrid was very engaging, talking about art styles, the shading and the overall look of my drawing. We briefly discussed how I'm an inconsistent artist because I can't seem to replicate the shading (which she seemed fascinated by). With this enjoyable conversation over, she allowed me to choose the colour of the sharpie, and after letting her know she'd see me again, we parted ways for the signing. Pearl was up next, who was in awe of my artwork (both of them!), and I couldn't have been more impressed by how genuine and welcoming she was. We briefly talked about how long each one took, decided the colours of the signatures before I went on to give her a copy (in black) of the screen print that I made. I probably spent a good 2 minutes just talking to her as she shook my hand twice during this encounter. Out of the many guests I've met, she's certainly one of the fondest encounters I've had to date, it was simply incredible. With these friendly encounters over, I headed over to Peter's shoot with something in hand at around 10:50. Basically, I wrote a letter 5 years ago, and received a response 6 months later whilst he was filming his first series. When I got to the shoot, I showed him the letter which he briefly read before realising how much time had passed. I may have distracted him from the photo by accident, but off-camera, his response was "I'm glad it made it through!" I've waited 4 years to meet the man, I couldn't resist showing that letter! With Peter's photo over, I headed to Paul McGann's photoshoot (meaning Pearl's photoshoot would have to wait till the afternoon). A quick 10 second encounter of shaking hands, talking about my cosplay and Paul teasing me that I'd be warm, and I was off. Initially I had a drawing I wanted signed, but I was so busy that getting a VQ ticket was off the list. Also, don't ask about my hair in this photo, I don't know either. When 11:30 rolled around, it was time to get Matt's signature. I briefly engaged in a 1 minute conversation where he asked "is this your handiwork?", giving him another drawing to keep (which he appreciated very much), and ending with a fist bump. It was a short encounter, and not surprising given how big of a guest he was, but to finally have a signature from him was just surreal. An utter joy to talk to, my encounters with him couldn't have been any better. After that, I went off to get my photos with Ingrid at and Arthur. Missing the morning shoot, batch 2s were further ahead in the line, so I quickly dashed out of Ingrid's line and moved into Arthur's line at 1:40 where a quick 5 second encounter passed, and a photo I was happy with. I returned to Ingrid's line for a photo at 1:55, where we spoke for about 20 seconds as she remembered me, and suggested we do a classic Doctor Who pose. All her idea, and I'm happy she suggested it. Okay, 5 photos down, 3(ish) signatures done, I headed over to David Tennant's queue, where I stayed till 2:28. However, the queue wasn't moving, and I needed to head to the Steven Moffat-era shoot in two minutes, so I quickly decided to leave Tennant's queue to go down in size, and head to the Doctor Who group shoot, where my photo was taken at 2:50, where I was greeted warmly by Matt and Peter once again, alongside David Bradley and Steven. Before and after the photo was taken, Matt and Steven were discussing "the other jacket", aka my green one that I was wearing. Matt was saying how he didn't particularly like it (although did say it looked good on me, so thanks for the compliment!). Out of all the photos I took that day, it was certainly my favourite. My two favourite Doctors, plus the previous showrunner and Bradley, how could I resist? With that great and wonderful encounter out the way, I headed back to Tennant's queue, where I was at the back of a quieter queue (shoulda done that from the start!). We were explicitly told that we would be immediately in, snap, and out, so we couldn't engage in conversation or hugging etc.. However, when I got to meeting David at 3:15, I found he didn't seem to care about those rules, engaging in conversation with everyone and giving hugs to various people. He complimented my cosplay, though noted that I must've been boiling, to which I replied "you're totally right". A big, last minute name like Tennant and yet he was so gracious with time, that's what they call a Time Lord. With the big shoot out of the way, I decided to kill more time before Pearl's photoshoot. Peter wasn't returning for a few hours, so I went and met Arthur Darvill, whose queue had gone from virtual queuing to open by 3:20, with nobody there. I showed him my drawing, he signed, and that was it. I don't know if he was simply tired, but he didn't seem to want to engage in conversation, only ever really looking up when returning the drawing. It was a little disheartening to be honest, but I know these days can be long and tiring, so I don't hold anything against him, and scouring the forums told me that I wasn't the only one with this kind of encounter. Ultimately, I'm just happy to have another drawing dedicated. Now came Pearl's PM photoshoot. Again, a quick in-and-out experience, though Pearl did recognise me from earlier, we greeted each other warmly, and departed both incredibly happy. I can't emphasise how amazing Pearl is, and how friendly and engaging she is. With that, all my photos were done at around 4:30pm. Now lastly, I needed to get my autograph from Peter Capaldi, which took longer than expected. Peter was behind on diamond passes from the day before, and was taking his time, talking to people and hugging. Eventually, pass numbers up to 100 was called and I got into the main line with one drawing in hand. 5:30 rolled around, and I got to stand face to face one again with Peter. He was incredibly gracious with my drawing, and even though he apparently stopped doing personalisations, it seems he made an exception to artwork. Because I showed him that letter from years ago, he remembered my name without need for a postick note. I then handed him a copy of the screen print in red I made for Pearl, which he graciously accepted. A fond handshake later, and a joke about how it better not take another 4 years to meet him, and I was on my way, in disbelief that any of the events that had transpired had even happened. So that's the play-by-play done, and without a doubt, the show was absolutely brilliant! Even with the massive crowds, I found the crew to be incredibly helpful, and most of the events transpired smoothly and without trouble. If I had any regrets, it was not being able to have a drawing ready for David Tennant to sign, and also not meeting Christopher Eccleston, who I've heard positive stories about post-con. Ultimately, this was one hell of an event, good job Showmasters. You've got my attention for next year!
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    Here are all the photoshoots I got over the weekend at LFCC. Friday James Callis John Schneider Tom Welling Ray Fisher Tom Baker (Diamond Pass) Saturday: Ingrid Oliver Noel Clarke Pearl Mackie Katie Leung Tony Robinson (Diamond Pass) Rahul Kohli, Aly Michalka and Rose McIver iZombie photoshoot Ray Park Sunday: Devon Murray Jewel Staite Tom Welling and John Schneider Arthur Darvill Christopher Eccleston (Diamond Pass) David Tennant (Diamond Pass) Matt Smith (Diamond Pass) Peter Capaldi
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    Disclaimer This post is going to be really boring. As in 'probably just keep scrolling past it' boring. But this is the only photo I had done at the con and I feel left out not sharing it. It's just me and Iwan Rheon just standing there. No funny or interesting poses or clever use of props. Just me and him with a thumbs up. I also think we look almost mirrored, except I have a few extra pounds on him and I've shaved more recently. But anyway, yeah, my boring photo:
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    NEWS UPDATE from Facebook: Just a heads up everyone our exciting multiple guest announcements on Friday at 7pm is now a "BIG" multiple guest announcement as we have just closed some more guests since we put this announcement up! So get ready and after these guests are announced we do feel tickets for some of the photo ops will start to sell out and also day tickets for Saturday are getting low so be warned :-) This years event will sell out on the Saturday and most likely sell out on the Sunday. Hope that helps you all to plan your weekend at the biggest London Film and Comic Con yet.
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    thanks - I also did one for Gina Torres so I am hoping this will appear too Fingers crossed. Drawn in 2006 when Gina was previously announced for another Con.
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    A personal favourite of my Photo Shoots from LFCC Summer 2019. Aimee Garcia was such a sweet and lovely person to meet. She was very chatty and a real pleasure to talk to. She complimented my cosplay and wrote the sweetest comment when I went to get my autograph. Thank you, Aimee!
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    Got to say a massive thank you to Nick G and the other crew at the Val Killer Auto queue. You were all brilliant under very difficult circumstances. You all made my con weekend. And a massive amount of respect to Val, for insisting on coming back down to do some signing when not feeling great. A true gent, such a honour to meet him.
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    Got my auto from Tom Felton finally. Think I may have accidentally delayed his queue though. Asked him what it was like seeing Jason Isaac's again and he ran off to give him a hug
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    Finally got the chance to pick up my pre-order from CM26. (Arrived the same day I flew to London). Faye Marsay
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    Hopefully my final list for the LFCC weekend. I usually end up getting more auto's later in the day, depending on queues.
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    Rachel Weisz now when Brendan is coming, or why not Arnold Vosloo, Patricia Velásquez or John Hannah. The Mummy (1999) turns 20 this year.
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    It’s your own fault if you get dissapointed I find, just hope for a guest of your liking and if it’s not, be happy for the other people
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    Autocorrect changed my boyfriends name from Joseph to hotdog on one of our photo op tickets and I didn’t notice. Lmao. So we have a photo op for a “Hotdog Brown” major facepalm he will still be ok using it right? They just like the QR code? Feel a right bosom lmao.
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    (Anyone who was near me in the queue knows how much I was freaking out before this picture. I LOVE IT! Birthday utterly made!) (Also very happy with this one.) (The happiest Hufflepuff in all the land!) (Captain Joei in her natural habitat!)
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    Each year keeps getting better and better. here are a few, the rest are on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/smd1984/albums
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    I just met him. I touched him and said words to him and he said words to me and a nice lady gave me a photo as evidence. Actual Pele.
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