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    I started this last year and I thought I’d try to make it a annual thing, so here we are! I’m writing it now whilst everything is still fresh in my brain, but I apologise if I leave anything out (some bits have been on purpose!) or mis-remember things at all or even put parts in the wrong order. I’m trying my best! I had another amazing year at LFCC. With less guests on my list than previous years, I thought I would be less busy and maybe even bored. I was wrong! I had no problem finding stuff to do in the times between shoots and autos etc. and actually did some stuff I’ve never tried before! I worked on the Thursday this year, which was a mistake. My whole day was spent getting excited and going over in my head what was about to happen across the next few days. No work was done during the day at all. My boss could see it was pointless keeping me around that day so let me out an hour early and i rushed up to Olympia for my pass collection. Judging by previous years, I was full expecting a one or two hour wait to get my weekend wristband and diamond passes. Again, I was wrong! The way the pass pickups were organised was so much better this year, and i really hope Showmasters continue using this method from here on out as there were no queues when I arrived and had my passes within 10 mins! A bit shocked at how quick the collection had been, I managed to meet up with some friends in the old haunt of the Crown and Sceptre for a catch up over some food and drinks. After a couple of hours we made the move to Latymers for the Thursday meet up. On our way over we happened to bump into one Mr Lance Henriksen who was just hanging out out the front of his hotel! We stopped and chatted with him for about 15mins and not one member of the group asked for an auto or photo which just made it for a really cool chat with the guy who is just so nice. I believe a few of the group managed to spend more time with Lance across the weekend, but that’s not my story! The rest of the night was spent chatting with old friends and making new ones at the meet up (many thanks to smithy270492 for organising that this year, good job buddy!) but due to my lack of hotel it was an early leave for me to head back on the train. After a restless night of 2 hours sleep, my alarm got me up at 5am. I wasn’t feeling great. The heat had been unbearable in the night, and mix that with the excitement of the first day of LFCC and that just leads to trouble. I just about managed to get myself sorted and caught my train in time to arrive at Olympia at 7:20. By this time a queue had formed but isn’t wasn’t as long as I had expected and after a smooth bag search/wristband check as we entered the building at 7:50, I happily found myself in the first queue line, preparing for a nice 2 and a bit hour wait for the main doors to open. It was during this time that I managed a wave to Broo, and to be completely missed by both Chris1970 and teskothemad who stood near me, but I’m telling myself they didn’t do it on purpose! Opening of the doors went smoothly. No one was running or pushing that i saw and there was a general happy feeling in the air. VQ collection went without issue and I found myself with some great low numbers for the guests I needed. With that, I was off to my first shoot. As I mentioned earlier, I went for the general 3 day weekend entry pass this year, but what I didn’t mention was that this is the first time since my first LFCC in 2013 that I have had one of these as I had usually gone for the gold pass to help make things easier. Previous years have seen me meet 20-30 guests but this year I decided with only 11 guests on my list, that gold wasn’t needed. This time I was right. My first photo was with Jewel Staite. I have been a fan of Firefly for years and she is the 4th member of the main cast I have now met. She was so sweet and lovely in that shoot and I have to give a special shoutout to that dress she was wearing, because, wow! Jewel had arrived a little late to her shoot which meant I had missed the morning shoot for my only other one for the day, which was Meat Loaf, but it was fine as he had another one later in the afternoon which I would make it to. I had some spare time after that though so I decided to start on my autos. First up was Tom Vaughan-Lawlor who was a super lovely guy. I watched him explain to a kid how he wore a weird suit that a computer recognised and turned him into Ebony Maw in Infinity War and the kid was totally transfixed on every word. Such a great thing to see. He signed an 8x10 as well as my custom Avengers Villains poster that I have just started. After Tom, I made it over to Zach Levi’s auto table. The guy was already looking a bit warm (This was the hottest day by far across the weekend), but still enjoying himself with everyone meeting him. I realised after about 5mins of queuing that it was friend of mine standing in front of me in the queue which was great to have a catch up as we waited. As we got closer to Zach though, the guy in front of my friend had told him “When I heard you had been cast as Shazam I was worried”!! After he left, Zach was in fits of laughter, saying “At least he was honest!”. Zach was lovely to meet and told me a couple of quick stories about Chuck along with saying that he still hopes to make the movie one day (fingers crossed!). Next up was Matt Zimmerman. I loved Thunderbirds when I was a kid, so any chance I get to meet someone who worked on it, I jump at the chance. Matt seemed so happy to be meeting people and after calling me “another big guy” (I’m hoping that was a complement!) we had a great conversation about how both our names are shortened, but our full names is only used when we’re in trouble! Moving on from Matt, I saw that Jewel Staite’s auto queue had been cut off for her to go on a break. I went up to ask the crew member what time she would be back and was about to walk off when a lady (Jewel’s manager/agent?) shouted out to the crew member that she would sign for 5 more people as she still had some time! I handed over my VQ (which had been called) and managed to see her within a matter of minutes, even though she had had a massive queue all day. Once again Jewel was incredibly sweet and I basically melted in front of her. I asked about Season 2, I didn’t like the answer. I then spoke to her about her cameo in Alan Tudyk’s Con Man series and she was telling me about as well as how much she’d love to be on again. She happily signed with quotes my Firefly book (I hate that thing and regret starting an auto collection in it as it’s so heavy!) and an 8x10. I was doing really well for time and I thought I could fit in one more auto before having a rest. As I joined behind the few people at his table, I noticed that a blue bear was talking to Costas Mandylor and asking him to sign his wood. I gave natedammit a poke as he walked off and got the grumpy, annoyed reaction from him that I had hoped for and expected. He probably hasn’t bothered to read this far but if he does, it was nice to finally meet you Nate, even if it was just for a few seconds. I will try to annoy you for longer next time. Costas was as cool as cool can be. He had been chatting with the people in front of me about what a great guy Tobin Bell is and our conversation went from there and delved more into the Saw films and as to whether or not we will see him back as Hoffman (he wouldn’t say). Stopping for lunch is a new thing for me at LFCC, usually I don’t have time! I sat in the auto area with a group of friends sharing stories of our mornings so far and what autos we’d managed to get. Once we were done I went for a short walk around the stalls and stumbled on the Baker Street set where I had some photos taken. At the time of writing this, I haven’t received them, so apologies for not posting anything here. I did then also have a shot taken on the Stranger Things set, and although I do think it would have been better if the fairy lights were on, I do quite like the pic I got! After bumping into a few more people I know from various walks of life it was finally time for my photo with Meat Loaf. This was hands down the weirdest shoot I have done at a con! It started with everyone being given paper hand fans in the queue which were a godsend! We were then asked to turn and face a camera shouting “Meat Loaf” as they took what seemed to be an official pic of some kind. I’d like to know what this was for as I was close to the front and would love to have a copy. After that had happened, the queue started to move, slowly. Slower than any other photo queue I’ve ever seen in fact and had me worried that something was wrong. Once I got inside the booth I saw exactly what the hold up was. As we walked in, the man himself was shouting out that everyone has to introduce themselves to him as they come up for their photo and he was having short chats with most people as they did. For us attendees this was great, as I’ve never seen such interactions with a guest at a shoot before, but for the staff on the other hand… most of them were pulling their hair out! The photographer especially, who i saw crouched on the floor with his head in his hands a few times while Meat nattered away to people! The poor girl calling everyone forward was just laughing because if she didn’t she would cry as she tried to tell everyone to introduce themselves, because if she missed it, Meat would shout it out again! This was my favourite shoot I have ever done at a convention! After the shoot I went back round to try and see if I could get into Meat’s auto queue as he was the only auto I had left to collect for the day. Unfortunately, but after the photo experience not unexpectedly, it turns out that Meat hadn’t gotten thorough all of the diamond tickets yet. I walked up to find a group of low VQ ticket holders who like myself only had Meat’s auto left to get. The plan was to hang around to see if it was possible to get in the queue at any point but not to cause any trouble or get in the way and do everything asked of us. Eventually some crew members allowed us to join the queue but warned us that they would continue to add in any other diamond pass holders in front of us when they turned up. We agreed. We then spent the next hour and a half walking backwards more than we did forwards! Did we moan a bit? Yes, but we all understood the situation and were still very grateful to the crew for helping us out. Eventually, after waiting for 2 1/2 hours, we got our autos, and although Meat had been told to hurry things up, he still enjoyed a small chat with everyone who came up. Very happy to have my copy of ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ signed along with a Fight Club poster, where Meat drew Bob in as he wasn’t on it! The only thing I regret from this wait was that I did miss Jewel Staite’s talk, so I hope she comes back some day. After the long wait for Meat’s auto I was drained, but still managed to head down the pub for a couple of hours to join the usual crowd before having to slope off early again as I needed to make up for the sleep I lost the night before. I had a much later start on Saturday but still woke up before my alarm and just got on with it to get to the station quicker. After no hassle with the trains, I was hoping that the later start was going mean getting into the venue would be a breeze. Wrong again! It felt like everyone else going to the con that day had had the same idea as me. The queue went from the train station, to the main road, sealed a bit, then to a 3 lane split where two lanes were filled as one was emptied. This went back down to the gold pass queue, with more snaking, then round the whole building and in gate H. I will admit I was totally shocked by this but it actually only took about half an hour to get through as it was moving at a fast walk pace nearly the whole time. Bag check etc. was easy again but what did seem pointless to me was that we were then made to snake round the whole queue in the queue hall before just walking in. This seemed pointless to me. Once I was in it was time to get back to work. I had a heads up from some friends who got there early that loads of guests had moved auto table positions so I took a tour round the signing area to see who was where and gage some queues to grab an auto. I turned up just in time to David Duchovny’s queue to be let in straight away behind a few other diamond pass holders with him turning up about 15 mins later. As expected with a bigger guest like David, we were wanted to move through as fast as possible without being overly rushed. The man himself called me by name and thanked me for coming, which was about it. I was happy with this as I have heard and experienced worse from other guests and I was just happy to have met him, no matter how briefly. I was never expecting him to be like Meat Loaf or anything as he just doesn’t seem the type. With one of my diamond autos under my belt, and the other out for lunch and a photo shoot, I took a walk around artist’s ally and bought several prints and commissioned an ink drawing from Martin Griffiths of Peter Venkman from The Real Ghostbusters. Next on my list was to get an auto from Mike Quinn. I have met Mike before, back in 2016 where I go him to sign a Star Wars pic for me and we chatted about his work on those films. This year I wanted to move onto a different show he has worked on, The Muppets. I saw Mike performing with the Muppets in a live show just recently in London and was blown away to be able to watch him and all the other puppeteers work their craft in a live setting. Talking with Mike he told me all about how uncomfortable it can be rolling round on the floor and having to hold your hand above your head for long periods of time. He also told me that he has now been working with The Muppets for 38 years and is the only person to have worked Kermit will all three men who have performed him over the years. Now it was time for Zach Levi’s talk. This one was high energy! He is very charismatic and you could tell how much fun he was having with the Q&A from the crowd. Questions about Shazam were avoided but with an answer that satisfied without actually saying anything! It’s easy to see how the guy got to where he is. After a lunch break I went and joined the queue for Sam Neill’s auto and with my diamond pass, I didn’t have to wait for him to come back for too long and only had a few people in front of me. This was Sam’s first ever con and he was very cool and calm with the whole experience. He loved that we share our first name and was happy to see my Event Horizon poster, a movie he said really creeped him out. He was a very special meet for me and I have been a fan since I was 10 years old and he did not disappoint. After Sam I tried to grab what I assumed was going to be a quick auto from William Hope, only to find he had a massive queue and had been put on VQ tickets! I took one and thought I’d try again a bit later. Before I did, I took another walk around some of the stalls and ended up with some more art and a sticker of a Porg! (I love those stupid things, even if I’m not the biggest fan of the film they’re in). Returning to William’s table I was shocked to find the vq system had gone and only 3 people in his queue. It had been less than an hour! I took my chance and got to meet him to find he too is a very sweet and gracious man who was so happy to be meeting everyone. Meeting him is a great addition to my Aliens collection and I have heard he doesn’t appear often so well done to Showmasters for getting him. After meeting William I went straight into the Duchovny talk. I have to admit, this was not my favourite talks of the weekend. Some of his answers were interesting, but there were a lot of them that he refused to answer, but I never felt particularly bored and he was always happy to take a compliment from the crowd. After the talk I rushed for a photo with William Hope, only to find it was massively running behind, so I went and had my photo with Sam Neill before heading back. Both men were just as lovely and sweet in their shoots as they had been earlier at their tables. With all my autos and photos done for the day I headed out and joined the queue that had already started forming for the Ray Park Martial Arts Demo. This was a good fun evening. Ray said he had nothing prepared for the night but it didn’t show as he flipped across the stage and through the lightsabers around in a way that only Darth Maul could! Those that were there may or may not have recognised me as I went up on stage and showed them all exactly how not to do it! Ray doesn’t have to worry about me stealing his job any time soon. It was great to see him interacting with everyone on stage and always being positive to encourage us to do our best. If it didn’t work, we tried again until we got it. It was a proper master class! Even with some of the younger kids who came up were handled really well by all the guys instructing, whether they were shy or loud, they were helped to do their best. I’m not ashamed to admit that a couple of the kids were way better with the lightsaber than i will ever be! After the demo it was back down the pub for a bit to see the usual rabble. I managed to stay out a bit longer this time (a whopping 22:30!) but it was still an earlier finish than i really wanted! The Sunday started a little earlier than the day before to try and avoid the long queues, and it worked. I was in in no time, although I was a little bit wetter than I’d hoped thanks to the rain. I wish I’d remembered about my emergency poncho before I’d walked half way from Hammersmith! Once inside there was no time for looking around as I was straight into my Duchovny shoot. It was fist bumps around as we walked up for our pics, and I got the same level of greeting from him as I did from my signing session, so I left happy. After David’s shoot I said hi to a few people and went into Meat Loaf’s talk. After the past couple of interactions with him I had expected it to be good and he didn’t disappoint! His stories made you laugh and cry and realise what an amazing life he has had. He told us he’s been called Meat since he was 4 days old, and talked about his favourite songs and how he sees himself as an actor not a singer, in that every song he does he performs a different character. It seems unlikely but if he ever does manage to get back on tour, I have to go. After the talk I killed some time round the stalls again and met up with some friends I hadn’t seen over the weekend yet and bumped into others I didn’t even know would be there! I love how random comic con can be for stuff like that! Then it was time for my Zach Levi photo. David Tennent’s photo before us was running a bit late and there were further complications when a poor girl in David’s queue fainted. His shoot finished without her getting a pic but we heard people say that they would try to sort out a selfie with David at the auto booth as the medical staff took her away. I hope she recovered and got her pic. Zach was as energetic and friendly has he had been earlier in the weekend which is great to see from a guest on day 3 of a con. I only realised from standing next to him just how giant that guy is and he’s definitely moved on from his Chuck days to being in shape for Shazam too! With my final shoot for the weekend over, it was time to collect my final autos. I met Emily Carey and Barbara Coles, both of whom seem so pleased to be there and talk to everyone as they signed away and posed for photos at the table. My final auto was Ray Park and when I got to his table he remembered me from the night before and was telling what parts he thought I did well, and what I needed to work on more. I will follow his advice and either get a lightsaber or just practise with a stick to see if I can improve my skills. Ray is a gent and a legend and I still am amazed that I go the opportunity to get a short lesson from him! Photos and autos completed, I headed into my final activity of the weekend which was Sam Neill’s talk on the main stage. It was great to see how relaxed Sam was as he answered any questions people had. The majority were of course about Jurassic Park, but the was also a nice mix about some of his various projects, yet no one asked about Event Horizon or The Dish! I had my hand in the air to ask a question for much of the talk but as I finally got handed the mic, they wrapped it up! Oh well. Walking noticeably slower than normal and feeling both physically and mentally exhausted, there was enough time to head down the pub one last time before heading off to central London with a group of friends for a meal before saying goodbye and heading home. My mission was complete. I had everything I set out to get from the weekend, and more. I love meeting the guests, and none of them this year disappointed me at all, but as ever it’s my friends and other attendees that made the weekend for me, so thank you to everyone I hung out with or talked to no matter how long for as it’s you guys that bring me back every year. Thanks for reading! Wrong Name TL;DR - Went to LFCC, met guests for photos and autos and had fun.
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    http://celebpics.fics-n-pics.me.uk/lfccscheduler2018.html Yes I'm crew, yes I occasionally pop up here with a mod hat, but this is absolutely not official and just something I've been tinkering with. I will do my best to keep it updated as new versions of the schedule are released, but I have to do the data entry manually (and it's taken from the release until now to get the initial version in, even with my sister helping enter times) Just click the boxes next to your planned activities and it will give you a filtered schedule with just where you need to be. It is sorted according to the advice we give people on here with overlaps - ie go to the event ENDING first - but with long overlaps this might not be accurate depending on your batch number. Red background is the stuff currently missing (taken only from eventbrite listings so may not be 100%), green text is free talks If you have any feedback please let me know (my css and javascript are quite rudimentary so I won't necessarily be able to improve things but I'd still like to know!)
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    Hi All Just a reminder, whilst the mods will check in on the forum periodically over the course of the weekend, most of us will be at the show so we cannot guarantee an immediate response on here. If you have any issues whilst at the show, please speak to a member of the event crew, or visit the information desk. Most issues that arise can be dealt with then and there however, if you leave the show with an unresolved problem it is unfortunately likely to stay that way. We hope you have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you there.
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    But details are still being confirmed. I will update this as soon as I hear more. Just wanted to post this in a prominent and obvious place as I have promised.
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    My three photo ops from today - apologies for the quality, photo of a photo n all
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    I apologise for making yet another long thread with someone telling everyone about how their weekend went. To be honest I've never done it before as I didn't think many people would be interested to read about my experiences but I've decided to do it this year more for myself than for anyone that chooses to read it, just to allow myself to write it all down and in some way, take it all in. The forum just seems like as good a place as any to do that. Thursday For me LFCC started on the Thursday. Due to a busy week of being ill and going to a gig I had most of my packing done long before which saved me some time. I packed up the remaining items needed, had some lunch and headed out my door. Living in Kent and working in London means my journey to my hotel was not as magical for me as it can be for others. Sights like the Shard and Tower Bridge are a daily occurrence for me. In fact I can see the Shard out my office window as I'm writing this. So my journey to West Kensington passed without incident. Arriving at the tube station I was stopped by another forum user however, @only_jay who I have become friends with over the past couple of years through meeting up at several cons. I was pleased to find that he and his wife were staying in the same hotel as me, so we caught up a bit as we got lost trying to find the place! My room was small but had everything I needed but I more or less just dropped off my bags before heading out for my important mission for the day. After a 20 minute walk I finally found the party shop that I needed to purchase much needed items for the weekend ahead, and on the way back to the hotel I bought a tonne of water to have at the hotel and carry round the con along with some sugary snacks to keep me going across the weekend. Next job was to go and collect my gold and diamond passes from the Thursday early collection. There were a load more staff on from last year and things went a lot quicker. It took about 45mins to collect all passes, and most of my diamonds were low numbers with Natalie Dormer number 2 being the lowest, but no number 1's for me this year (I had Jeremy Renner diamond number 1 last year). My only issue was getting absolutely drenched by the rain as we queued outside, and I somehow forgot to collect my gold goodie bag! Then it was time for the first meet up for LFCC 2017. Organised on here and Facebook by both @Zonky and @PenThePirate, Thursday's meet up was going to be a small affair with around 25ish people meeting in the basement room of the Crown and Sceptre pub round the corner from Olympia. But that doesn't mean it would be quiet! I arrived as one of the first people and instantly began chatting to the other guys, most of whom I hadn't seen or spoken to since last LFCC, as if we'd seen each other the day before! The evening was filled with much drinking and laughter as well as catching up with most people and meeting some new ones. This was also the night where my earlier mission took shape. I had earlier purchased a few red balloons and white sticks to hold them. The balloon was inflated and attached to the stick, then I very badly cello-taped on the face of our friend @timlux on to the balloon who was unable to make it to the con. I also added his name on the back of the balloon in sharpie. Tim Balloon was an instant hit with the group, and after creating him I set him free with other members to enjoy the con. Have a look for Tim Balloon's own thread to find out what he got up to over the weekend! More drinking then followed as well as a very revealing game of Cards Against Humanity which I can't go into on here in fear of being banned by the mods! Friday Surprised at how little of a hangover I had on Friday morning, I was up at 6:45, had breakfast at 7:30 and was in the gold pass queue by around 8:15. There were a fair few people ahead of us at that point but we were expecting that and it was by no means the length of the GA queue. Excitement and nerves were high in the queue, especially after previous years where there have been some issues with gold pass entry. There was no need to worry on Friday though as all the golds were let in on time with no issues I am aware of. Getting VQ tickets went well, but the gold queue does still suffer with being over the other side of the venue from the guests. With the early entry now cut to only 5 mins, it didn't take long before all the GA attendees were swarming in as well. Overall though, entry went well. I met up with a load of people, some, of whom weren't at the pub the night before so had a quick catch up with them before going off to my first shoot, the 4 Boba Fett. I wore my Boba Fett T shirt especially for this and was surprised to see a Han Solo in carbonite prop ready for the photo which I had somehow completely missed in the photos description. Apart from me having to crouch a bit so Han could be seen in the pic, this shoot can out well and all 4 Fetts were lovely. After the shoot I moved to start getting autos as I knew I had many to get over the weekend and wanted to get as many on Friday as possible with it being a quieter day. First up was Emily Kinney, she was polite but seemed quiet, which I was expecting but i wanted to catch her in case she cancelled again! (3rd time lucky!). Next up John Carroll Lynch. This man has a huge body of work so I got a Zodiac pic signed but had a chat with him about The Founder which I had seen recently where he plays one of the McDonalds brothers (of the fast food name) who basically lost their business as it became what it is today. After John I went straight to Benedict Wong who was absolutely lovely. Into another shoot after that which was with Tom Wilson. I was very surprised by the setup for the tombstone this year, in a good way! Having seen last year that it was just the tombstone and a black background I was very much expecting the same setup this year, but no. They had a whole western casino front setup which looked awesome!. Tom arrived for the shoot in great spirits and those of us chatting in the queue got very excited! I asked Tom for a certain pose in the shoot and he was very polite in refusing, which was fine and I'm very happy with how the pic came out. After Tom I managed another couple of autos with Alan Harris who was so sweet and told me stories of not being able to move when in full Bossk costume for Empire Strikes Back, and David Morrissey who asked me about me previous con experiences. Alan Tudyk shoot up next and I asked for a pose that didn't go so well (my fault) so ended up buying another shoot for the next day. Great guy though, he was one of my highlights!. After Alan I was straight into the Pamela Anderson photo. I'm not going to go off on one about how this pic turned out, plenty of others have. It's bright, but it's still a pic of me and Pammy. I was seeing circles from the flash afterwards though, and I only had the one pic. I bet she was almost blind afterwards! Manage to get in a few more autos from Veronica Cartwright who was a sweetie and amazed that people wanted to meet her still, also Steven Yeun who I had a quick chat about his make up from "that" scene! Tom Skerritt was not the most responsive guest I've ever met, but I was just happy to get a chance to meet him, but moving straight on to get Pamela Anderson's auto she was really sweet and lovely to everyone (which I was surprised by as I'd half expected her to be a bit of a diva!). More autos followed from Phill LaMarr, Tom Morga (He did stunts in Ghostbusters, so he was a MUST meet for me!) before going in for pics with Tom Skerritt (again, a bit unresponsive), Veronica Cartwright (again, very sweet), and Tommy Flanagan who took off his sunglasses at the request of one attendee before shouting at the rest of the queue that she was the only one as he was nursing a hangover (it was funny, he wasn't being mean!). Back to the autos and I had a great little chat with Alan Tudyk about Firefly and Con Man with him making me laugh about how Firefly "still hurts" (pointing to his chest) and me making him laugh when I told him I'd said to Lou Ferrigno earlier in the year that they need to take the "Of Mice and Men" musical out on the road! Grabbed an auto from Tom Wilson next on my BTTF poster I had signed by everyone at LFCC 2015, which now looks great, and headed over to John Rhys-Davies who gave me some job advise about working over in New Zealand (which is something I would love to do). Got an auto from Mark Boone Jr who was being shouted at by the other members of SOA, before my shoot with Emily Kinney. My next auto was with Dean Cain, and what a great guy he is! I asked if we'll ever see him in the cape again and he told me him and Terri Hatcher had been taking about it the other week as you never see a '20 years later' with superhero shows! I doubt it'll happen though. My final shoot of the day was Missi Pyle who I managed to grab an auto from straight after the shoot. She was lovely and very funny. After hearing from others that the SOA boys were back at their signing tables I managed to run over and grab one of Tommy's last autos of the day. Not sure what they'd been up to but those boys were starting to look a bit worse for wear! A few of us went out for BBQ that night but were really struggling with walking after our day, so had an early night. 9 photos and 19 autos for Friday. Saturday Saturday was known to be the busiest day so we were prepared and in line before 8 and not surprised at the longer queue than the Friday. Entry was not as smooth as Friday though. Security decided to let golds in 10 at a time which really slowed up the queue. I was still inside and up in the guest signing area before 9 though, only to be surprised by a load of GA people already in! Friends in the GA queue said that the doors opened for them at 8:54, meaning they were in before golds. Not cool. This led to my VQs for the day being higher than I had planned. I headed straight over to meet people in the queue for Bindybappy Flobberwhop's photoshoot which all went well and headed straight into to second attempt at an Alan Tudyk shoot which I was much happier with. I decided to skip out on the Alien talk just to start to collect some of my autos for the day as I knew it was going to be hard with so many more people around. I didn't mention before, but the lay out this year was great as there was so much more space in the guest signing area, and it was very much needed on Saturday! First up was Carol Cleveland as I knew she was Saturday only. Lovely lady, who started shouting "A spanking, a spanking" whilst she signed my pic from Holy Grail! Next was Natalie Dormer, who was so awesome. I wasn't expecting her to be as chatty as she was and we had a similar conversation as the one I had with David Morrissey the day before about previous cons. Next I jumped into John Cleese's shoot before going to watch Alan Tudyk's talk. This was great. His answers were as funny as you'd expect but he would give every person who asked a question an item from his 'bag of crap' and sign it which included 5 day old news papers, make up applicators from the hotel, and stickers, as well as a few dvds of shows he wasn't in! Out of the talk and straight in to Natalie Dormer's shoot and again she was truly lovely. Back to the main stage and into the only clash I had all weekend. It was Bampibadger Grumblewraps talk which I caught the first 5 mins of before having to run out for a shoot with Carol Cleveland. I had hoped to get it done quick to get back to the talk, but when I arrived I was told they were running 5-10mins late. Ok, I thought, the stage was over the other side of the venue so I would wait hoping they may catch up on some time. 30 mins later I finally got my shoot and got back to the talk for the last question . With more fast foot work (not running!) I made it straight into David Morrissey's shoot before he disappeared. Once again I decided to miss the BTTF talk in favour of some much needed autos where I managed to get Kevin Smith, who was exactly as I thought he would be (awesome), and signed my pic of him with Jason Mewes, that Mewes had signed in 2014. I also managed to fit in Bendlewap Garageband's auto (who was very impressed with my "idiot's guides" of where to sign, as he put it) and was VERY lucky to go straight in and get John Cleese's auto too. A quick photo with Mark Boone Jr was followed by meeting Alyson Hannigan for an auto after a bit of a long wait due to her photoshoot over running, where I witnessed QS's auto being signed! Alyson looked a little overwhelmed with it all but was still very smiley and cheery as I hoped she would be. My last 2 shoots for the day were with Tom Morga followed by the Iron Fist group shot that was my favourite shoot of the weekend just down to how much fun they were having. Ok, I nearly destroyed the backdrop by doing a stupid pose, but still, it was fun! 9 photos and 9 autos for Saturday. That evening was the Great Geek-off Quiz organised by @PenThePirate. Yet again the man did an incredible job of running the evening, the whole pub was involved, even those who didn't come for the quiz ended up joining in! My team did absolutely amazing in getting second place (well done guys!) and only lost by 1 point (still sure the winners cheated!). The quiz is a firm highlight of my LFCC weekend every year. Sunday Sunday, Oh Sunday. After getting a massive 2 and a half hours sleep, having drunk much but eaten very little the night before, let's say I was not in a very good way. My thanks goes out to Aunty @Zonky for feeding me cereal bars, Haribo, and caffeine tablets to keep me going throughout the day. Due to this, I can't promise I will remember 100% of the day! Not surprisingly we were a bit late to get to entry, but as the trains hadn't started running yet, we were still close to the front. Entry worked a lot better than Saturday, with security still doing their 10 at a time system, but starting it earlier so we were in when we were meant to be. The problem today was when we went to get our VQ tickets, we were told that we weren't allowed to have any until GA entered at 9 o'clock! This was fine for those who only wanted 1 VQ as they could queue but those who wanted more were in trouble. After VQs were collected I had some time to kill, which I think I mainly did by standing in one place feeling terrible and staring at the floor whilst pretending to be part of a conversation. Time passed. First item for the day was a photo with Alyson Hannigan and I'm actually surprised that it turned out ok! I was then straight into one with Mark Williams where I just about remembered to get out my tape measure for a 'suits you sir' shot which also didn't come out too badly. The shots even have some kind of energy to them so I'm thinking the caffeine tablets must have kicked in at those points because everyone kept telling me I looked like death in-between them! More time passed and I had shoots with Kevin Smith who came out to greet the queue before we started which was funny as hell, Benedict Wong who was dancing his way through the shoot looking like he was having the best time!, and Dean Cain, who was still as smiley and happy as he was on Friday. The Fatman on Batman talk was awesome. Just so so so funny and another highlight. Straight after I just made my Steven Yeun shoot before heading back to the main stage and Natalie Dormer's talk which I was really pleased had little to do with Game of Thrones as I don't watch it! I managed to get my last autos for the weekend in next with Mark Williams and Marc Bernardin. Yet more time passed. My final shoots for the weekend came in the form of John Rhys-Davies (who was tickling nearly everyone, except @Faerie Tanith who got a massive smootch on the cheek!) and John Carroll Lynch who was just as much a gentleman as he had been earlier. As upsetting as it is for a con to end, due to my Saturday night, I was ready for Sunday to finish! A load of us headed out for one final meal but that put the final nail in for me and I was back at my hotel as soon as I could where I packed and, couldn't get to sleep, of course! 8 photos and 2 autos for Sunday. Monday was a mixture of the usual leaving hotel, feeling terrible after lack of sleep for 2 nights and the start of the con blues which have set in even more today which is why I ended up writing this. Thank you for reading it if you have and I'm sorry if it's not the most interesting read in the world but as I said, this was something I wanted to do for me. Big thanks to Showmasters and all crew across the week, you guys were awesome as always. If I'm going to complain about one thing this year it will be the gold passes. These really need to be re-thought out. The introduction of the diamond passes have damaged them a lot (especially with so many diamonds this year) and the current entry system and loss of some features have started to make them feel less and less special like they did when I first started buying them a few years ago. Thank you to all who I was with/met/interacted with in any way across the weekend. It really was one of the best of my life and it was you guys who did that! There are parts I may have missed out or forgotten (especially Sunday!) but be assured they still mean a lot to me.
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    Tom Welling auto, he was really lovely and kind about the drawing, meant a lot <3 sorry for bad photo quality! I'll share a pic of the DC t-shirt when it's got some more autographs on it
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    This is a thank you post, but if anyone does have any other comments remember to phrase them in a constructive manner and don't be mean, remember to be polite and that crew are volunteers, they work under very trying circumstances and many have no customer/retail experience so aren't used to dealing with people in this manner I did 3 days at LFCC again this year and not once did I see any negatives about the crew, everyone I interacted with were polite and friendly, and remained that way even when having to deal with a lot of people who don't understand how events like this work and ask question after question that I would consider silly. Shout out the crew who rushed over to sort out Tennant's tardis shoot today and got everything working properly (no fault of the crew who were there) and back on track. You allowed my to get an awesome photo with David that will quickly become one of my favourites. Thank you to the crew running the sales desk in general and the Manager (My apologies, my brain is fried and I can't remember your name) for coping with grace when a mass of people descended upon them after Tennant's announcement, from what I saw whilst I was there trying to sort out our ticket oopsie you all kept calm despite you all having the same problems we were accessing the tickets, and thank you to the Sales Desk manager in particular for helping @evilfairieand myself sort our Duchovney ticket issue and refunding them with speed and without issue, you helped us go from an enjoyable but stressful day worrying we had massively overspent to being able to forget about it and marvel in the awe of meeting Tennant and Smith in particular. To all the crew who worked LFCC this weekend, from the ones I know, to the ones I see there all the time and everyone else, thank you. These events can't happen without you and you all worked your socks off this weekend. It really is a hard job to do, things go wrong because nothing in life is perfect and a machine as big as LFCC is always going to have issues here and there but you all work to sort it out, to help people with issues, and you put up with some s***ty attitudes whilst you do it. Thank you to the mods, especially those who have been on here when they shouldn't, as they should have been resting and recovering Thank you again to you all for giving us an awesome weekend.
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    This was my favourite moment!
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    Adding some personal thoughts. My boyfriend is currently at the Rock am Ring festival in Germany. I don't know how much of this has made the news in the UK. But yesterday the event was temporarily interrupted and the area was evacuated. A "concrete terroristic threat." I will spare you details because not much is really confirmed so far. It involves suspicious people using fake badges, that's pretty much the line everyone agrees on. Huge police presence, the area was searched extensively. But this morning they decided to continue. In any case, the evacuation was smooth and peaceful. Attendees were chanting "f**k terrorism" or singing "you'll never walk alone" or a German song which about translates to "there's one thing that no one can take away ftom me: it's the pleasure of life." This morning there were tons of sign repeating the chants in various variations or saying things like "they won't win." Don't get me wrong. I understand anyone being worried. I would also totally understand any event being moved. But I also understand the singing attendees. I was at an event after 9/11. One of the guests said on stage that he had considered cancelling due to that. But then he realized that "if we let them put fear in our hearts they have won." It's probably considered sad by some, but I still hear him saying this when I wonder "hey, should I really do this or that." Cause he's right too. It doesn't mean you have to run blind in the biggest and scariest scenario. But it doesn't mean you have to hide in your house and never come out again.
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    Most of my autographs were signing the photoshoots I got which I'll post in the other thread. Continuing my theme from last year some of you may recall: I got Tom Welling to sign my Chris Reeve letter, which he said he would remember for a long time. I had the unexpected bonus of explaining to John Schneider why I asked him about Chris Reeve in his free talk. When I showed him the letter he said he felt humbled and spontaneously posed for photo with it too. He may have died in 2004 but clearly the impact he had on Smallville's cast is still there, much as it is on me nearly 20 years after receiving this. Such was the nature of a brilliant and genuinely good man.
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    Allo Allo, what’s all this then
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    I think we should all take a minute to appreciate how amazing this years event was. first off showmasters got in an amazing array of guests and all the ones I met were so kind and amazing to meet which was made possible by the immense amount of effort by the people at showmasters to get them here. the organisation was brilliant and I will just say that a majority of staff that I dealt with were very nice and helpful. and to all the people complaining that guests weren't what you were expecting in real life (as in not too chatty or that) or that the event was very badly organised or you missed something due to inexperience, don't blame showmasters, compared to other events the information given on the website and here on the forum from other attendees is amazing, all you have to remember is showmasters can give you a map and a schedule but its down to you to plan around it. as someone who has attended quite a few a lot of showmasters events I'm done seeing them get accused of hosting a bad event so thank you And shoutout to David B, thanks for standing up for all of us
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    Cant talk, in training for Saturdays low VQ numbers....
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    So in addition to the egg, I got these as well Added Amber RR and Tennant to this
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    Hi all Well that was a interesting night :-) Here are some of my thoughts the morning after :-) I think if you and others re read the post i made last week about this announcement you will see all that i say in it is true , and the "Hype" is very much of its own making by some of the fans and not ours, we just told it just how it is . Here are the words from the post we used to announce this big guests announcement "Ok we thought this was not ever going to happen and we just closed it…" Fact "On Wednesday we have a big guest announcement and it is legendary! "Again its a fact The fact that we had the guest announcement on this day and that the guests is in fact legendary , in the Dr Who community he is a guest that no one though would ever do events , he is not a background guest he is the first Doctor of the new show AND HAS NEVER DONE A SIGNING A COMIC CON ANWERE IN THE WORLD EVER "This will be something that people will talk about for years and look back and say this was the show where it happened." Again total Fact, the First ever event that Christopher Eccleston has agreed to attend to meet the fans and sign autographs and have photographs take with fans "So join us at 7 pm on Wednesday when we will announce someone that will make so many of you fans happy.” Again this is a fact many fans are happy people that love Dr Who and Christopher’s other film work which there is a solid body of work. This event is looking to be our best Comic Con “EVER” Again we feel this to be totally true , we know what offers we have out with guests we are hoping to close and the demand for the guests that we have booked this year are all showing that they will all sell out so we know the event is going to be a sell out event and the guests we have booked and are boing also look like they will all sell out also so we know we have the budget we need to go and book many more big guests for this years show and as such we do feel this years event will be our biggest one year , again all facts not “Hype" "Here are some clues:” "They are a lead;" Fact "They have never been to a comic con or signing event where they have signed or done photo ops anywhere in the world ever;" Fact "Its someone we never thought we would get to one of our events let alone any event anywhere;" Fact "This is a very important guest in our hobby and this will most likely be their only event that they will attend;” Fact we do think this is the case "Many many of the fans will need this person's autograph to complete their collection.” total Fact for all Dr who fans "Ok that’s it no more - its just too exciting :-D” Fact we are all excited here everyone of us as we all want to meet him 'As an extra bonus - the first person to have liked this post and correctly guess the guest will get a free autograph from this guest!” Fact one lucky person did win 'One last thing if we get 500 likes on this post which helps get the word out we will announce more than one guest on Wednesday :-)” Fact we did post up several guests last night "Get your guesses in now!” So nowhere do I feel we hyped it up where there is any untruths in any way We never implied that it was Harrison Ford or any guests in any way other than the facts at hand. Some call this "Hype” we call it promotion and also some fun , its how we get everyone that’s Into comic cons to know we have a big guest announcement and so no one misses that these guests are attending this years event. The fact that we have sold out around 50% of the tickets we have to offer for Christopher shows that the way we have promoted this and the pricing and the demand is what we would expect for a big guests announcement. Its not like we have not done this before its what we have done sins we have had forums and Facebook so we have not acted in any way different. One other thing and again this has been the same from day one , one fans A list guests is sometimes not another fans A list guest we are all into different things and that’s and that’s cool and expected as we are all very different , but this fact needs to be respected as just because you don’t feel a guest is what you might call an A list it does not make it a fact they are or not as again its all down to your thoughts so no one can say really what is or is not a A list guest. Its like saying whats the best all time film ever made there is not one answer and can never be. Last night we all saw some really unneeded comments and at one point when our mods could not keep right up to speed on every post it turned into a angry mob which was quite amazing and just disrespectful. This is a hobby and its meant to be fun, its what makes us the same in this world we are all fans , fans of Comic Cons and meeting guests , but last night was incredible when small amount of people did not get the guests that was in there head felt like they could just stay anything with out any respect or restraint And it was a very small amount of people out of the 80 to 100,000 that will attend the Comic Con this year ad this small group just lost there inner control of there thoughts and just typed whatever they felt like with no respect to the other fans and the guests them selves. Its not what I what to see on here and its not what we would except to see from fandom over the years and its not something we can let go or want to let go as it leads to bulling and where the fans that are not loud get drowned out by the few , so our amazing mods will hide posts or ban people that are dominating there views or shouting people down and are not respecting each other or the guests that they are commenting in there thread as this place is for fans that respect to others and that are open to all religions all people of this planet and for having fun and enjoyment with fellow fans and that’s what Comic Con is all about. I hope this helps to explain our position and a little of what happened last night. We should all be a tolerant understanding and forgiving group of people and that’s What we intend to protect so we keep what is so amazing about comic con safe for many years to come. Thank you for reading this and for you understanding and all your support now and over the many years. Yours Jason and the team at Showmasters
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    ...my friend just messaged me saying "hey, did you meet Tobin Bell once?" I did at LFCC in 2016, yes. She comes back with, "well that's funny, he just posted this picture and I swear this looks like you!" So Tobin Bell has posted this to his Twitter and Instagram and I'm in a state of shock! I don't know what the appropriate reaction is when Jigsaw himself posts an old picture of you to his social media out of the blue. I wasn't trained for this. But I swear I'm okay! Absolutely fine!
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    Well I remember when I met Mark Sheppard a couple of years ago at a Supernatural convention and in his talk he spoke of his fond memories of Chocolate Minstrels and not being able to get them in the states. I immediately ran to the nearest shop and got him a pack before I got an autograph. Funny thing is he actually remembered me this year and yelled at me as he walked past me in the halls. "Where the bloody hell are my Minstrels peasant" Immediately I couldn't help but laugh, how the hell could he remember that? Needless to say, I got him another pack and all was right with the world.
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    Ok, my pics. Ufortunately I am not photogenic.... at all Alan Tudyk Alyson Hannigan Benedict Cumberbatch (who thought I was dressed up as Snow White) David Labrava Finn Jones #1 Finn Jones #2 Finn Jones #3 Finn Jones #4 Kristen Renton Mark Boone junior Mark Sheppard Michael Rosenbaum Natalie Dormer Phelps twins Sean Biggerstaff Tommy Flanagan Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton and TBBT set TBBT set
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    as promised earlier: spreadsheet with photo times alphabetically by guest (good for finding the times, less good for spotting clashes!) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JPtjsacInwEuNYsoqlZykaARvkhofttaX56p2eqM6Qc/edit?usp=sharing
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