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  1. Julian Sands Richard E. Grant William Katt Alexandra Dowling
  2. Checking the forum, still the same.
  3. Had to log on here, check that I still remember my name and password.
  4. At work doing what I am supposed to do..work. But on a break now. Biggest debate here now is the economy and small business, then the virus. Though the experts here think it will slow down during summer and then come back again in the autumn, but much weaker. There are plans in May, probably, to mass test randomly to see how many of us who have had the virus. If we push 60% or above we have reached herd immunity. Otherwise getting ready for spring/summer. Fixing my bike up after the winter though winter really did not happened, kind of an extended autumn. I expect my next overseas trip will be DSTL in mid November.
  5. Some of my meetings on the Sunday. Not easy to scan with a phone.
  6. Just met Josef Altin, Pyp in Game Of Thrones.
  7. Still here, three more photos to get but no more autos.
  8. This amazing lady is pure energy and warmth. Cassady McClincy
  9. Kids need to see and learn how to keep the population up.
  10. On Facebook: Unfortunately Jim Dowdall and Paul Springer will not be able to attend the event today.
  11. The updated photo schedule was presented on the wall at A and B today. So check it first thing in the morning.
  12. I surprised her, as we are from the same part of the woods we had a really nice chat in our language about this and that. Could have talked more but others were waiting.
  13. You did not want to join my Charles Dance Morris Dance Club so... no!
  14. I had a walk around Olympia this morning and unfortunally cant share any news on this matter
  15. Oh, remember that. Like getting into a suspect night club.
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