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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT ENGLUND

    This might be worth a visit just for his auto as i had his diamond pass for LFCC that time he did the make up shoot. None of us got auto's that day due to the hours it took to apply the make up. We were given £25 vouchers which went to other things but now i can finally get the auto completed. :) Thank you SM
  2. Comic Zone

    Hi everyone, i hope you are all well and excited for another year of conventions. I have a question relating to LFCC 2017. Last year it was understood that the comic zone was not organized as well due to a short notice change up. Can it be confirmed that LFCC 2018 will be back to normal in this sense? Keeping my eye on the comic guests section to see what surprises you have in store for us.
  3. Movie Title Game

    Pan's Labyrinth

    Hi, my name is Mitchell and I'm an alcoholic.....Whoops sorry. Wrong forum!! Let's try that again shall we "Cough Cough". Hi my name is Mitchell, I am 29 years young from London England and I am a proud father of 2 boys and 2 girls. I have been coming to LFCC since 2015 and I drive my kids insane with all my hype and energy when anyone as much as mentions anything comic related, video game related, movie related or television related. Also to add to this comment, I am the nephew to the one you all call the Camel. But don't say I told you so, he gets the hump about it.
  5. Cosplay Appreciation Thread

    My brother also attended this year for the first time and he designed his costume himself. If anyone else saw him around let me know what you thought and I will pass the comments onto him. He cosplayed as Wrench from WatchDogs 2 video game.
  6. I don't quite know why I left this until now to add this to the forum. I was amazed at the effort that went into this years cosplayers. I have loved seeing what people do each year at these events and this year was just mind blowing. I saw so many children that looked incredible. To name a few I spotted a kid that had created his own Spiderman Homecoming costume that Peter Parker created himself in the movie. To see the attention to detail that this kid had but into his costume made my day. Also to note there was a cosplay event happening on a stage that I spotted whilst walking by. Every child that came out in costume walked out nervously and got standing ovations and then walked off stage with their heads held high and full of what can only be explained as pure happiness, like they were experiencing the greatest moment of their lives as of yet. All the other cosplayers, young and old were there to support them too and it just touched my heart in a way that I needed to express my appreciation for everyone involved. I really want to get all my friends going in cosplay next year so we can do the same thing and make the little kids that come along feel awesome about themselves. All of you were true heroes and I just feel that you all deserve a shout out. Thank you for giving not just the kids but myself the greatest memory of LFCC 2017.
  7. I'm curious

    Well I remember when I met Mark Sheppard a couple of years ago at a Supernatural convention and in his talk he spoke of his fond memories of Chocolate Minstrels and not being able to get them in the states. I immediately ran to the nearest shop and got him a pack before I got an autograph. Funny thing is he actually remembered me this year and yelled at me as he walked past me in the halls. "Where the bloody hell are my Minstrels peasant" Immediately I couldn't help but laugh, how the hell could he remember that? Needless to say, I got him another pack and all was right with the world.
  8. I'm curious

    We only know what goes on in front of us but I am curious as to what goes on behind the scenes. Any funny stories about the mods or guests would be great to hear.
  9. Fatman on Batman Announcement!

    Sunday being the only day i am attending, i might just check this out.
  10. Answers to FAQ

    Quick question, my mate has had the unfortunate event of a death in his immediate family and will not make it to the event although he has bought an entry ticket. I know you can not get a refund but could I use the ticket for my daughter?

    It's actually done like this...... 2 days to go!!! Then we wait for the Thunderbird 2 picture to follow it. I think Tom Beaker waits for one of these to pop up first haha
  12. Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN RHYS-DAVIES

    Showmasters...You have my axe

    3 days to go!!!

    Nobody has said it yet......