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  1. Well done SM all 3 days!! Amazing guest announcement
  2. Viking, grab your helmet...You've pulled
  3. Really not sure what is going on in this GIF but google made it look romantic in a barbaric way. I'm in haha
  4. Google search: What to do if a Viking is hitting on you???
  5. Yeah that's cool, i have been to the last 4 LFCC's and always get excited to see the floor plan because i always notice something new. As for guests sitting and signing, i don't have any booked or photo ops. I'm there for the comics and artists.
  6. With the amount of Dr Who guests and a Tardis interior on site too, this must be a group photo op.
  7. I'm glad you said it lol i felt the sting from all the way over here haha. But point taken non the less. Be gentle with me next time Viking. XD
  8. Hi guys, any news on this years floor plan yet? Always notice a few surprises that are not announced publicly on there. I guess this will come out with the schedules .
  9. This might be worth a visit just for his auto as i had his diamond pass for LFCC that time he did the make up shoot. None of us got auto's that day due to the hours it took to apply the make up. We were given £25 vouchers which went to other things but now i can finally get the auto completed. :) Thank you SM
  10. Hi everyone, i hope you are all well and excited for another year of conventions. I have a question relating to LFCC 2017. Last year it was understood that the comic zone was not organized as well due to a short notice change up. Can it be confirmed that LFCC 2018 will be back to normal in this sense? Keeping my eye on the comic guests section to see what surprises you have in store for us.
  11. Hi, my name is Mitchell and I'm an alcoholic.....Whoops sorry. Wrong forum!! Let's try that again shall we "Cough Cough". Hi my name is Mitchell, I am 29 years young from London England and I am a proud father of 2 boys and 2 girls. I have been coming to LFCC since 2015 and I drive my kids insane with all my hype and energy when anyone as much as mentions anything comic related, video game related, movie related or television related. Also to add to this comment, I am the nephew to the one you all call the Camel. But don't say I told you so, he gets the hump about it.
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