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  1. This year the wristband was better than last year in my opinion (more resistant at least) but i took it off as soon as possible too. I don't like to have something everytime in my wrist
  2. Some photos of the week end Torchwood Gareth David Lloyd John Barrowman (i love this one :p ) Doctor who of course Christopher Eccleston David Morrissey Jenna Coleman John Leeson John Levene Nicola Bryant & Colin Baker Peter Purves Bernard Cribbins (always make me laugh ) Samuel Oatley Jamie Hill Andrew Cartmel Jessica Martin Paul Cornell And some Stargate Michael Shanks Joe Flanigan Robert Picardo
  3. Finally upload my autos (mainly doctor who) Torchwood Gareth David Lloyd I already have a Barrowman one but i post it too. Dvd Paul Cornell Nicola Bryant Peter Purves Jenna Coleman Sacha Dhawan Christopher Eccleston (who joins Billie Piper) Audios John Levene Bernard Cribbins Comics Jessica Martin (and Andrew Cartmel) Paul Cornell (again ) Prints Andrew Cartmel Samuel Oatley Jamie Hill
  4. I've seen a friend who had a dp for jenna sunday and she didn't have the same picture as my saturday dp The gifts were good but i received the same for Jenna Coleman and Bernard Cribbins, it could have been 2 differents things :p
  5. I won't quote everything but there is a lot of very good photos and it's always nice to see the actors i didn't see myself.
  6. Reading this topic, i realise that i've seen Dr.1963 and Ravogd who were just in front of me for the photos or autos (i'll say hi next year ) I've seen Bernard "playing" with the stick and do other funny things, then my turn came :p One of the photo which make me laugh everytime i see it. A lovely man, very pleased to have met him.
  7. Samuel Oatley, one of my favorite on the week end, absolutely lovely, talks about his work, very nice in the photoshoot or autograph. Very good surprise. Paul Cornell ! Thank you showmaster ! I watched him on the dvd extra on the classic doctor who, i found him always passionate when he talked about the serie, it's just the same to meet him and i was very happy to have a little chat about that John Leeson, i just meet him for the photoshoot but we speak a bit when he heard my beautiful awful accent, asking me where i came from :p John Levene, lovely as always, loved my "master"
  8. For me the biggest improvement since last year is the large amount of talks. It's a thing that i really appreciate and it complete the day when we have no photo/auto
  9. A nice day again. I said hi and speak quickly with a friendly dalek ( seemed in a rush at this point :p) I've seen some other known name like bleming or EllaBlair (i'll say hi next year, i runned a lot today so not always much time) and broo again (and probably others but it's more difficult when i don't know what you look like )
  10. Eccleston has joined Piper on my steelbook s1 Happy about that one :p
  11. As announced yesterday, i saw broo again and say hi this time Nice little talk in the morning. A bit disappointed about Jenna Coleman, one of the guests i wanted to meet the most, and few interactions at photos and auto. Peter Purves was a fantastic guest to meet, i'va talked a little bit whith eccleston so better than last year :p Michael shanks very funny in his talk, a good day too.
  12. Yeah she barely take time to speak with us. Auto are nearly as fast as photoshoot, not a very good point for her.
  13. Same thing. I don't always speak easily so usually i don't speak much to the guests but seeing he spoke a lot with the people before me, it was easier to talk too with him. And i felt that he was very passionate about his role on doctor who. He haven't just sign but write a bit, so it's always better for me. I was a little late for his photoshoot (they have already finished and i was the only one in there and even then he was absolutely lovely) Great guest, i don't regret it
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