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  1. Met him at Collectormania a couple of years ago. Let me select the tunes he was listening to on his IPhone as he nipped to the loo when I got to the front of the queue. Great to talk to. Great taste in music!
  2. Met her at Collectormania a few years ago but didn’t get a photo. Op booked now!
  3. Great guest addition. That will complete my partner’s Ewok Funko Pop box set signatures.
  4. Ravogd

    RIP Peter Mayhew

  5. Ravogd

    RIP Peter Mayhew

    One of the nicest guests I’ve ever met at a Showmasters event. He was clearly tired and in pain when I met him at GFCC but he was still friendly and kind and lovely to everyone he met. RIP.
  6. Great announcement. He was superb as Charles Manson in Aquarius alongside David Duchovney.
  7. What a great guest. Another Master for my collection.
  8. Ravogd

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANSON MOUNT

    This has made the event for me. Hell on Wheels is another top show of mine that he stars in and is equally as good in. What to get signed though?
  9. Ravogd

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID WARNER

    Met him at Newcastle Film and Comic Con a couple of years ago. His panels are very entertaining (although he’s quite deaf which he freely admits and tells everyone to shout their questions at him). Very nice man to talk to.
  10. Excellent announcement. So glad that we have Enterprise main cast guests again. More please
  11. Ravogd

    Announcements Thursday 7th at 7pm

    Scott Bakula would be superb but unfortunately he’s likely to be filming NCIS around that time so it’s very unlikely unfortunately. You never know though, they had lots of Discovery guests last year who were still filming, in fact a few of them had to leave early to fly back to continue filming.
  12. Oh brilliant. Another photo op lined up
  13. Ravogd

    Latest Guest Announcement - DENISE CROSBY

    Oh another one I was hoping for. Thanks Showmasters.
  14. At least 3 shows he directs regularly for will be filming around this time as has been seen by the previous cancellations, which is scary. Kudos though to Showmasters and to Jonathan for continually trying to make it happen. Everything crossed that he makes it this time!
  15. Ravogd

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Can’t believe you’re up to Season 32 already. I disappear from the forum for a few months and yet you kept going. The least you could have done was stopped and waited on me coming back