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  1. Ravogd

    Guest Cancellation - Peter Mayhew

    They are probably just getting back today as the Sheffield event took place over the weekend and everyone will have been away for that. My refund was processed within 2 days of me emailing and that was during the week after LFCC when they were very busy so it is possible your email has been overlooked. I would try phoning again later today. If the office is less hectic you may get a reply.
  2. Ravogd

    Latest WHO you've watched

    Where to begin? The Silents take 2? The total under use of them? The self indulgence of the writing at this point? I am a HUGE Moffat fan but this was the first time I thought, know what Steven maybe it's time to move on. Too many "seen it already" ideas in these stories that made them a bit meh for me. Also (unlike my partner) I suck at watching TV shows and working out what is going to happen ahead of the revelations. Probably why I enjoy so much TV. These stories were predictable to me (again related to the Moffat "staleness") so not as much fun to watch.
  3. Ravogd

    Latest WHO you've watched

    I'll throw my tuppenceworth in here too if I may. I'ts a bit of a grenade I'm afraid. I absolutely hate the monk trilogy AHem. Sorry about that. now what was everyone talking about?
  4. Ravogd

    Latest WHO you've watched

    Interesting use of "caved" when what you actually mean is "was always going to"
  5. Ravogd

    next years dates

    Excellent news. So glad it's happening!
  6. Ravogd

    Extra Help Information please

    Excellent thanks. I’ve not heard back from my email yet but what you say makes perfect sense. What you say above is what I expected would happen and I would hope it’s the same this time around. Now you mention it I do remember there being designated sections. We didn’t go to any talks but we did attend the Shatner’s World show on the Saturday evening (which was separate from the con, you didn’t need a con ticket to go to it) and those tickets had tiered pricing and even though they didn’t use the same terms it was strange as in order to reduce gaps they moved everyone forward to sections they may not have paid for.
  7. Ravogd

    Extra Help Information please

    Thanks Rob. What you say makes sense and I think it has been the case in the past although there is no commander section as such, just admirals get in first, then captains then commanders etc. The reason I asked was I read in one of the threads for LFCC that it was no longer the case that wheelchairs etc were put near the front as too many people who payed for priority complained about non-paying carers taking up the prime seats and as such something was different at talks and wheelchairs were put somewhere else. I couldn’t find the thread when I went looking the other day. It’s also the fact that whilst I will be a paying attendee, these will be paid talks which I do not want to buy a ticket for. I need to be there purely as a carer. I’m sure it will be OK I just wanted to get everything clarified. I will email the address Raylenth suggested above to get final clarification.
  8. Ravogd

    Extra Help Information please

    It’s probably because it’s a Massive Events Con not a Showmasters one. There are a few differences but everything is mostly the same. It’s the same blue/red shirts as LFCC (more or less) so it all runs the same.
  9. This has been answered before for LFCC but I wanted to clarify before we purchase our tickets for DST. I will be a fully paid up carer for my partner again and I understand all about the extra help at photoshoots and autographs. However, this is the first time she will be attending paid talks at a (larger) convention. We did one or two free ones at DST last time but she really wants to do as many of the paid talks this time as she can. So much so that she is buying a Commander package. Now I cannot financially stretch to this but will have a full weekend ticket. She will want me to be near to her due to her anxiety. She is also in a wheelchair and needs me to push her around all weekend. What is the policy regarding seating at these paid talks? Will I be able to sit beside her or will I have to leave her due to her being sat with the Commanders and go sit at the back?
  10. Ravogd

    next years dates

    A lot of the regional shows seem to be in the same boat. Everyone is correct, big name guests bring people out but they also cost more up front with no 100% guarantee so it's a vicious circle.
  11. Ravogd

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Very fair description of the first season and even though we tend to disagree I like your arguments for why you have the opinions you do. Makes a lot of difference from some forums where people just bark about how wrong others are when they disagree with them about stories. I too love Reign and I agree 100% about the animation. IMO it's the worst style out of all the animation they did. I wish I had the time to do it but you're making me want to watch these along with you but I can't commit due to work. To get a jump on you I am a MASSIVE fan of DIOE. (apart from the Sky TV dishes on their backs). I am looking forward to your review of it.
  12. Ravogd

    Latest WHO you've watched

    It's not on either I'm afraid. It is new on the Blu-ray set of the 12th Season. It isn't just the Ark In Space, They do it for every Season 12 story. Well worth the price of the box set alone IMO
  13. Ravogd

    More Guest Announcements - Next Week

    I hope you're enjoying this Rob! Anticipation is killing me now!#evil #mean
  14. Ravogd

    Latest WHO you've watched

    Inferno is great. You can see how much the main actors loved playing their counterparts. I’ve just finished a re-watch of Ark In Space this afternoon. Absolute classic that story. Love the “behind the sofa” feature on the extras. Sort of googlebox like watching Tom, Philip Hinchcliffe and Lis Sladen’s daughter watching the show. Also on another sofa Louise Jamieson, Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding. It’s hilarious.