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  1. Ravogd

    Funko Pop Collection

    The Mrs' Xmas present. Don't worry, she's no idea what a forum is
  2. Ravogd

    Guest Cancellation - Milton Johns

    Aw no. I was really looking forward to him being there.
  3. Ravogd

    Films watched in 2019

    Absolutely loved it but I loved the Phantom Menace too so what do I know?
  4. Ravogd

    Rene Auberjonois has passed away

    What a great man, such a great and humble.convention guest and as Queen said, his charity work was immesurable. How much money must he have raised for medicins sans frontieres? RIP Rene. You leave behind a great body of work and as an acting professor taught some of the best!
  5. Ravogd

    Shout out to the blue and red shirts

    Very true I forgot about the photographers. They were great. Big well done to the photographer at photo area A displaying such patience during the J G Hertzer as General Martok shoot as he insisted on stopping and speaking to everyone as if it was his autograph table .
  6. Ravogd

    General Chat

    Apart from the aforementioned South Korean they have done German, Spanish, I think some 4th Doctor ones were done in French as there are 4th Doctor French novels. They also did Portuguese but not for Portugal it was for Brazil where it is very popular.
  7. Ravogd

    Shout out to the blue and red shirts

    Hear, hear. There was the beginnings of an issue when there was a technical issue that held up photo area A around mid afternoon yesterday and with a George Takei photoshoot timetabled to start but the previous 2 (much shorter) shoots still hadn’t happened yet but they handled it brilliantly, even the red shirt who came out to tell everyone waiting that if they also had tickets for David Warner in the Klingon Throne they should go do that now and come back. Never seen that before, they usually don’t know what to do in those instances (see LFCC chaos last summer). All the queues were BRILLIANT. First time I’ve ever seen at any major SM event, proper capping of queues at the VQ signpost and not letting them get out of control. Really well managed by everyone this year.
  8. Ravogd

    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Point taken but for people like me Milton Keynes is as well as being London and is there another Collectormania at Birmingham? I thought the last one was the last one if you see what I mean It’s an hour away from London. To the north of the UK that’s basically London. Like you said above MK has much worse travel links than the NEC which is (very) literally on the doorstep of train and plane. I know there will be business reasons behind it but it really int good for fans further north. Hotel costs alone for me for the same hotel chain are twice the rates they are when I go to LFCC than they are for DST.
  9. Ravogd

    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Since Avery Brookes has retired from doing conventions, I doubt it. also, there are technically 7 “captains” now.
  10. Ravogd

    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Actually quite angry at this. First Showmasters moves Collectormania back to London now this. London, London London. Yet again making it harder and more expensive for the rest of the UK to get to.
  11. Ravogd

    Exclusive annoucements?

    SLIGHT SPOILERS Nothing exclusive. Just the same trailer. I’m not sure if he was meant to but Patrik Stewart let slip that Frankes and Sirtis are only in one episode as is Jonathan Del Arco. Also Brent Spiner’s Data is in it very rarely but his scenes are imperative to the narrative. Also Picard is in his 90’s now
  12. Ravogd

    Guest Cancellation - Michelle Forbes

    Thought so. Ah well.
  13. Ravogd

    Contents of different packages

    Oh go on then at least it’d give me a laugh.
  14. Ravogd

    Contents of different packages

    Wow. Nobody here has a package then. Weird. The forum normally has a few people complaining about who they have etc. OK, just have to chance our luck I guess.
  15. Hearing rumours of a cancellation but nothing posted here or on twitter? Anything official anywhere?