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  1. Ravogd

    Films watched in 2019

    I’ve got a fan made 4K version of the original cinematic release (none of your 1996 new effects nonsense) to watch. It was made from a genuine film print of the movie and looks incredible.
  2. Ravogd

    General Chat

    Oooh lucky you. Where are you off to?
  3. Ravogd

    Show off your stuff :)

    A few from Christopher’s talk. I particularly liked his Mickey Mouse shoes
  4. Ravogd

    Show off your stuff :)

    John Levene on Series 10 Blu-ray, Katy to follow tomorrow. Both also to be added to the Dr Who chess set tomorrow Sarah Sutton. Still kicking myself for sticking with the purple, was going to shift to the yellow or red but thought it would be ok. It’s fine as I have her auto from many meetings but still annoyed at myself. Legend. So happy to finally get his auto after missing him at so many other events. This was brilliant. When I got to John he was having a conversation with Derrin Nesbitt and Garrick Hagon. Then their coffees arrived and it was great to just chat with these 3 legends. I love how John puts his jacket on to get selfies. A proper gent. Oh this pic was taken by Garrick too so that was a fun little bonus I’ll always remember when I look at it.
  5. Ravogd

    General Chat

    I'm at ComicCon of course it's a good one
  6. Ravogd

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    I don’t have a problem with them changing the schedule. This happens all the time and they do warn you that it could change at any time. It should be used to plan but you always need to be aware of this. It can change for any number of reasons, guests needing to leave early/arrive late for example. There’s nothing they can do. The talks usually clash with photo shoots but they are normally free talks and that’s just the way it goes. The point I was making was that they have all day to fit in all the photo shoots and the one paid talk that (let’s face it) most of the attendees coming to meet guests will be going to, gets scheduled against about 65% of the other guests photoshoots. Quite often at bigger shows there will be many clashes of paid talks and shoots, it’s inevitable. It’s just that here it could quite easily be avoided. You can still do the talks you’ll just need to leave for 10 mins or so to get your shoots. Most shoots in Glasgow are over in a few minutes and the photoshoot is close to the talk area so you can just come back in when your shoot is done
  7. Ravogd

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    I know there will be a reason but I do find it strange that the one paid talk has been scheduled against a total of 7 photoshoots. There's going to be more than enrohm with clashes. I was going to buy John Levene and Sarah Sutton photos but can't now. There is all day to put the shoots on but they are all squeezed in in the afternoon. Seems like a crazy business decision to me.
  8. Ravogd

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    If it is between a paid talk and a paid photoshoot then usually you can get a refund for one of them. Your best bet would be to contact the sales desk at the event tomorrow.
  9. Ravogd

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes that’s correct. However her son who runs everything seems to change his mind from time to time. She did another event in the US not long after DST that was supposed to be her last one anywhere and she then went on to do another one just a couple of months ago. She was very, very frail at DST so I’d be astonished if she came back to Europe again.
  10. Ravogd

    Package change

    The packages and what they have included change every year. It’s probably to add more value to the Captain package to be honest as for the price there isn’t that much of a difference between the two.
  11. Ravogd

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    He will almost certainly be on the VQ system though so don’t expect to just walk up and get an autograph. When you get to his queue you will be given a ticket with a number on it. There will be a board beside his queue displaying what numbers are allowed to join the queue 1-20, 1-30 then 1-50 or whatever. You can join the queue anytime after your number is called.
  12. But will it be event better than last year though?
  13. Ravogd

    Guest Suggestions

    It's all starting to come together now although Ravocon Who 2020 would be a better title. Come on SM you know it makes sense! London's so far away, my living room's right there just at the end of the hall.
  14. Ravogd

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Yeah I watched that a while ago when it was on Netflix. Can’t believe I missed it when it was on as it’s my kind of thing. I don’t think there is going to be a series 3 sadly. I’m sure I read an interview with Sean Bean where he said it was over.
  15. Ravogd

    Who are you meeting?

    I’d like to think that you’ll stand in mourning outside the Olympia for the whole weekend on behalf of everyone on this forum.