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  1. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s pros and cons from LFCC so I thought I’d start a thread to find out how everyone’s weekend went at DST 2018. Here are mine: PROS The hall layout was superb, much better than last time. Using hall 5 to organise the queues is a great idea. Registration was really fast. The queues for autographs were not allowed to get out of hand and in my experience seemed to be very well crewed indeed. Plenty of space around the 3 photoshoot areas meant there were never any real bottleneck areas. The guests were all lovely. I had no negative experiences with any of the ones I met. The panels were also great all weekend. The red carpet premiere of the DS9 documentary had some cons (see below) but the event itself (and the movie) was brilliant. We were sat in the premium seats right beside Michael Dorn, Chase Masterson, Andrew Robinson, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs and the man himself Ira Stephen Behr, and within the same area as the other VIP’s many of whom had not seen it yet. This meant that it was not only a joy to watch the film, but to see these artists reactions and interactions with one another as they were watching it too was priceless. A totally unique experience. Absolutely amazing. Meeting @robmoriarty at a couple of photo shoots and the DS9 movie. Great to say hi at last Rob! CONS My Partner bought a Captain package. This did not turn out to be quite the package we thought it would be for her. The included autographs, talks and photo shoots were great but we found very little to justify a £500 increase from the Commander package. Ok there are extra talks, photos and autographs and they can be worked out to an exact monetary amount but the biggest disappointment was the “meet and greet”. I feel this is a little misleading in its title. It should be referred to as what it is, an exclusive talk with 3 actors on each day. There is no meeting or greeting occurring and the Saturday one started nearly 30 minutes late which was poor too. She didn’t even want to attend the Sunday one after this experience. Also there is no difference in priority queueing between Commander and Captain. Both merely allow you to join the back of what is usually an already full queue which will be full of VQ people who have not paid extra for any package. Difficult to do I know, but perhaps allowing Commanders to just join the queue and have Captains join the queue at the very least at the sales desk, or right to the front for shorter queues would meet the value of this package IMO. I think next time she will just go with the Commander package and save £500 for other event activities. Poorly organised queue at the DS9 premiere. As this wasn’t strictly a convention event it’s not the blame of the organisers at all. It was “organised” by NEC staff who had no clue what was going on. Firstly they made everyone queue outside, fair enough, but they had no special assistance entrance or queue which meant people were rushing past my partner in her wheelchair. Then an NEC guy said Premium (£40 more expensive) tickets on the right but once you got in the door they told you that premiums were getting scanned on the right. This took longer for people with premium tickets as they needed to get a wristband to prove premium status and then collect a “goodie” bag. Because the Enterprise stage was the ENTIRE length of the hall away from the door they used to let everyone in, my partner and another girl in a wheelchair ended up sat so much further back as everyone rushed past us in the long, long trek to the stage. Very disappointing but once we were in a red shirt moved us up into the proper premium area and it meant we did end up with the great seats that gave us the great experience above. In conclusion the pros FAR outweighed the cons. Apart from losing my bag on the Saturday (see my idiot doofus thread) I think this is possibly the best event I have attended. Thank you so much to the great crew and Showmasters and Massive Events for a brilliant weekend.
  2. Ravogd

    Photo thread

    Photo Op pictures: Devastated that I left it just too late to get Max Grodenchik to sign this last one, we were SO busy on the Sunday. I was literally 2 minutes late as he had just left for the DS9 Panel then photoshoot and we had to leave right after the panel. I’m sure he’ll be back sometime though.
  3. Ravogd

    Photo thread

    Jeri Rayan and Kate Mulgrew at their panels on Sunday and Saturday respectively
  4. Ravogd

    Nichelle Nichols

    That makes sense Rey I never thought about them being included in the packages. From what brooketessmacherfan said in his post it seems that they were substituting people if they wanted which was good. I do think the situation Hulk described would be unlikely in that that people would be unlikely to buy a package and not attend at least Saturday and Sunday but I suppose it is possible.
  5. Ravogd

    Stage looks very small?

    It was smaller even than the one they used in Hall 4 at the last DST. It isn’t really the end of the world as more often or not there are only a few people on the stage at a time so it’s not a major issue. They even fitted all 17 DS9 guests onto it for the final talk of the weekend.
  6. Ravogd

    Who did you get?

    Autographs : Walter Koenig (again). William Shatner (again, it’s almost becoming an annual event for me), Nichelle Nicols, Marina Sirtis (again), Gates McFadden (again), Michael Dorn, Alice Krige, Rene Auberjonois, Andrew Robinson, Armin Shimerman (again), Aron Eisenberg, Alexander Siddig (again), Terry Farrell (again), Jason Isaacs, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Fred Haise. Photos (which I’ll post in the photo thread soon): Nichelle Nicols, Michael Dorn, René Auberjonois, Jason Isaacs, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Chase Masterson, Fred Haise and the Ferengi Family Photo (which was amazing). 8 talks in total too and the phenomenal premiere of the DS9 documentary which was incredible. My poor wallet is in hospital recovering and I am sat on my sofa on an intravenous lucozade drip attempting recovery. Totally worth it as ever. Roll on the 2019 event!
  7. Ravogd

    Nichelle Nichols

    You can’t pre pay for an autograph (apart from the send in service) so that wont actually be an issue but people who have paid for a Saturday photograph will be automatically refunded according to the organisers. Now I’ll be honest here and admit that due to the inevitable confusion of 2 days worth of people queueing for one photo shoot and us getting rushed in due to my partner’s disability they forgot to scan our tickets so we will be getting a refund that we don’t deserve. This will now be getting donated to an altzeimers charity. I know it hurts for the poor people that couldn’t make the Sunday and will get a refund but make that hurt do some good and donate your cash to a similar charity. You won’t have your pic with Nichelle but you’ll be doing so much good for others.
  8. Ravogd

    Nichelle Nichols

    Delighted to say Nichelle is feeling better and is here today. Photoshoot at 11.45 will be honouring Saturday tickets.
  9. Reunited with my bag. Special thank you to crew member Bruce who apparently found it at photo area C and thought a fellow crew member had left it. Never been so happy to see a €10 backpack bought from a gift shop in Malta! I had no idea meeting Kate Mulgrew would have had such an effect on me!
  10. All photoshoots will be available to download for a charge (usually £5) at a later date. It used to be a week or 2 after the event but recent cons have taken much longer, for example LFCC from July still isn’t up yet so you will need to be patient. They will announce it here when they have any updates.
  11. I’m not there yet today but after racking our brains last night we are almost 100% certain that I made the classic mistake of leaving it in a photoshoot, just grabbing the pics and leaving. If that’s the case then at least they should have it somewhere
  12. I have almost certainly left my bag in the hall at a photo shoot. We left to go the DS9 screening before I noticed so obviously when we came out there was nobody around from the con to ask. Do they normally have a lost property area? The kind security guard took me to check the photo area but there was nothing there. It has my car keys in it and we had to get a taxi back to the hotel and without car keys it’s not going to be easy to drive 320 miles back to Scotland tomorrow. Is there somewhere I can go or just the info desk in the morning?
  13. Ravogd

    Nichelle Nichols

    Nichelle wasn’t well today and unfortunately was not able to attend. Showmasters have stated that assuming she is well enough to attend tomorrow all Saturday photoshoot tickets will be valid for Sunday. Any Saturday tickets not used for the Sunday shoots will be automatically refunded. I wish her well and hope she gets better soon. She really did not look well at all when I met her on Friday.
  14. Ravogd

    Latest Guest Announcement - JERI RYAN

    You must have been just in front of us in the queue! Pity I didn’t know you were here. She loved Lyndsey’s custom made Funko Pop of Seven of Nine. She’d actually retweeted a picture of it a few weeks ago so when she saw it she was very happy. She even let Lyndsey take a photo of her holding it even though she wasn’t doing photos at the table. We were so lucky. I’ll post the picture in the picture thread soon when I get everything organised after the weekend is done
  15. Yes. A selfie is included in the price of the bucket picture (which is £20 and all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, a great charity so if you’re going over the weekend make sure and get one). I’m sure Rene would instead let you photograph him drawing the picture. He also takes a photo of you holding the picture which he posts on his Instagram/twitter accounts). He doesn’t have a no photos sign up so you could just take one anyway. I was actually surprised at how few guests had no photo signs up actually.