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  1. kittkarr

    Bob Gale Appreciation!

    Brilliant, meeting him tomorrow to get his autograph on my Used Cars Laserdisc, wanted to do something different than the BTTF stuff and of course it’s got my idol Kurt Russell in it :)
  2. Fantastic “the cowboy” from Innerspace :) wanted his autograph for a while :)
  3. Would like Ernie Hudson Dan Aykroyd Rick Moranis Bill Murray (unlikely I know) :)
  4. Would love to meet him and get his auto on my Iron Eagle LP
  5. lots of cancellations this year, I know it can’t be helped, but I hope some last min guests can be added to replace the ones we’ve lost
  6. Is there any info on what’s on the cosplay stage for the Saturday and also there are cosplay photos on the Sunday but not the Saturday ?
  7. I’m gathering them that the line up is now complete unless the throw in the last minute guest
  8. Can we please ask Bai Ling to come, pretty please :)
  9. kittkarr

    All Things Cosplay

    I’m going to bring my new cosplay, going to leave Snake Plissken home this year. I think it’s finally ready , I’m going to bring #%^* from the film The @&£#. :)
  10. Would very much like to meet Keith David :)
  11. kittkarr

    All Things Cosplay

    Unless there are any Escape From New York guests there this year I shall be wearing my new cosplay, John Nada from They Live, It’s just about finished, just need to finish painting the shotgun :)
  12. kittkarr

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love to meet these people :) Vera Farmiga Charles Cyphers Robert Lee Minor Roger Bumpass (Squidward Tentacles) Joe Unger Season Hubley John Diehl (StarGate Movie) Pam Grier Stacey Keach Robert Carradine Georges Corraface Jeff Imada and the last one on my list is Dean Cundey cinsmatographer on a huge number of Hollywood blockbuster films he follows me on Instagram and I asked him if he was doing any UK cons and he says he would love to if he gets asked by the organisers please make this happen pretty pretty please
  13. kittkarr

    Guest Suggestions

    Stacey Keach