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  1. Because they are collected all through the event and keeping track of which are going to be collected when and which need to be sent out would be somewhat complicated and time consuming, particularly around making sure it actually is the person who ordered the autograph.
  2. Countdown Thread

    59 minutes
  3. For info, once the tickets are downloaded to the Eventbrite app, you don't need a phone connection. They are always available.
  4. The 4th Annual Great LFCC Geek Off

    And Astro_Nut (+0) and I’ll add Smithy (+0) while I’m at it 1. Tenaciouspirit 2. Wjbleming+1 3. Smithy (+0) 4. Astro_Nut +0
  5. New Attendees advice thread

    If you go onto the organisers section of the Olympia website (https://olympia.london/organising) you can find links to maps of the whole of the venue, which in particular shows where the normal stairways, toilets and lifts are located.
  6. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    My guess is Daniel Day-Lewis
  7. New Attendees advice thread

    Always interesting to see forum people in the real world But my most frequent thought at most cons is that I've forgotten to bring any wine gums!
  8. RIP Richard Gordon

    Just saw this news on NASAs twitter feed First astronaut I ever met Sad
  9. Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    It's his faulty chameleon circuit, leaves him looking all human-y.
  10. Post your lfcc pics here!

    Technically a picture of LFCC just a day early
  11. Philm This is the order I'd do those in: 8:30-9:15 Entry Picking Up Diamond Pass Cleese 9:20-9:30 James and Oliver Phelps Batch 4 Photo B 9:25 - 9:55 Ian McDiarmid batch 2 Photo E 9:25-10:20 Richard Dean Anderson Batch 3 Photo D 9:25-10:25 Christopher Lloyd Batch 5 Photo C 10:25-10:55 John Rhys Davies Batch 1 Photo D 10:35-10:55 Julian Glover Batch 1 Photo F 10:30-11:05 Kevin Smith Batch 1 Photo C 10:10-11:05 Allyson Hannigan Batch7 Photo B 10:50-11:25 John Cleese Diamond Pass Photo A 9:45-11:40 Benedict Cumberbatch batch 3 Photo G 11:30-12:10 Natalie Dormer Batch 1 Photo A 11:30-12:10 Edge & Christian Batch 1 Photo C 11:45 - 12:20 Superman Group Photo B 12:10-12:45 Michael Madsen Batch 1 Photo E 12:25-13:05 Terence Stamp Batch 3 Photo A 13:25-13:35 Andrew Robinson Photo B 13:15-13:50 Conleth Hill Batch 2 Photo E 13:00-13:55 David Morrisey Batch 4 Photo C 13:50-14:10 Missi Pyle batch 2 Photo E 14:05 - 14:25 Jessica Henswick Batch 3 Photo C 14:10-14:40 Ian McDiarmid Emperor Thron Green Screen Area 14:20-14:35 Alicia Witt Batch 1 Photo D 14:35-15:15 Kevin Smith Batch 1 Photo C alt 14:30-15:25 James and Oliver Phelps Batch 4 Photo B alternative 15:25-16:20 John Cleese Diamon Pass Photo A alt. 15:35-16:25 Allyson Hannigan Batch 7 Photo B alt. 15:45:16:20 Matt Lucas Batch 2 Photo E 15:55-16:35 Tommy Flannagan Batch 2 Photo F 16:10-16:50 Finn Jones Batch 4 Photo C 16:30-17:10 Natalie Dormer Batch 1 Photo A 16:30-17:55 Benedict Cumberbatch batch 3 Photo G alt. 16:45-17:05 Tom Skerrit Batch 1 Photo E 17:20-17:35 John Caroll Lynch Batch 1 Photo F 17:10-17:55 Tricia Helfer Batch 3 Photo E 17:00-17:55 Mads Mikkelsen Batch 1 Photo C A&B are basically next to each other and in the same hall as C&D(West Hall) E&F are basically next to each other and in the same hall as G (National Hall) Just keep an eye on the times and let the crew know if you're getting close to the next shoot ending and prioritise the single shots in the morning. I've crossed through the morning shoots you're unlikely to get into with your batch numbers Enjoy the show
  12. Answers to FAQ

    The ticket on the smartphone will be fine.
  13. It looks like the separator has vanished but the tickets are still there, just scroll down the Friday list

    You could try telling them you're a guide camel
  15. 1. PenThePirate (+ at least 4) 2. Wrong Name3. wjbleming (+1 more than likely)4. John1980 (solo)5. Mario (+5, probably)6. Chrisrus (+1)7. natedammit (-1)8. XIII (very doubtful now)9.Optimistic-Skye (+1) 10. Kyvire11. Chazzley (+4)12. whitewillow (alone for the time being)13. Definitely a Lady, responding to peer pressure, Raylenth14. Rory McGarrett15. RomeroSavini (allll byyy myseelff)16. Wondermoose (might be +1)17. Saul 18. Tom Beaker +1 19. Tenaciousspirit (possibly an extra 1/2 people) 20. Astro_Nut (if I'm not too shot by the end of the day)