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  1. There are themes to give the more adventurous among us ideas for costumes, but no specific dress code (other than “wear some”)
  2. On the Facebook page it has a thing about them building a shuttle for DST, I presume it's that and the Friday thing is the unveiling. Other then that, I would expect it to be available for photos the rest of the time. Not sure if its big enough to fit a camel in, though.
  3. Saw the camel walking around Realised I’d forgotten to bring wine gums again bad Astro Nut.
  4. Probably due to Jenna changing from Saturday Only (No Diamond Pass) to Saturday Only (with Diamond pass) to Sunday being added as an extra day.
  5. Worth remembering that Jenna wasn’t originally on a diamond pass so there may not have been time to get an additional specific gift made
  6. Have you got ANY IDEA how much heat one of those generates. Those things are like blast furnaces
  7. Maybe in the future they could have a ceremonial single Batch 0 pass for the first to buy
  8. You won’t have a problem in the afternoon shoots, just go to johns at the appropriate time and make sure they know you have the Chris eccleston shoot and they’ll get you through in time. It will be worth checking towards the end of Chris morning shoot where they are up to as they could have called batch 4 at that point.
  9. Select the first one as normal then select “Send in your own item” and choose “Item already with Showmasters” for the second.
  10. But did you remember to bring wine gums? Every time I see the camel I realise I forgot them
  11. As long as you are in the photo queue while the shoot is on you will get your photo. The issues being discussed above are about getting an autograph.
  12. Have you checked in the photo library to see if it's available there? https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/
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