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  1. Well let's hope so, although technically the restriction is on 'social gatherings' (my least favourite kind of gathering), and technically LFCC could be deemed not a 'social gathering' but a 'marketplace', so technically blahblahblah. Yeah, like you said, it's almost certainly not happening. I think SM are just waiting for something official that they can use as a reason 'postponing' i.e. for insurance, cancelling venue / guests, other reasons we don't know about. Of course, this Government don't seem keen to say something like 'nothing over 5000 until next year', like some other countries have said. I blame football, who are desperate to get crowds back. There's still supposed to be a rugby match at Twickenham next month with 20,000 supporters.
  2. I shall watch that particular episode on DVD so I get the full version. I shall sing all of Willow's lines. If a big convention ever happens again (let's hope not), we shall have a forum karaoke session.
  3. Buffdate: I have now started Season 6. Christ, the start of this season is so damn sad. It's a good thing I don't suffer from feelings.
  4. Well, unless the update is "we don't know yet, we'll let you know... in a bit".
  5. There is a lot of advertising space up there.
  6. It's great innit? The way the zombies move is awesome. Looking forward to the sequel.
  7. Ready or Not: Sadly, not a biopic about Fugees, but very enjoyable nonetheless.
  8. Hmm, where can I get one of those...?
  9. How times did somebody have a casual conversation with their hand stuck up a cow's bum?
  10. We agreed we'd never talk of that night again.
  11. HA, I knew it. Which one?
  12. You care enough to have opinions about me.
  13. And yet you cared enough to post about it.
  14. You're a good man, brother worton.
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