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  1. Then so be it. The alarms have been sounded. The media has been alerted. The tears have been shed. The toilet has been flushed. This game is officially in hibernation.
  2. As you won the game, you now have three options: 1: Take another turn. 2: Nominate someone else to take a turn, which legally they are obliged to accept. 3: Take advantage of rule 17, whereby you can suspend the game due to forum inactivity, up to a point where things get a bit busier around here (should that ever occur). AKA the 'Hibernation Rule'.
  3. At least this proves I'm not a narcissist I guess. Moron still a possibility.
  4. Well who/what/why the bloody hell are you then?
  5. It's the best I can do. Are you a Terminator, but one of the good ones?
  6. Somebody really needs to clean that fan.
  7. It does sound like a generic e-mail. Personally I'd e-mail again, and keep it simple as possible. "Due to the postponement conflicting with my holiday, please transfer my Friday tickets to the Saturday." Include the order numbers.
  8. You've just blown my tiny mind.
  9. Should be called "Twelfth Doctor with Mid-Life Crisis".
  10. I think face masks should be mandatory. Nothing to do with the virus, just so there's less chance of any of you people recognising me and trying to talk to me.
  11. The event is taking place, just on different dates.
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