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  1. latest guest announcement - SHIRLEY CONRAD

    Sounds like a STI prevention spray.
  2. Three Words

    kissed most tenderly
  3. Three Words

    my furry blue
  4. Three Words

    made her feel
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Really? She's living proof that people can be really smart and really dumb at the same time.
  6. Porg

    It's nice of you to think of me. I'll take it.
  7. Porg

    That's amazing!!! How on earth did you make such a big 2p coin?
  8. Star wars The Last Jedi.

    Do you actually actually think that?
  9. Autograph in 2017

    If it helps, I have absolutely no clue.
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Not very?
  11. Robert englund price

    When they know it, they'll post it.
  12. Star wars The Last Jedi.

    Ain't that the truth.
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    You're very welcome. (PS, do you mind if I show this to Santa to help sway my naughty/nice ratio for this year?)
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    Is that a character in Stargate too?
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    Hi Goldie, no need for apologies, we're always delighted to help Yes you will need an entry ticket separate to the Diamond Pass. Be aware that Diamond Pass activities can be spread out over the weekend (aside from the photoshoot which you will have specified a day) so you may need to get a weekend entry to guarantee getting everything included in the DP. All details re Pass pick up will be confirmed nearer the time, but for the last couple of years they have made passes available on the Thursday afternoon/evening for early pick up, otherwise you can pick it up during the show itself.