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  1. I watched Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith because I'm getting bullied by someone at work to watch all of the Clone Wars series, then I had to watch RotS before starting on Bad Batch and Rebels. Anyway, RotS is 95% garbage 5% great, but if you treat the last 4 episodes of Clone Wars like a film then it's probably my favourite Star Wars film ever (yes, even better than Phantom Menace).
  2. You should watch it. It's got Hugh Dancy in it. Not in a literal sense, but I feel it's imbued with his spirit.
  3. Blimey, it's good innit?
  4. of his trousers
  5. You spoke to people on the tube? You're doing the tube wrong.
  6. I should explain. Everybody likes you, because you're great, so when you started posting less loads of people thought "well, what's the point if Wrong Name isn't here?" You're an influencer. Those that remained were left with me and that just drove the rest off.
  7. Quickie question: does Rhaenys rhyme with 'anus' or 'peenis'?
  8. I miss when I had a custom rank. It made me feel special. Now I'm a 'Special Effects Co-ordinator" which I think means NEEEEEEERD. This place used to be a community, which was nice as I have no friends. I think that's precisely the case.
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