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  1. Sherlocked UK 2017

    I see what you're saying. You're Martin Freeman aren't you?
  2. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Wait a mo RayRay: he pushed you and called you a man's name? Does he not know your official lady status?

    I take it that's him in your avatar? He's naked and staring at me. I like it.
  4. Favourite musicals

    The verdict's in, and I have to admit; You'd need to be quite the miserable git; Not to enjoy this I think; Despite all the pink; Oh my God, you guys, it's a hit!
  5. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    I couldn't stick around afterwards as I had to pop over to Leicester Square Theatre to watch Katsura Sunshine perform some Rakugo. As you do.
  6. Ahhhhhhhh finally

    Good luck with that.
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Whilst I am morally opposed to this entire thread, I would nevertheless like to point out my agreement with the above quoted posts.
  8. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    I saw it Friday evening. I booked a seat on the third row so I wasn't right at the front. The stage was extended so it turned out I was right at the front. The show ended with Natalie looming directly over me, dressed...interestingly. That was an experience.
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Mr Bearsybody?
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Please edit your post to remove the disgusting language Nick, there are children who use this forum.
  11. Photoshoot etickets

    Although I see they have at least tried to explain it in the 'more info' section of each ticket. You will receive your photo with this year’s Comic Con book which contains useful information, protecting your treasured photo of you and the guest, keeping it safe.
  12. Photoshoot etickets

    Let's keep a count of how many questions we get about the phrase "with collectors book". I believe this is the first.
  13. Three Words

    with the blood