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  1. Domnt tink anyone will know, u'll grroovilly have to wait maybe another couple months? Tis possible SM won't start re-confirming guests until things calm more Yup, the groovy one is right. There's just too much up in the air at the moment to be able to confirm much of anything.
  2. The Boys are as real as it gets. But why only 4? Poor Howie (I assume).
  3. I'm pretty sure you made all of those things up except for Backstreet Boys.
  4. natedammit

    Pre Orders

    Was your friend's poster 'better' that the one you received i.e. more signatures on it? My completely baseless speculation is that they sent your friend's poster to the person whose poster you now have, and that person kept it. SM's fault, but very difficult for them to fix. As for the trusting SM with personal items bit, it seems like they get 99.whatever% of items back safely (made up statistics alert). Personally I don't think I'd risk it with SM or anybody else if it was one of my posters that I'd truly be upset about losing.
  5. That is one fancy pants box set.
  6. I'm not gonna pretend this is a great film, but I love it. I know I've said this before but it has one of my favourite lines in film history (and no, it's not that one).
  7. Do you mean the whole event or just the Robert stuff? And why? There can be no guarantee of either, sure, but if it doesn't happen, people will not lose their money. Please don't post things like this to put people off based on nothing.
  8. I can do what I like... BOOOOOBS!
  9. They fell off, because they couldn't find the right glue to make them kling on.
  10. This is not really the place for this, but I wouldn't describe the Black Lives Matter movement as "crap".
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