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  1. Another option is to use a luggage storage service, which have many locations around London where bags can be dropped off for an hourly rate.
  2. Well I guess he could be. Stopped clock, and all that.
  3. As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Although, this forum can test that at times. But yes, I would certainly presume there will be more guests announced, closer to the date. They may wait until they have got London Summer out the way - but hopefully there will be something for Glasgow before that.
  4. How she didn't win an Academy Award for that performance I'll never know. Not even nominated!
  5. Black Widow - The best superhero film I've watched in ages. Ok, it's the first I've watched in ages, but I enjoyed it a lot. A good balance between the family dynamic and blowing up stuff. Also, Ray Winstone doing a Russian accent was better than I had imagined. Obviously Florence Pugh was great because Florence Pugh is great. Birds of Prey (and the Fantablah blah blah whatever) - I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a mediocre film with a good / great central performance. I found it to be a tedious film with Margot Robbie being incredibly excruciatingly offensively annoying. It's impressive that it was able to both bore me and make me want to destroy my eyes and ears in equal measure. I only made it to the half hour mark (I tried to stick with it to see if the other characters were going to be given any kind of personality), but had to give up before I jumped out of my bedroom window.
  6. Another Round - 4 Danish men attempt to cope with their mid-life malaise via an unconventional method, with mixed results. Ends with the main character dancing joyously. A very good film. Dogs Don't Wear Pants - A Finnish man attempts to cope with grief via an unconventional method, with mixed results. Ends with the main character dancing joyously. A very good film.
  7. It's taken a while to work out my list of 2021 favourites, but I think I've got it. Soul Dark Web: Cicada 3301 Half of Point Break The Gentlemen
  8. I thought with all the sexual misconduct allegations he might not be welcome.
  9. Hey, what about Craig McLach... never mind.
  10. Hi InsO. Unfortunately no direct Showmasters people read this forum any more so your only option is to keep sending emails I'm afraid. I'd say send an email every week until you get your items back, because the service is just not acceptable. Anything they say about volunteers is just lousy excuse making - they're not a flipping charity shop. They have your stuff! They have plenty of other people's stuff! It can't be that hard to send things out! Exclamation mark!
  11. I'm personally offended that nobody went from 'sleepy' to 'grumpy'.
  12. Honestly? They don't pay any attention to these posts. They don't pay any attention to the whole forum any more (except for the odd mod popping up to delete stuff), and even when they did these threads just existed as a way of keeping the forum tidy so people didn't just start up dozens of threads saying "Can we have this guy please?" But still feel free to post suggestions so others can read them, just don't expect them to have any effect.
  13. Clive Dankworth Genevieve Boche-Quéquette Takashi Yoshikazu
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