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    I'm hoping one day to be known as Princess Nate.
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  1. natedammit

    General Chat

    Thanks babes. Just please don't sing to me. I'd very happily eat my own face right now.
  2. natedammit

    General Chat

    Don't wish your life away Reg. You've got plenty of time to get old and miserable. So very, very miserable.
  3. natedammit

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Do you gots nice sausage? Or, I dunno, ever been in a Marvel film or something?
  4. natedammit

    General Chat

    You can't have a 24/7 Seven Eleven. It's paradoxical.
  5. natedammit

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    I mean you're both enabling my midlife crisis to be fair. Your contributions are appreciated.
  6. natedammit

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Well done you!!! It was the boobs clue that did it, yeah?
  7. natedammit

    General Chat

    You've got, what, about 15 years before you have to worry about it?
  8. natedammit

    General Chat

    Yup hope you're feeling better/will be feeling better soon and that being 40 isn't too horrendous I feel like butt and 40 is awful. Just awful. Truly, truly awful. I don't recommend it at all.
  9. natedammit

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    You're right, it should be 'does', cause boobs is plural. Nice boobs does you got, hmm?
  10. natedammit

    General Chat

    Well I was confined to a small room and fed soup for a few days, so not far off.
  11. natedammit

    General Chat

    I've been on holiday. I had a terrible time. I'm sick. I turned 40. I'm grumpy.
  12. natedammit

    Anarchists' '19 Questions' game of anarchy

    Do you got nice boobs?
  13. natedammit

    General Chat

    Garfield's a dick.
  14. natedammit

    General Chat

    Because it sucks.