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  1. General Chat

    Where you off to?
  2. New Attendees advice thread

    That's clearly a picture of another forum member, who shall remain (wrong)name less. Also, not every variation of BCs name is acceptable - I have a few which would get me banned for using.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERTO DURAN

    Cool, one of the greatest boxers ever.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - SUGAR RAY LEONARD

    Cool, one of the greatest boxers ever (although only the second best Sugar Ray).
  5. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Well I've no idea where you were over the weekend.
  6. Three Words

    really like Ghostbusters
  7. Three Words

    2018. The victim
  8. New Attendees advice thread

    Like Bill Murray but funny.
  9. General Chat

    Eww, girls.
  10. Three Words

    first killed was
  11. The A-Z Of Doctor Who

    The Fifth Dr.
  12. General Chat

    Oh the tension. It's unbearable.