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  1. I may have ruined it in the first place, but at least I didn't splurge all over it.
  2. With paint pens just be sure to follow the instructions and try it out on some paper or something first. They can make a mess if you don't 'prime' them first, and you don't want to end up with a splurge all over your helmet, hands or carpet.
  3. I choose to infer from this that Tom Widdlestick as himself does not have much charm and wit, a position with which I happen to agree. (Yes, I do realise this is a pot/kettle situation)
  4. It's impossible to say until the photoshoot schedules are released I'm afraid. There is a much longer answer than this, but until they are released I wouldn't worry about it, as the odds are you'll be fine.
  5. I'm sure it will be, but it may not be soon. The forum is somewhat 'low priority' these days.
  6. If July tickets are carried over to November, and LCCWinter is being moved to 2022, does that mean that the original winter entry tickets are carried over to 2022 and therefore not valid for LFCC in winter?
  7. Plus they win loads more insta followers. Especially from 'Glow Up', I'd imagine. Maybe not so much from the pottery one.
  8. I have mostly been watching television shows about people who are quite good at something, who compete to see who is the best at being quite good at that thing, then win nothing.
  9. I think I'll trust Ming-Na a lot more than I trust Showmasters right now.
  10. With conventions nothing is ever guaranteed until you actually see the guest in the building. With Covid still going on, we can be even less sure.
  11. There should be no reason to turn anybody away, unless you turn up drunk. I don't know you, and Wetherspoons open really early so I can't rule this out.
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