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  1. natedammit

    For any hardcore fans

    The sounds of a drowning dolphin?
  2. natedammit

    General Chat

    You people don't have consciences, you've all made that abundantly clear.
  3. natedammit

    General Chat

    This was a very high level post, and I'm very disappointed in the lack of praise it got. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  4. natedammit

    First Man

    Pfft, I wish. The man's obsessed with me. I don't really blame him, but I've turned him down so much now he's just embarrassing himself.
  5. natedammit

    Eventbrite issues

    Have you tried checking up your bum?
  6. natedammit

    Talk Schedule

    I've captured your indecisiveness Cap'n. I know that I have to go to this event because Shatner, but I have no idea what day(s), whether I want to try for an autograph, who else I want to meet, how much money I'm willing to spend...
  7. natedammit

    First Man

    If only.
  8. natedammit

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Huh, you would have thought time-travelling Dr Smartypants would have known Pluto was going to get downgraded.
  9. natedammit

    First Man

    I don't like Ryan Gosling.
  10. natedammit

    Guest Suggestions

    I agree with all of those. I disagree with two, possibly three.
  11. natedammit

    General Chat

    Happy Thursday Everybody!
  12. natedammit

    General Chat

    Or have a job but don't care and be a super-cool rebel who doesn't follow anybody's rules.
  13. natedammit

    Guest Cancellation - Jonathan Frakes

    I have become but a shadow of my former self.