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  1. So as it’s just a normal group talk which we pay extra for, if my friend attends with her DP, does she get front row seating or does that not apply for non-diamond talks?
  2. Can I just ask now the updated schedule is out, Tom and Aimee have a paid talk on Saturday at 11.25am but I thought originally this was happening on Sunday as it was extra on the Diamond Pass? Is this schedule confirmed as it’s not listed in the shop yet either for Sat? Many thanks
  3. Livia

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    That’s really helpful, thank you
  4. Livia

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Hello lovely forum people This will be my first LFCC (very excited ) and have a few questions so hoping you can advise me? 1. I’m attending just on the Saturday all day but from the pre-lim schedule have a photo clash between Ian Somerhalder and Tom Ellis. I have DPs for both - B5 for Ian, B2 for Tom. Both sessions start at 9.30am and Ian’s is shorter so I presume I see the crew at his first and they get me through in time for Tom’s? I’ve heard the shoots move quickly but wasn’t sure if they would get to Ian’s DP B5 within the hour? 2. I’m not the tallest (4ft9.5) and when I meet the 6ft3 Tom Ellis I was wondering if it would look better with a portrait orientation on the photo rather than standard landscape? Can you ask for this before they snap you? 3. I’ve figured out I have to queue at Gate H to get in (if same as last year) but I’ve heard it’s mega busy on the Saturday. What time should I start queuing to make it to my 9.30 photoshoot? I’ve got DPs for guys above and Tom Felton but apart from that, not planning any other guest meets. 4. I arrive in London on Friday afternoon. Is it possible to pick up my 3 DPs that day to save time on Saturday or is that option only available on the Thursday like last year? Many thanks in advance