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  1. I've only bothered to upload one and it's of me and Ben Barnes:
  2. Yesterday while waiting for Matthew Lillard at booth B, i sat down on the floor just outside of it and when I went to get up, my knee went, causing me to fall and a few people made sure I was okay and got me a chair to sit on after helping me up. I forgot to get names, but if the crew members and attendees are here, thank you very much for your help. I felt very very silly for falling the way I did but you all helped and I'm very grateful this was about 6pm.
  3. I wonder if we'll get a tannoy announcement again like last year for David Tennant
  4. Great app! I just hope my 4G will be steady all Saturday in order to use it. I love that you can arrange your own schedule on it. Saves you from printing out and highlighting everything you want to see.
  5. What a great guest! he's my first lfcc this year photo op, thanks!
  6. How about some of the Shadowhunters cast?
  7. It's tomorrow!! Travelling down from Manchester in the morning, then doing a bit of sightseeing before I can check into my hotel. Apparently the one I chose is a bit of a hole but at least I'm only just sleeping there. Hope to see you all there!
  8. Damn. Hopefully you guys get him another time.
  9. Photo booked, don't even need to think about this.
  10. i have a couple of clashes: Val Kilmer batch 3 John Schneider batch 1 daniel gillies batch 5 noel clarke batch 5 15 mins apart in the afternoon. On Saturday.
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