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  1. Gotham cast marvel Netflix cast stephen amell josh segarra Neal mcdonough Willa holland Colton Haynes grant Gustin Danielle panabaker Candice Patton Keynian lonsdale Jesse l martin tom cavanaugh and everyone else awesome
  2. what the hell, dan fogler was there, how did I not know this?
  3. joel kinnaman, don't know what it is about but I always love his on screen portrayals
  4. I post this with the possibility of getting told off by someone, I am just wondering is my Christopher lloyd diamond pass mug machine washable or does it need to be hand washed, its nothing major I just would mind knowing though thanks
  5. got the bus this year as well, I'm getting a plane or train next time hahaha
  6. I think we should all take a minute to appreciate how amazing this years event was. first off showmasters got in an amazing array of guests and all the ones I met were so kind and amazing to meet which was made possible by the immense amount of effort by the people at showmasters to get them here. the organisation was brilliant and I will just say that a majority of staff that I dealt with were very nice and helpful. and to all the people complaining that guests weren't what you were expecting in real life (as in not too chatty or that) or that the event was very badly organised or you missed something due to inexperience, don't blame showmasters, compared to other events the information given on the website and here on the forum from other attendees is amazing, all you have to remember is showmasters can give you a map and a schedule but its down to you to plan around it. as someone who has attended quite a few a lot of showmasters events I'm done seeing them get accused of hosting a bad event so thank you And shoutout to David B, thanks for standing up for all of us
  7. can anyone tell me is the Christopher Lloyd diamond pass mug machine washable as I'm not sure and don't want to put it in a wash in case it starts to fade the picture?
  8. anyone who is in London just now can you possibly post a picture of your diamond pass exclusive print as I'm really excited and can't wait
  9. why does the shop say Alyson hannigan's diamond pass in unavailable? (never mind it now says sold out instead)
  10. hi there on Saturday I have diamond passes for Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven yeun but the photoshoots in the morning clash slightly, how should I go about this?
  11. well theres more a chance of it happening than not, especially with all these cancellations late in the day
  12. I have a feeling showmasters have a massive guest announcement for Thursday night or something that will be the highlight of London this year
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