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  1. Latest addition to my Classic Who collection - Michael Jayston as The Valeyard
  2. But, but, but....... Peter Capaldi is in it
  3. Apart from the fact this film has a wonderful performance by Peter Capaldi, on so many other levels it is far better than the original. It's funnier, more action packed and more gory. Definitely one of the best DC films in a long time. Top notch direction and fantastic cast. And did I mention Peter Capaldi is in it?
  4. A new autograph for my TARDIS book. Met Peter Capaldi at the stage door of the Vaudeville theatre.
  5. From my 'Probably never going to happen but a girl can dream' list. Mark Hamill Martin Freeman Freddie Highmore
  6. Definitely interested in the duo photo shoot. Similar era for me as well.
  7. Probably still too early to say. We still don't know what sort of restrictions will be in place by LFCC. ShowMasters will be governed by the regulations in place.
  8. Peter Rabbit 2 - The Runaway. Not quite as good as the first film but very enjoyable nevertheless. Definitely has a wonderful feelgood factor. And it's great to be back in the cinema. Overall 8.5/10
  9. Well worth it. I was lucky enough to get him on VQ in 2019. Lovely guy.
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