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  1. Derek Jacobi - Professor Yana/The Master
  2. New James Bond trailer - No Time To Die. Still aiming for a November release.
  3. TARDIS update - 2 hours of faffing with small flimsy bits of metal and several Malcolm Tucker moments and we have a roof. I'm feeling it's only a matter of time before I admit defeat and purchase a different ready assembled version.
  4. If it goes according to plan I will. Already had a quick look and there are some small, fiddly parts. I don't have a good track record with small, fiddly parts.
  5. Gravity - Another film watched for the first time in 2020. Actually pretty good if a little predictable. Stellar performances. Excellent CGI. But was I the only person thinking George Clooney and Buzz Lightyear were separated at birth. They even sound the same. To infinity and beyond......
  6. My 'Build Your Own' TARDIS has arrived. This could all go horribly wrong. Must admit I wasn't expecting it to be quite so small. Maybe it's bigger on the inside.
  7. I've definitely got to see this.
  8. Derek. You go to your room right now. Upsetting your Nana like that.
  9. Can't believe James Bond is 90! Happy Birthday Sir Sean Connery
  10. Care home resident in waiting. Bus pass candidate. But still young enough not to care.
  11. Full of life experiences. Not as young as I once was. Vintage.
  12. Can't believe it's 6 years since Peter Capaldi made his feature length debut as the 12th Doctor in Deep Breath. As well as thinking he was a great Doctor, I echo the sentiments of the writer below* *Being closer in age to Peter than the author I would have used the term older rather than old but you get the gist.
  13. Me too And as it's due out in August next year perfect opportunity to get the stars to LFCC in July for some pre publicity One in particular
  14. Hi Dancol. Probably too early to say at this stage as we won't know what restrictions will be in place. Other possible options for the photo sessions would be prop shoots giving a natural gap between you and the guest. One example in the past has been a TARDIS console. Alternatively there may be a perspex screen between you and guest which would not be visible on the actual photo. If for any reason you did have to wear a mask there are some fun ones out there. Would make a good story to tell in the future . Truth is we just don't know yet.
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