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  1. Donna Noble - the best temp in Chiswick (aka Catherine Tate)
  2. Met her in 2019. One of the loveliest people. Very funny.
  3. My only event of the year but worth the wait. I had a relatively quiet but fun weekend. All the guests I met were very friendly and seemed to enjoy being there and meeting their fans. Some great cosplayers again. Far too many to mention but it's always a joy to see you. The crew were great. All the ones I met were very helpful. Some of the more popular photo shoots and auto queues got a bit chaotic but that was down to too many people descending on an area before they needed to. Happens every time and the crew always do their best. Biggest shout outs go to (and I'm sorry to say I didn't get their names) the guy at the Olivia Cooke auto queue who let me join slightly early (up to vq 90 and I had 94 so sue me. Pays to be friendly and polite to get a good pay back). And an extra special mention to the photographer at the green screen where patient and perseverance got those who chose to regenerate the photo they wanted even though the photographer lost the will to live! I would also like to thank ShowMasters for remembering this weekend was about more than comic con. There was a poignant pause at 11.00 for both Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. Looking forward to joining you all for one (or maybe more) events next year.
  4. And finally 2 new additions to my TARDIS book - Derek Jacobi and Karen Gillan. Really pleased to get these
  5. David Gooderson- Davros in Destiny of the Daleks
  6. Olivia Cooke. I was a big fan of Bates Motel and was pleased to get to meet her on VQ as she was really busy.
  7. Matthew Waterhouse who played Adric in Doctor Who
  8. Really hope to meet him. This would be an amazing addition to my TARDIS book.
  9. Paul McGann Peter Davison Peter Capaldi - long shot Tom Baker - double long shot Ncuti Gatwa - triple long shot
  10. Bit of a slow start on the autograph front this year but got a signed copy of Tom Hanks latest book
  11. I know what you mean. Although there is a range of guests this is looking like the second event this year where I am not really tempted - although there are a few on the 'would be nice if I was there' list. I am ever hopeful that the winter event will, for me, be more appealing - especially as it's close to the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who. In case anyone is in any doubt who I would like to see announced I'll just leave this here.....
  12. It was nice to catch up for a chat. Until the next time
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