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  1. Peter Capaldi Fan

    General Chat

    I'll keep an eye out for you at Olympia. Good luck with your February event.
  2. Peter Capaldi Fan


  3. Peter Capaldi Fan


    I wasn't around 56 years ago. Keep up
  4. Peter Capaldi Fan


    Just found out Doctor Who has been around for nearly 56 years. We need guests for the con.
  5. Peter Capaldi Fan

    Guest Suggestions

    Doctor Who Peter Capaldi David Tennant Bradley Walsh Michelle Gomez Catherine Tate Matt Lucas
  6. Peter Capaldi Fan

    General Chat

    Well done Bat. New forum. Yay
  7. Peter Capaldi Fan

    General Chat

    @R4wly97 and @Chris1970 you'll both have to go to Winter LCC. P.S Chris you still owe me a hug. Then we'll see how nervous you get
  8. Peter Capaldi Fan


    I'm going to call it Doctor Who. Has a certain ring to it. Don't think it's been used before. I certainly haven't heard of it.
  9. Peter Capaldi Fan


    A definite meet for me . Love the Hammer films And is she one of the legendary guests mentioned in Jason's post?
  10. Peter Capaldi Fan


    The mysterious alien travelling through time and space with friends in a spaceship that looks like an old-fashioned police box. Not sure if it's catchy enough though
  11. Peter Capaldi Fan

    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    58 minutes to go. Too busy reading something else to do the hour.
  12. Peter Capaldi Fan

    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    Anyway back to guest guessing... Anyone from Doctor...oh never mind. *****sighs*****
  13. Peter Capaldi Fan

    Guest Announcement Monday 24 June 7pm

    Ask for a transfer. Or try the hospital roof. Should get a good signal there.