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  1. Poirot himself - Sir David Suchet.
  2. Comedy legend (especially in Albania) - Sir Norman Wisdom. This was given to me by a friend's dad who had the pleasure of meeting Norman in the mid 90's.
  3. See below* (those of a sensitive nature should look away now). *A pair of boobies.
  4. Disappointing but understandable in the current climate. Hopefully things will be so much better by July. Looking forward to some brilliant guests.
  5. A date for the diary. Looking forward to the last (?) Jurassic film.
  6. Of course. I forgot. You Northampton boys have to stick together.
  7. Aww. Poor Matt. He deserves to have his face showing just as much as the others.
  8. Don't know the exact number but the gem things are only a couple of millimetres in size. I am going to be very disappointed if they're not recognisable. Time will tell.
  9. Amazon* *Other online retailers may be available.
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