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  1. Couldn't agree more. Whatever comes into my house if it can't be washed gets quarantined. At least at work we have some super strength anti bacterial spray. Being a bit OCD with cleanliness I can now get away with spraying shared items every time someone uses them without appearing weird.
  2. Meanie. Guess you'll have to buy it.
  3. Be worth the wait. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. Comes to something when your anti-virus software protects your wallet by stopping you buying (non) essential Doctor Who goods. Went to see if there were any last minute bargains to be had but was blocked. Oh well. What you've never had you can't miss.
  5. It's not the best thing you'll ever watch but certainly not the worst either.
  6. You'll miss it when it's finished. And do you know what - so will I. Very enjoyable reading.
  7. The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos - This episode definitely does not have the wow factor required for a finale. The support cast of Phyllis Logan and Mark Addy are completely wasted. The writing is weak. The main cast are not given the material to work with. The pacing is off making the whole episode rather boring. On a positive note the production values are great. Overall 2/10. And so ends Series 11. Unfortunately the weakest series so far. But much as I feared with Chibnall as show runner. As you say there is only so far you can go with excellent production values. By far the worst thing about this series is after 11 episodes you really have no idea who this Doctor is. The characterisation is very poor. Although that is mainly due to the inconsistent writing I do feel a small part of the blame lies with Jodie. I am not suggesting she needs to be an uber fan but a bit of research wouldn't have gone amiss. It seemed that the only character development required for this Doctor was to be female. Sorry but I require more. Definitely a missed opportunity.
  8. Guess some people have more time on their hands to be creative.
  9. Breeders (Sky One) - Not exactly laugh out loud funny but certainly an amusing comedy. Think a more adult version of Outnumbered and you get the gist. Plus Martin Freeman is in it.
  10. This looks like it might bite you on the bum!
  11. I've got something Peter related later on in the year. Not going to jinx it by saying more. Just in case it gets cancelled. Expect the worst, hope for the best is my motto.
  12. Can't understand why someone wants to sell this. I would treasure it forever if it was mine (but I am not paying £950 for it).
  13. That reminds me. Better book the days off work.
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