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  1. This will be my biggest event since Spring 2020. My guest list so far Diamond Pass Robbie Coltrane Bernard Cribbins Photos Robert Englund Christopher Lloyd Philip Glenister Autos Julian Glover Sophie Aldred Janet Fielding Peter Purves Eric Roberts Maureen O'Brien Zoe Wanamaker David Bradley Hope to add more in the next couple of months. Who are you planning to meet?
  2. Getting hyped up for the announcements. Then discovering there was no-one you wanted
  3. I miss the countdown to a guest announcement. Happy days
  4. A dual photo shoot with Maureen O'Brien would be great
  5. Just proving I don't have a one track mind. Coming Peter
  6. Yep. Sure is quiet round here nowadays
  7. With a big announcement coming up I'll just leave this here
  8. Fantastic set of photos Dalek. Looks like you had a great day.
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