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  1. It was nice to catch up for a chat. Until the next time
  2. Totally agree this was a vast improvement on the summer event - it probably helps that it's smaller. The guests I met were all lovely and really seemed to be enjoying the experience. And it worked far better to have the popular guests in the booths from a queue management point of view. The crew were all super friendly and all my photo shoots went very smoothly. At least you could hear the batch number announcements . You will never be able to stop people congregating in the area. I had a really fantastic weekend. Thanks to ShowMasters I have now met all the Doctors from Tom Baker to Jodie Whittaker. Now if there could just be an announcement for Ncuti Gatwa.....
  3. And 4 new additions to my TARDIS book David Tennant and Matt Smith Katy Manning and Jodie Whittaker
  4. Harry Lloyd as Baines in the Doctor Who episodes Human Nature/ The Family of Blood
  5. Julian Glover from For Your Eyes Only - the first Bond film I saw on the big screen.
  6. There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your individual schedule what works best for you. If you are trying for low VQ tickets I would suggest going in first then get your DP passes. If not then get your DP first. Personally I pick up the DPs first.
  7. Did you not get a barcode for each DP in the same email? Agreed it doesn't specify which is which but I definitely have 3 different barcodes for my 3 DPs. I had to scroll through the email to find them.
  8. Whilst I certainly agree with the principle that with a rare and/or popular guest it's nice to be able to have as many people as possible get to meet them. My only bugbear is the T&C's for some DPs were changed AFTER purchase without any notification. Personally for me if the limit is now just the included auto I will consider it money saved as I can't be asked to queue again and will be happy with what I have.
  9. And to ensure they get through all the diamond passes as they certainly have had problems with DP guests in the past.
  10. Likewise. If this decision stays I will only get the one autograph for each. Certainly not going for the hassle of a VQ. And if a lot of others feel the same ShowMasters could well be kissing goodbye to several thousand pounds.
  11. Even more sneaky. This has changed since the majority of people bought their DP
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