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LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

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14 hours ago, Ravogd said:

There are still problems. You are making the assumption that people don't want a photograph with a returning guest as they already have one. I know people that get a photo with certain guests every con they go to so it's by no means always the case. DIfferent poses, different cosplay etc. Also the diamond provides priority queueing for the photoshoot even if you buy it a week before the con (as I did with Matt Smith) but if I'd waited the same length of time for a normal shoot I'd have been around batch 10-12. Priority for shoots can be the difference between waiting 5 minutes to get one and an hour to get one meaning a lot more time for other activities. Secondly, again, as I think Nate said above. Why would they do this? It makes no business sense. You are asking them to remove a package that costs around £200 and replace it with one that costs around £125. Massive loss of income.

The be all and end all is it has all been looked at, tried and looked at again and I have no doubt is being constantly reviewed and no matter how much you want it to happen it isn't going to as Showmasters (who know MUCH more about organising these things than you or I) have decided it is unworkable so it is a pointless debate.

I think its quite simple: I want to purchase a DP, if I want  both photoshoot and autograph - I purchase full DP. If I want only an autograph then I purchase an autograph only DP (all SM have to do is punch out the photoshoot on the DP when putting it in its collection envelope). If I only want a photoshoot then I purchase a photoshoot and don't need to buy a DP.

Jeri Ryan was 2012 (pre-DP days) so I think it might have been harder to manage sales of the various options then.

If SM do hold to "full DP or nothing" then fine - I will drop the purchase of the GP, and use the money saved to purchase DPs instead even though I am not bothered about having the photoshoot. I know from speaking to other GP buyers in the queues over the weekend they to were unsure why they were buying a GP if it didn't guarantee them a VQ ticket low enough to meet the star attractions.

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Guys, this wasn't only meant for John. Please stop this 'but pre paid autographs work!' discussion now.

I should have said something days ago, but fid not step it becsuse otherwise someone would have started screaming I just wasn't allowing other opinions. But really, it's flogging a dead horse now.

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15 hours ago, cazzawalker said:

I don't know which day/photoshoot you did with David Duchovny but I went to his first shoot on Saturday (diamond pass) and found him to be quite engaging. I went straight up and said hi and asked how he was and he seemed genuinely happy to respond and smiled at me (though it was still a very rushed experience, hence my mouth been half open on my pic, photographer took it while I was replying to David) when I went for my auto with him after his first photoshoot again  he was quite pleasant and called me by my name (a nice touch)


I did go back after his talk and paid for another autograph (decided to get my copy of his first album signed) and he was a lot quieter this time but when I spoke to him he was polite and did respond but I do think he was tired by this point (not sure what time he arrived and started signing autos but he was there when I arrived at 1030am) I've been an X Files fan since it started so I was over the moon to have the chance to meet David and I went home very happy :D

I'm sorry you didn't have as good an experience with him but I genuinely think by the end of the day he was just tired. 


Yea it was a Sunday when I managed to meet him, which is probably the worst time to meet 3-day guests. Glad you had a good experience meeting him though and I agree it was probably due to tiredness, hopefully he will return some day and perhaps feeling less tired too haha. Great pic btw :D

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the weather was not as hot

I met  all but two  of the guests I wanted to meet

I managed to  purchase  from  a Dealer  the autographs I wanted  but I really  wanted them  In  my  Tardis  autograph book to  complete  all the actors from doctor who    


Many left without meeting the guests that they went to see because of the Diamond Pass Number system did not work very well I had a Virtual Ticket for Peter and Pearl could not queue up until the diamond pass and gold passes had been but each time I went back the sign for peter was only at 1-100 diamond pass and pearl was 1-100 so a 3pm I went a bought two from a deal who had some for sale then I went back to Peters Queue and ripped the Virtual tickets in half as the crew said don't do that

and  £5 for a pint


bring back the  gold pass  the way it was


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On 8/4/2018 at 1:44 PM, Sassy1988 said:


Yea it was a Sunday when I managed to meet him, which is probably the worst time to meet 3-day guests. Glad you had a good experience meeting him though and I agree it was probably due to tiredness, hopefully he will return some day and perhaps feeling less tired too haha. Great pic btw :D

I've heard a few people on here complain of Duchovny's demeanor at the show and wondered on what day those people met him.

I had a Diamond Pass and met him first at his Saturday AM photoshoot: he was all smiles, giving handshakes and enthusiastic greetings to everyone. In fact it stood out to me that rather than facing the photographer, as nearly all guests do, he was facing the line of the people coming to meet him: he gave a proper greeting with eye contact etc.

From the photos I have seen, he looked more chipper on the Saturday than Sunday. I managed to have a quick few words with him about something as well which never happens at photoshoots in my experience.

When I went for his autograph early afternoon, it was very much the conveyor belt experience but that felt more down to his management than him. He was still polite and amenable over colour of pens/personalisations for the multiple photos I had bought him to sign. He even had a laugh over what he thought my name was when reading it off the ticket wrong due to my poor handwriting.

Of the talk, people said he seemed annoyed but to be honest, I did't really get that. Yes there were some daft questions but that is par for the course. I think he is just quite dry and deadpan. He was often said to be 'underplaying it' as Mulder when the show was current. I think it's just a matter of him not being the Mr. Jazz-Hands convention pleaser some are used to. It would be great if every guest did a Capaldi for the fans but that's never going to be the case.

On balance I was happy with my interactions with him but had I only met him for an autograph I might have had a less rounded view of him over the day.


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1 hour ago, sarzy2 said:

A small low was not having a picture on the Sam Neill diamond pass so i made one myself! :)




You deserve the hastily made 'Bear Seal of Approval'.



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49 years young and this is my first LFCC. Couple of fellow Dr Who fans bought our tickets in April. And what a year we chose to go with so many doctors under one roof.

Highs - my photo with Peter Capaldi. I got to the photo area about 3.45pm on Sunday. Same time as a lot of others who had probably been doing other doctor photos as I had. Very efficient queuing. When it was mine turn Peter asked if we should hug. I shall treasure that photo.

Saturday - photo shoot with Peter and Pearl. Behind a small boy who after his photo burst into tears and shouted "This is the best day of my life EVER"! I know how you feel kid. (See above)

The people - got chatting to some of you in various  queues. Very passionate about LFCC. Especially the guy in the Richard Wilson photo queue on his 50th con. I admire your stamina! And the Cosplayers - brilliant.


Lows - being outside when David Tennant was announced so I didn't get a photo with my second favourite doctor.

As a novice not realising that you are better off with a Diamond Pass for the very popular guests. Got the message on Friday when Tom Baker was struggling through his DPs. Optimistically went for a VQ ticket for Peter Capaldi on Saturday early. Number 388. So autograph wasn't go to happen. Still got to meet some guests on my list.

Signage - for someone with no sense of direction I kept going from one place to another the long way round.


Overall very good first LFCC. Will I do another? See you next year. I'll be the 50 year old getting lost but with my DPs. 

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