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  1. Cast of Dead To Me: Christina Applegate Linda Cardellini James Marsden
  2. Sorry, only just saw your comment! Absolutely!
  3. Hoping to go Saturday and Sunday next year! Can't wait!
  4. I didn't have the money in 2018. I felt sorry for those who were excited to meet her. Then I vowed I would save the money, so I could meet her whenever she is rescheduled for.
  5. I like to have everything planned, so I will make sure I'm organised before I go. Photographs or autographs? It depends. There are things I have to consider before I make my decision. I'm shy, so I like photographs. Incredibly shy. That way, I don't get nervous when trying to start a conversation. I don't mind how long I get to spend with them (I'm just grateful to be there), so photographs work well for me. Whenever I look at my photograph with that celebrity, it always reminds me of that moment. I like autographs as well, though. It's nice to have a little conversation with them. If I know t
  6. Megan Fox (It was a shame she had to cancel in 2018!) Shia LaBeouf
  7. Would love to meet Henry Cavill, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Margot Robbie!
  8. Chernobyl is incredible! It's definitely a must-see!
  9. Brilliant, isn't it? One of my favourite series!
  10. I would love to meet Saoirse Ronan, too!
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