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  1. I would love to meet Saoirse Ronan, too!
  2. Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther, please!
  3. You're welcome! I completely agree! He was so lovely! I will definitely be aiming to get a Diamond Pass next time! Yes, definitely! We will have to meet!
  4. They're lovely, Broo! Thank you for sharing! Honestly, Brendan's reply to what you said, is so sweet! He is lovely! I attended his session in the afternoon, but if he attends again, I may just have to get a Diamond Pass!
  5. This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing this. I completely agree. Hayden really wanted to make sure all of his fans had a good time meeting him. When speaking; especially, to celebrities, because I'm so shy, I don't say anything too loudly. When I was mentioning Awake to Hayden, he heard what I was saying, and was really attentive. He was generally so appreciative that I enjoy the film. He listened to everything I said. I mean, I'm surprised he did hear me, to be honest, as I don't say anything loudly at all. I'm that quiet. Overall, it was such a special moment getting to meet Hayden.
  6. I show my mother and father, but they usually come to the convention with me. My mother definitely understands. I only show my other relatives and friends if they ask, but I usually get asked how much it all cost. My friends understand that I love conventions, and adore meeting celebrities, so they come with me sometimes. They enjoy meeting celebrities, too, so we all share a love for that. My family and friends do take an interest in who I meet, so they usually ask what they're like. Sometimes, they both wonder how I can spend so much, but they just accept it. I enjoy it, and after meeting them, I'm incredibly happy. They're just grateful to see me happy, and hearing about so many lovely celebrities.
  7. This is lovely! Thank you for sharing! I completely agree. He really made you feel at ease. I thought Hayden's would go really fast, but it didn't go as fast as I thought it would. Hayden was really attentive towards me, and listened to everything I said. Made sure I was okay, and gave me a really tight hug, and made sure I was at ease. Polite, sweet and caring. Like you said, really grateful he came to Europe. I would love to see him back again.
  8. Thank you! I love reading all of these, too, and reading how much everyone enjoyed meeting Hayden. It's a shame not too many saw Awake. It's really good. I agree. He was fantastic in Shattered Glass. I will have to buy it sometime. Life As A House is so good, and deserves to be seen by as many as possible! Have you seen Jumper?
  9. That's what my mother thought when she went to get his autograph. However, my mother didn't mind, and was just grateful she got to meet him. He did write Anakin Skywalker underneath his signature, so that was a bonus, she thought. It's been just over a week, and I still think about that moment, and how much I enjoyed myself. I hope Hayden will return, too. I will have to go for a Diamond Pass next time, if I can. Hayden looked like he was enjoying himself. One mentioned he was touched by all the love his fans were showing him, and he was very touched. Read this, and it nearly brought me to tears. This is so sweet. Hayden is so caring, and I instantly felt better, when Hayden was making sure I was okay. He was so sweet to everyone. Hayden makes me so happy, and it was an honour to meet him. Please get him back, Showmasters.
  10. Thank you for sharing! He spent time with everyone, and this was so lovely to see, you could see how happy he was! He was personalising in the morning, yes, but later in the day, unfortunately, he wasn't able to! He was being asked to sign a bit faster, I believe, but he still made sure to spend time with everyone! Polite, sweet and a joy to meet! Such a wonderful soul!
  11. I completely agree. I was extremely nervous, but he was so lovely, and spent time with everyone. Handshaking, hugging, and smiling. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I know what you mean.
  12. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I have loved reading all of the wonderful moments fans have been sharing with Hayden! He was wonderful!
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