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  1. New Girl

    Anyone else here watch New Girl?
  2. Cities A-Z

  3. If Spyro was attending, Sparx the Dragonfly would have to attend as well...
  4. Films watched in 2018

    I'm definately going to check out Skyscraper! I saw the trailer advertise on television the other day. It looks great!
  5. Funko Pop Collection

    That's what usually happens to me. I start collecting something, and I try to stay on budget, but it never works out that way... Thank you for the suggestion! I have so many favourite characters, so it would be difficult to choose a favourite! I'll see which Funko's are there, then I'll decide on the day, I think!
  6. General Chat

    I hope you get your surgery soon... I'm sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery!
  7. Funko Pop Collection

    I'm not too sure yet! I'm going to start a Game Of Thrones collection, so maybe one from there! I also need to start a New Girl collection! Who to get first? Decisions, decisions... Look at that Care Bear! Isn't he sweet?
  8. Guest Suggestions

    I would love to meet Christina Ricci!
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Zooey Deschanel, please!
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Yes, yes, yes! They would all be amazing!!!
  11. Funko Pop Collection

    I havent bought any yet, but I plan to buy my first one when I attend on the Sunday!
  12. General Chat

    Thank you! I think I will bring my own one. Just to be on the safe side.
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, please!
  14. General Chat

    For Ted Raimi, do you think it would be worth bringing my own picture of SeaQuest for him to sign? Since I can understand there's no way to determine if there will be any at his signing table until the day...