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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Iwan Rheon, please!
  2. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    I was rear the front, too, so I was about the fifth row from the front. It was a great view. Being that close to the stage was an amazing experience! Got to meet Natalie again after the play which was lovely!
  3. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Psycho (1960) Really liked it!
  4. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    Saw Venus In Fur yesterday for the matinee. Absolutely fantastic! Astonishing performances!
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Yes! She was so sweet, kind and friendly! Meeting her was one of the most amazing moments ever!
  6. Tickets

    My parents and I have our tickets!
  7. years of regret

    I have so many favourite characters... I don't know if I could name just one...
  8. I have emailed them about my missing Wil Wheaton photograph, but I haven't gotten a response yet. I figured they are probably busy. Should I drop them another email?
  9. What book are you currently reading?

    I'm currently reading A Clash Of Kings by George R.R. Martin!
  10. A Song of Ice and Fire - Game of Thrones series.

    I'm about a quarter of the way through A Clash Of Kings. I'm really enjoying it so far!
  11. Guest Suggestions

    How about Joe Dempsie, please?
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Yes! Please try and get Laura Dern!
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Yes! Please get Sam Neill back!
  14. 2018 Anniversaries

    Yes! I would love to meet Winona Ryder!