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  1. Guest Suggestions

    me too! :)
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Orlando Bloom please. He is already in London on that day as he is doing theatre.
  3. Orlando Bloom been announced as doing a London theatre play between May-Aug so he will be around in London for LFCC dates although he has done a con before and he would only be able to do the Sunday.
  4. If it were Kevin Costner I think I would die.....
  5. Brad Pitt, Leo Di Caprio maybe?
  6. Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Costner, Sam Neill, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Caine.
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Ex Eastenders actor and veteran voice over star William Boyde (James Willmott-Brown)
  8. Guest suggestions

    Ex Eastenders actor and veteran voice over star William Boyde (James Willmott-Brown)
  9. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Ex Eastenders - The Willmott-Brown family actors: William Boyde (James Willmott-Brown) Eddie Eyre (Josh Hemmings) Lisa Faulkner (Fi Browning) Adam Astill (Luke Browning)
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Ex Eastenders: The Willmott-Brown family actors: William Boyde Lisa Faulkner Eddie Eyre (also in GOT) Adam Astill
  11. I would love it to be Iain Glen more than any guest in the world but it's first time signer and Iain attended LFCC in 2015. (see my avatar) so sadly it won't be him but i'm sure he will do LFCC one day again from what he has told me. :)
  12. Orlando Bloom in Sympathy for Delicious and a 'big' character in LOTR!
  13. My very own IAIN GLEN as he is in the TV series 'Delicious' and the twitter announcement says 'let the guessing GAMES begin' - well 'game' could be for Game of Thrones!! If it is Iain I would yet again like 2015 have a heart attack! :)